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shalabh_OLi need to apply a domain on a field which should check value with a reference field's first part10:39
shalabh_OLplease help how to do it?10:39
cedkshalabh_OL: [(<field name>, <operator>, <value>)]10:42
cedkshalabh_OL: reference field behaves like a Char10:43
shalabh_OLcedk: what will the Eval('<ref field>') return?10:53
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cedkshalabh_OL: '<model name>,<id>'10:58
shalabh_OLcedk: but it seems to return an Eval object10:59
cedkshalabh_OL: where do you look?11:05
shalabh_OLcedk: if it returns a string then split(',') must work on it, but instead it says 'Eval' object has no attribute 'split'11:08
shalabh_OLplease pardon if i am asking something very stupid, i am still a newbie for python11:08
cedkshalabh_OL: you can not use split in domain11:08
shalabh_OLcedk: ok11:12
shalabh_OLreferring to the domain structure you wrote above11:12
shalabh_OLin my case, my <field name> is 'product.product'11:12
shalabh_OLand <value> from ref field should be something like 'product.product,1'11:12
shalabh_OLwill using 'ilike' in <operator> work?11:12
cedkshalabh_OL: I think your <field name> is not 'product.product'11:14
cedkshalabh_OL: copy/paste with pastebin your code11:19
shalabh_OLcedk: sorry for late reply, i think this much code must do
cedkshalabh_OL: it is not possible11:34
shalabh_OLcedk: i think you understood what i intend to do, can you suggest some alternative?11:35
cedkshalabh_OL: you can make a function field that will return the model name part of entity11:36
cedkshalabh_OL: and you must keep it update with on_change_with11:36
cedkshalabh_OL: but I don't understand why you create a model_int_name because you have already model11:37
cedkACTION bbl11:37
shalabh_OLcedk: just experimenting something, i dint wanted to have that field11:38
cedkACTION back12:02
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cedksharoon: hi12:40
sharooncedk: hi12:40
cedksharoon: I was thinking about your EAV module12:40
sharooncedk: what a coincidence12:40
sharooncedk: i am working on it12:40
sharooncedk: i have some idea change too12:40
cedksharoon: it could be more powerfull if it could work like analytic account then with a one2many list12:41
sharooncedk: i am building a new field called EAV inheriting function field12:41
cedksharoon: if property fields not good enough ?12:41
cedksharoon: is property fields not good enough ?12:41
sharooncedk: but property fields can just store values, not keys (Attributes?)12:42
cedksharoon: what do you name keys ?12:43
sharooncedk: the domain specifc attribute (like `color` but only for `product.product`)12:43
cedksharoon: that is an other part12:44
sharooncedk: ok12:44
sharooncedk: now listening to the idea you were coming up with12:45
sharooncedk: could you explain pls12:45
cedksharoon: did you already look at the analytic account?12:46
sharooncedk: checking (any reason why is too slow these days?)12:46
cedksharoon: don't know12:48
cedksharoon: it is not slow from browser12:49
cedksharoon: what is slow for you?12:49
sharooncedk: actually slow from browser12:49
cedksharoon: on ?12:51
sharooncedk: yes12:51
cedksharoon: could you try again?12:51
sharooncedk: tryting12:51
sharooncedk: the module page loaded, but still too slow12:52
sharooncedk: the file listing not loaded yet12:52
cedksharoon: what is the delay for a ping?12:52
sharooncedk: round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 11.946/13.141/16.646/1.454 ms12:53
cedksharoon: strange12:54
cedksharoon: here I fetch index page in 1.5s12:54
sharooncedk: ok12:55
sharoonfinally opened account.py12:55
cedksharoon: the basis is fields are put in the view dynamicly12:57
sharooncedk: ok12:57
cedksharoon: this allow to have good GUI behavior like required etc.12:57
sharooncedk: ok12:57
cedksharoon: and user doesn't need to learn new GUI12:58
sharooncedk: ok12:58
sharooncedk: you are talking abt this rt?
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cedksharoon: yes13:00
cedksharoon: and also analytic_accounts_fields_get13:00
sharooncedk: ok13:00
cedksharoon: I think you could develop it in trytond directly13:01
sharooncedk: ok13:01
cedksharoon: should ask on tryton-dev13:01
sharooncedk: could you explain a bit more?13:01
cedksharoon: what?13:01
sharooncedk: how this could be moved to trytond itself?13:02
cedksharoon: you could have an ir.attribute13:04
sharooncedk: ok13:04
cedksharoon: and ir.attribute.value13:04
sharooncedk: ok13:04
cedksharoon: we add a new tag in views: <attributes>13:05
cedksharoon: this tag is expanded in fields_view_get13:05
sharooncedk: got it!13:05
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sharooncedk: ping14:19
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cedksharoon: pong14:53
cedksharoon: options is only for selection14:56
cedksharoon: so I will call it selections14:56
sharooncedk: yes14:56
sharooncedk: fixed14:57
sharooncedk: does it look ok?15:06
cedksharoon: what is ModelEAV ?15:18
sharooncedk: something models which need attributes could inherit or has to be merged into the code of ModelSQL15:19
cedksharoon: ok understod15:19
cedksharoon: don't know what is best15:19
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sharooncedk: i thought it might be better to have EAV at an abstraction model since it may not be required for most objects/models15:20
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cedksharoon: ok15:53
cedksharoon: and it makes the code cleaner15:53
sharooncedk: yep, so if you are happy i can mail to the tryton-dev group?15:54
cedksharoon: ok15:55
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