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Mayank_OLIs it possible to change view of a model from "Frontend" ??14:12
Mayank_OLwhen i tried to do so, i got an exception14:14
Mayank_OLYou are not allowed to modify this record.14:15
Mayank_OLThis record is part of the base configuration.14:15
Mayank_OLcan someone tell me the way to change the view of a model from python file?14:16
bechamelMayank_OL: by default you cannot change records that comes from the xml files, this ensure consistency14:19
bechamelbut changing a view from a python file is another stuff14:19
Mayank_OLi tried to change a view from python file and got the same exception14:20
Mayank_OLbechamel: can you give me some example for changing view from python file?14:21
bechamelyes, if you want to change a record that comes from xml you must allow it on the model, I search for an example ..14:22
cedkMayank_OL: you can not update view from other module, you must use the inherit way14:22
cedkMayank_OL: this adds new fields on product view14:23
Mayank_OLcedk: can we do the same thing from python file?14:24
cedkMayank_OL: I don't understand14:24
Mayank_OLcedk: i want to add new fields dynamically to a model. So, i want to create their view from python file14:25
bechamelMayank_OL: views of move lines are dynamics :
cedkMayank_OL: first, I'm not sure it is a good idea to create dynamic fields on models14:29
cedkMayank_OL: then you can create a ir.ui.view record that inherit the view and put the xpath code14:30
Mayank_OLcedk: thanks. i got it.14:31
cedkMayank_OL: if you want we can discuss about what you try to do. There is perhaps a better way.14:32
Mayank_OLcedk: sure14:35
Mayank_OLcedk: I am trying to add fields in product.product according to user specifications, something like magento attributes14:36
Mayank_OLcedk: so, to create view of these fields i am trying to add this field in view of products14:37
cedkMayank_OL: why not using a one2many linked to a model with attribute name and value14:38
Mayank_OLcedk: the one2many will create fields but the view for the new fields will not be the way, user defined it.14:41
bechamelMayank_OL: can you give an example of field you would like to add ? this may help us to understand14:42
Mayank_OLcedk: Eg: a selection field14:44
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Mayank_OLbechamel: if we try to add selection field name "color" in products14:47
Mayank_OLbechamel: which would have some options like "red", "black" etc14:48
cedkMayank_OL: I think it is a false solution because given this possibility to the user will not bring any advantage, you can not reuse this field on other part of the system14:48
cedkMayank_OL: and also the GUI will become very fast ugly and meanless14:49
cedkper example: with the color example, this field has only meaning for a stockable (or consumable) product but not for a service one14:49
cedkso if you want to be complet, you must add a invisible attributes on the field that makes it invisible for service product14:50
bechamelcedk: if i understand well, those field are just there to define which options are shown on the webshop14:50
cedkbechamel: i don't understand14:51
Mayank_OLcedk: we are trying to add fields based on the product category, so that this field appears only for the specified categories14:52
bechamelMayank_OL: cmiiw, the idea is to allow something like: "this shoe is available in color red or black, and with or without a decoration" and allow the web user to choose14:52
bechamelMayank_OL: how much fields do you have to add ?14:53
Mayank_OLbechamel: yes14:53
Mayank_OLbechamel: it depends, it can be any number14:53
cedkbut this is different product (variants)14:54
Mayank_OLcedk: i dont understand what you intend to explain to me15:03
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bechamelMayank_OL: a red shoe and a blue shoe are two separate products, you cannot mix them when you purhcase, sale or store them15:04
Mayank_OLbechamel: a product category -- shoe15:07
Mayank_OLcan have a attribute -- color which can be selection to red and blue15:07
Mayank_OLlater we require to add a new attribute size  --- numeric15:07
Mayank_OLso we need to add a numeric field dynamically for size to the products for category shoe15:07
Mayank_OLbechamel: this is what we actually intend to implement15:07
cedkMayank_OL: but what is the real goal?15:08
cedkMayank_OL: where this information will be used?15:08
cedkMayank_OL: from where the information comes?15:08
Mayank_OLcedk: this actually is the real goal and can be used in the ecommerce extension to nereid15:08
cedkMayank_OL: a goal can not be a technical stuff15:09
bechamelMayank_OL: IMO you cannot add those options dynamically, they must correspond to separate products (that can not be created dynamicaly)15:09
cedkalso storing code as data is not good for security, for maintenance, for update15:14
Mayank_OLcedk: i dont understand15:16
cedkMayank_OL: you will store model definition as data instead of code15:16
Mayank_OLcedk: yes15:18
cedkMayank_OL: so this is bad for previous reasons15:18
cedkI'm not sure you go in the right direction with nereid because you try to make something that does everthing15:21
cedkwhich is not in the philosophy of Tryton15:21
cedkWe have extention of models/views through modules15:21
cedkand I think you should use that15:22
cedkand write modules for each needs15:22
cedkyou can not except user to design correctly their data model, it is the job of a dev15:23
bechamelcedk: s/user/magento/ :)15:30
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cedkbechamel: no, I think they try to duplicate functionality of magento into nereid15:42
bechamelcedk: anyway, I can understand that a user does not want to see two products (red shoe, blue shoe) but only one and the color as an option15:45
cedkbechamel: yes but that must be solved with variants16:00
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phellerhello.... does anyone have a problem where the server does not stop when it receives SIGINT ?21:41
yangoonpheller: if there is a client accessing the server and there is a running process, yes21:42
phellerhmmh, I have no clients connected.  I can start the server, and immediately send SIGINT, and it will never return21:43
phellerweird.  when I stop the process within Eclipse, it appears to die, though the process is still alive.  However, ctrl-c when running interactively from a terminal does nothing21:56
phellerappears to be getting hung up in when it attempts to join threads.21:57
phellerhmmh, definitely in netrpc.  If I disable it, no problem.22:03
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mr_amityangoon: I have similar issue with openerp server22:42
mr_amitI have fixed this issue for myself22:42
mr_amituse `os._exit` instead of `sys.exit`22:43
mr_amitas sys.exit doesn't work perfectly with threads22:43
mr_amitthough not sure whether this is a good soln22:44
mr_amitas os._exit will terminate the process immediately22:44
mr_amitwithout given vm a chance to release the resources22:44
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