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Timitoscedk: hi. should i use a special commit message for the Transaction patches? i think it would be good to use the same message for all those patches.08:00
Timitosand should i already post them on the bug tracker?08:01
cedkTimitos: wait08:07
cedkTimitos: we need to make some global test before08:07
Timitoscedk: ok. no problem. just wanted to know about the next steps08:08
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sejoach forgot the bug about adding a logo09:17
sejoACTION slaps own head09:17
sejobtw cedk i remembered your nick but forgot from where, now I remember... you are a gentoo dev!09:19
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sejoI made an error in an account move11:06
sejohow can I edit the account info?11:07
sejo(should be booked on another account)11:07
bechamelsejo: I'm have limited knowledge in accouting, but I think you have to create a new move that will balance it11:12
sejoso I can't just fix it in the db?11:14
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bechamelsejo: yes of course it's always possible11:19
bechamelsejo: but you will bypass all consitency checks11:20
sejobechamel: hehe that's what i did ;p11:24
sejo update pg_class set reltriggers=0 where relname = 'account_move_line';11:26
sejoupdate account_move_line set account=331 where account=371;11:26
sejoupdate pg_class set reltriggers = (select count(*) from pg_trigger where pg_class.oid=tgrelid and relname='account_move_line');11:26
sejothat did it :p11:26
bechamelsejo: btw there are no triggers in the db11:29
sejothere are constraints11:29
sejothose are underlying set to triggers11:29
sejoon account_move_line with the belgium chart you have 22 triggers11:30
sejoselect reltriggers from pg_class where relname='account_move_line';11:30
sejothat will show you the number11:31
bechamelsejo: strange I have no reltriggers column (but there is a relhastriggers)11:37
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phellerwow, looks like about half of the modules have been started and/or finished conversion for the Transaction system17:56
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cedkpheller: hi18:46
cedkpheller: when you upload correction of patch to codereview don't forget to set --send_mail otherwise reviewers don't receive notification18:47
phelleroh, oops.18:47
phellerI will do it in the future18:48
cedkpheller: no problem, it is a common mistake18:48
phellersorry I also seem to be learning pep-008 along with these fixes....18:49
phellerso do you pretty much want all calls to orm methods that have vals to be multi-line?18:49
cedkpheller: most of it18:50
cedkpheller: at least those who was like that18:50
cedkpheller: it is not a PEP 8 but a Tryton convention for easily review patch later18:51
phellerah, ok18:51
phelleralso, for future reference, do you like close braces to end at the same tab level as a line continuation indent, or at the same level as the original statement?18:52
pheller        self.write(ids, {18:52
pheller            'value': value,18:52
pheller            })18:52
pheller        self.write(ids, {18:52
pheller            'value': value,18:52
pheller            })18:52
phellererr, that didn't paste write, but anyways, the }) aligned with s in self...18:53
cedkpheller: I don't like the indent of PEP 818:55
cedkpheller: I prefer to have 8 spaces then align to the opening brace18:55
phellerI think I will learn more about the framework from this process than any other way.18:59
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