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paepkegood morning danil07:47
paepkewell at least in europe :-)07:47
daniellate night working here in chicago07:50
paepkedaniel, its 7.50. way to early ;-)07:52
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mr_amitI am having this error with new database:
mr_amitwith latest revisions from the mercurial repos.09:59
cedkmr_amit: are you using the last version of the client?10:01
mr_amitI mean from mercurial repo10:01
cedkmr_amit: what are you doing?10:02
mr_amitcreating new db from client10:02
mr_amitbut unable to connect10:02
mr_amitdatabase is created but when I try to connect to this new db10:03
mr_amitit gives me this error10:04
cedkmr_amit: I can not reproduce, I really think you don't have the last revision of the client10:07
mr_amitlet me check again10:07
mr_amitit's latest revison10:07
mr_amit* revision10:07
mr_amitok, I forget `hg up`10:08
mr_amitlet me try again10:08
mr_amitokay, it's working!10:09
sejohmm latest openoffice documents not compatible?10:09
cedksejo: which version of relatorio?10:10
sejocedk: python-relatorio-0.4.1-1.el510:10
cedksejo: update to 0.5.510:11
sejocedk: ok thx10:11
sejohmm still corrupt invoice.edt10:14
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sejook heve the issue when i attach an image10:19
cedksejo: I think that your invoice.odt is stored in the database10:20
cedksejo: so you need to reset it10:20
sejohmm how do I do that?10:21
cedksejo: in SQL :-)10:21
cedkit is the column invoice_report of account_invoice table10:22
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sejohmm the invoice isn't saved yet10:28
sejoI jus try to do the direct print10:28
cedksejo: so fill an issue with the odt generated10:30
sejoi have the same issue10:32
gspcedk: Hi! I was just browsing through the models and ORM-ish components of tryton and started wondering about some of the basics - I figured you'd be the right person to turn to concerning tryton's core...10:32
sejojust going to remove the image10:32
cedksejo: ok10:36
cedkgsp: yes10:37
gspcedk: While the tryton's internal orm-capabilities seem cover pretty much all standard scenarios, it's still sort of a pain to follow it's schematics and control the fetch-behaviour etc.10:39
gspcedk: Having worked with SQL-Alchemy before (and knowning there's quite a few other well-tested ORM-implementations in python out there) I was wondering why no existing library was used and integrated in Tryton10:39
gspcedk: Barely a legacy of OpenERP or are there any performance-wise considerations behind this?10:40
cedkgsp: because we inherit it from OpenERP10:40
cedkgsp: and also we need to have a domain representation that is language independent10:42
cedkgsp: what is missing is a way to make "group by" queries with aggregation10:47
cedkgsp: and also having the second operand being a field10:47
cedkgsp: but I'm thinking about a way to use SQLAlchemy expression10:50
gspcedk: I'm just trying to understand what you mean by language-independent / how is that not possible with sqla?10:51
cedkgsp: the search method is callable from xml-rpc, json-rpc etc.10:52
cedkgsp: so the aguments of search must be represantable in those language10:53
cedkgsp: that is why we have stuff like that: [('name', '=', 'foo'), ('date', '>=',]10:54
gspcedk: I see; what would stop you from parsing this in an intermediate layer of python though? As far as I know the SQLA Expression are pretty powerful; I might fail to see some of the complexity though, not having seen all that much of tryton's core and rpc-interface10:56
cedkgsp: yes it could be possible10:57
cedkgsp: I'm thinking about using Table reflection and then allow to use SA expression for search etc.11:01
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gspcedk: I realize this isn't exactly a project done in a weekend, but what would be your estimated workload of implementing SQLA as the db-backend? Any great pitfalls one might anticipate?11:15
cedkgsp: I don't know. I need to analyze more SQLAlchemy to be sure to select the right way11:18
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cedkgsp: I think we could achieve it in 2 months12:09
cedkgsp: but I have some other stuffs to do before12:09
paepkecedk, do you want to replace the current orm or just have the same syntax?12:27
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cedkpaepke: just use the expression12:49
cedkpaepke: and keep the Tryton ORM/Model12:49
paepkecedk, ok. ic.12:51
cedkpaepke: and then replace perhaps the search by a select (like in SA)12:52
paepkecedk, haven't used SA in the past. only the django orm.12:55
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cedkyangoon: hi, can you put a comment when editing the wiki? It is easier to understand the change. Thanks14:21
yangooncedk: I hit the submit button by accident just before doing the comment:(14:22
cedkyangoon: ha ok14:24
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phellerprocurement scheduling is considered a part of MRP, and therefore not yet implemented in Tryton, correct?17:22
cedkpheller: do you mean generating purchase based on stock level ?17:24
phellercedk: yes17:28
cedkpheller: it is done in stock_supply17:36
phellercedk: ah ha, ok, thanks17:37
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phellercedk: ok, so stock_supply does orderpoints, but not "make to order"?18:38
bechamelpheller: "make to order" needs mrp18:42
phellerbechamel: ok, that's what I expected.  Thanks18:42
phellerHas anyone thought about using Celery for periodic and/or distributed task execution?18:43
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udonopheller: I met a lecture on FROSCON about celery and found it very interesting, too.18:53
phellerI wonder if it might be an alternative to ir.cron ....?18:54
phellerspecifically, I have some workflows that created a new thread on the server in OpenERP.18:54
pheller.... I think a celery task is a far simpler way to do it.18:55
phellerand is more intuitive than using ir.cron to launch a next action18:55
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udonopheller: unsure about this, my target was more to reserch amqp binding to use trytond as a producer/consumer18:57
phellerudono: ah, also an interesting thought18:57
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cedkpheller: in fact all you need is threads19:32
phellercedk: yes, only celery makes it simple to distribute those threads if they take a lot of resources.  Only thinking out loud :-)19:33
cedkpheller: this kind of programming works only for some kind of algorithm19:33
cedkpheller: I don't see right now usage in business software19:33
phellerI would agree -- it's not for things like running a workflow for closing an accounting period.....  it maybe makes some sense for the IT provisioning tasks I'm working with....19:35
cedkpheller: so I guess it will be external at Tryton core19:35
phellercedk: yes.  Perhaps a good entry for a faq "how can I distribute workflow tasks to other computers"19:36
cedkpheller: I still don't understand what you want to do19:41
phellercedk: a good example might be to collect the configurations os many network devices (in my job, I sometimes deal with > 10,000 routers).  This process sometimes takes 1 hour or more, even when running many threads....  It might be useful to spread the workload across several machines.19:42
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zodmanhi dudes i happy to see my nick on pyconfr xD20:55
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woakaszodman: rocks :)21:19
paepkezodman, great. now youre famous21:26
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