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Hydranthello all02:55
Hydrantis anyone here in Canada ?02:58
Hydrantjust curious02:58
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mgazI am trying to add a new field for a new model. Does anyone know why the "Create a new record" icon is grayed out?03:28
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cedkmgaz: you can not do it from the client08:00
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mgazI was able to create one field from the client but not more09:51
cedkmgaz: it is not possible09:53
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mgazi did it10:05
mgazjust click on a new model on the edit icon for the fields or switch view and you can create one field10:06
cedkmgaz: it should not10:08
mgazbut it works :-)10:09
mgazand this is in addition a very handy feature to quickly customize few models10:09
cedkmgaz: it doesn't work10:10
mgazI have 1.610:10
mgazhere are the steps10:10
mgaz1. create a new model from Administration -> Models -> Models10:11
mgaz2. enter a name and a description10:12
mgaz3. on the fields section, just click on the blue icon (edit current record)10:12
mgaz4. Enter some field data10:13
cedkmgaz: but it does nothing10:13
mgaz*3. Click on the Switch button sorry10:13
mgazmy mistake10:13
mgazthe switch button for fields to the right10:14
mgazthat is it!10:14
mgazIn addition, a do not know what would bethe benefit of creating a new model, if we can not create fields for it10:16
cedkmgaz: this is not a feature !10:18
mgazbut as you see it is working10:19
cedkmgaz: it is a bug !10:20
cedkmgaz: it is not working10:20
mgazand that is why I logged it and then you have set it to invalid as usual :-)10:21
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bechamelafter "it's not a bug it's a feature" whe have "it's not a feature it's a bug !" xD10:30
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yangoonDetectorError: Error: couldn't send email: (452, '4.3.1 Insufficient system storage', '')18:48
cedkyangoon: I check18:51
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cedkyangoon: should be fixed19:26
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hefferas soon as i add an image to my header_A4.odt i get AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'add_file_entry'. any idea why that is?19:30
hefferfull traceback is at:
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yangooncedk: thx19:46
cedkheffer: could you fill an issue19:54
cedkheffer: and could you tell me which version of Ooo do you use?20:00
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cedkdaniel__, Timitos, yangoon: reboot with the ovh kernel08:18
daniel__cedk:thanks again, hope you can figure out whats wrong with the new kernel08:20
Timitoscedk: thx08:21
dbacedk: what distribution are you running on t.o, gentoo?08:31
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cedkdba: yes08:43
daniel__does anyone know how to get to the module wizard if you declined it on the initial setup?08:45
Timitosdaniel__: Administration -> Modules -> Config Wizard Items08:46
Timitosdaniel__: set the state to open and logout and login into the database again08:47
daniel__timitos: thank you!08:47
daniel__if there are any core/other developers here just wanted to throw out that I'm going to be learning how to use this for decent size business in chicago, integrated with django soon and I'm going to be blogging about it quite soon08:49
daniel__so that there are some learning resources in english08:49
daniel__I'll throw the links up so if there is a gross error please don't hesitate to be merciless08:50
Timitosdaniel__: nice to hear. i think it would be good if you could have a look on the english terms in the modules as we do not have many english native speakers here.08:54
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daniel__would be my pleasure08:55
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daniel_anyone: has anyone ever setup tryton via virtualenv?12:13
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svakshahi, i was installing the account_invoice_history module and hit this error:
svakshaany ideas/help appreciated. TIA13:02
Timitossvaksha: you should try to install egenix-mx-base or egenix-mx-datetime from your distribution repository instead of using easy_install. i also had already issues with egenix-mx-base from pypi. but it was a long time ago.13:07
svakshaTimitos: thanks, i installed egenix-mx-base but there is no package for 'datetime' in ubuntu lucid13:09
Timitossvaksha: it should be included13:10
svakshacan tryton work without this module? i'm new to tryton so excuse the basic questions :)13:10
Timitossvaksha: as i remember egenix-mx-datetime should be included in egenix-mx-base. so yes it will work.13:13
svakshaok, thanks again13:13
Timitosyou are welcome13:14
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mgazdoes anyone know how to change number formats in tryton to just 2 decimals and not 4?14:28
yangoonmgaz: which numbers?14:30
mgazlike prices for products14:30
yangoonmgaz: currencies/ Tab formatting14:32
mgazthere I already have 2 for the digits14:34
mgazbut it stills shows 4 digits14:35
yangoonmgaz: it is hardcoded like that14:36
mgazI saw it14:37
mgazthis is not very handy for internationalization14:40
mgazI could not find a language file for the Dutch market14:42
mgazanyone has an idea?14:42
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cedkmgaz: it is hardcoded because it requires to write a module to have different value14:59
cedkmgaz: by the way, this value is not linked to a country but to the business15:00
Timitoscedk: what do you mean with business in this context. or what is the business you mean?15:06
mgazcedk: I understand, just if you would install it for an international company like the case I have now, it is difficult to manage15:06
mgazin one country we have 2 digits, in the other 315:07
cedkTimitos: if you sale, small pieces that have very small unit price or if you sale power plant15:09
cedkmgaz: I think you did not see that prices uses for accounting are rounding with the currency definition15:10
Timitoscedk: thx. now i understood the sentence.15:10
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mgazis there a dutch chart of accounts and a dutch translation by the way?15:23
cedkmgaz: not yet15:25
mgazI see15:26
mgazI am going to work on a dutch chart of accounts cz I badly need it15:26
cedkmgaz: the best is to announce it on the mailing list15:27
cedkmgaz: perhaps others will join you15:27
mgazwell, I have the chart ready and approved by our accountant, I just have to implement it15:28
mgazonce the first version is ready we could then announce it15:28
mgazsame would go for the Dutch and the Arabic language15:29
mgazanother very important feature would be the "product-bundle"15:29
mgazbundling products together into a new package15:30
mgaza Travel trip is based on: accomodations, flight tickets, transportation services, visum services,...15:31
mgazor a PC is made up out of: memory, hard disk, display, case,...15:31
mgazhow coould I apply a discount on an invoice?15:54
cedkmgaz: there is nothing for now16:04
cedkmgaz: by the way, discount can mean a lot of things16:05
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mgazcedk:discount on the toal price of the invoice17:21
cedkmgaz: I mean in accounting language17:24
mgazcedk: I know, but I am refering to a simple feature, where the discount is applied to the invoice in total17:25
mgazcedk: and is written back in the revenue account17:25
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Timitosmgaz: this is not so easy as you need to consider taxes and cases when there is more than one revenue account.17:31
Timitosmgaz: we had a module that allows to set a discount on invoice line. but there seemed to be no interest in the module.17:32
mgazTimitos: what was the module name?17:33
mgazTimitos: was it a tested module?17:33
Timitosmgaz: it was account_invoice_discount. what do you mean with tested module?17:34
mgazTimitos: for some cases like travel agencies where you do not have sales taxes, the module is very interesting17:34
mgazTimitos: I mean functionally tested17:35
mgazTimitos: great! thnx17:35
mgazI will take a look at it17:35
Timitosmgaz: i think it only works for 1.2 for the moment. or 1.4. i do not know exactly. need to check17:35
Timitosmgaz: should work with 1.417:37
mgazTimitos: I will check it17:37
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mgazTimitos: I am new to python. Do you have a good editor for me inclusing debugging and may be on which OS is it best to develop? I am using Ubuntu17:39
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Timitosmgaz: i formerly used ubuntu too. i think you could try eclipse with pydev if you prefer a bigger editor. but many others use vim or emacs. it is a decision of your own flavour.17:43
phellermgaz: I use eclipse with pydev and virtualenv on Mac OS.  You can just as easily use vim and print statements for debugging17:44
mgazTimitos: I am using vim too as for now17:45
phellermake sure to check out virtualenv, though.  it allows you to create a separate environment in which you can install python modules, without infecting the OS python installation17:46
pheller.... there are also some nice vi style plugins for Eclipse, if you want the big IDE, but still want to do everything without a mouse17:46
mgazpheller: thank you for the tip17:47
phellerno problem, enjoy17:47
mgazI would like to contribute to this project with the Dutch and Arabic translation17:49
mgazany tips on how to do that?17:49
mgazEditor, environment, tools,...17:49
mgazI am an MS developer :-( with PHP and MySQL knowledge17:50
mgazin Python I am a beginner unfortunately17:50
Timitosmgaz: for translation you should ask yangoon. he does the german translation17:53
mgazI will join him on the german channel17:54
Timitosmgaz: editor: if you know vim then use it. debugging -> use print statements in the code. should be enough. tools? i think for the start you do not need any :-)17:55
Timitosmgaz: i forgot an important tool: the IRC-Client ;-)17:56
mgazTimitos: then I am already on the suggested env.17:56
mgazTimitos: true :-)17:56
mgazon every report, i have the address of the company in the header, can I remove that? I could not find it in the report itself18:10
Timitosmgaz: take a look on header_A4.odt in the company module18:16
mgazTimitos: thank you18:16
mgazjust a last one: I have a customer where the language is set to German, but I still get all reports in English18:17
mgazSales Invoice as an Example18:17
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Timitosmgaz: strange. should not happen18:21
Timitosmgaz: can you check if german is marked as translatable in administration -> localization -> languages18:24
udonomgaz: hi, try to update the database with trytond -u all -d <dbname>18:24
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mgazTimitos: I will try18:32
mgazTimitos: It is18:33
Timitosmgaz: you should try it again after an module update as udono recommended.18:35
mgazTimitos: I get an error18:53
mgaz[Fri Sep 10 18:51:57 2010] ERROR:sql:Wrong SQL: SELECT code FROM ir_lang WHERE translatable18:53
mgazTraceback (most recent call last):18:54
mgaz  File "/usr/bin/trytond", line 30, in <module>18:54
mgaz    trytond.server.TrytonServer().run()18:54
mgaz  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/trytond/", line 105, in run18:54
mgaz    cursor.execute('SELECT code FROM ir_lang ' \18:54
mgaz  File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/trytond/backend/postgresql/", line 292, in execute18:54
mgaz    res = self.cursor.execute(sql)18:54
mgazpsycopg2.ProgrammingError: permission denied for relation ir_lang18:54
phellermgaz: for anything more than say 2 or 3 lines or text, please use pastebin or similar18:54
mgazpheller: where can I find that?18:55
mgazpheller: thank you18:55
phelleryou basically cut and paste into the form on that site, it will then give you a url, which you can paste here18:55
mgazoh! I know understand18:55
phellermgaz: it keeps the irc archives a little cleaner for reading and searching18:56
mgazpheller: thank you for the tip18:58
mgazhere we go18:58
phellerhmmh.  have you tried running the server under two different uids by chance?18:59
mgaznot what I know of19:00
mgazI just switched to the tryton user in the shell and run the command19:00
pheller... and if you create a new db and try to login to it, same result?19:00
cedkmgaz: it is an access right issue on postgresql19:00
mgazcedk: that is what I can read as well, only question is where?19:01
mgazcedk: tryton is the owner of the DB19:01
mgazcedk: and I would expect the language to be ready to use, as it is installed by default19:01
cedkmgaz: it is a wrong configuration of postgresql19:03
mgazcedk: it is a clean tryton installation from the Ubuntu repository and a DB created from the client19:03
mgazcedk: it is running without issues without the update command19:04
cedkmgaz: the use doesn't have access to the table ir_lang19:04
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mgazcedk: but then why to all tables and just this one not19:05
mgazcedk: it could load all modules and run them as you can see in the log19:05
svakshamgaz: for python editor try stani's python editor (/me just read scrollback19:05
cedkmgaz: I don't know, I don't have access to your database19:06
mgazcedk: thank you for the URL. I know how to change the rights, I just do not know why just this table19:06
mgazI know how to fix it, but I am interested to analyse this may be "failure"19:07
cedkmgaz: Tryton doesn't change any grantt access19:08
cedkmgaz: could you reproduce the issue?19:09
mgazcedk: I followed a very normal installation procedure19:09
mgazcedk: I will create a brand new DB19:10
cedkmgaz: retry it to see if it reproductible19:10
mgazcedk: and test it again19:10
cedkmgaz: because nobody has this issue and personnaly I create DB very often for testing19:11
mgazcedk: the main question for me is regarding the languages however. They are installed by default, so I would expect them enabled in the DB19:11
mgazcedk: I am testing heavily on Ubuntu with the version 1.6 too19:12
mgazcedk: English is not an issue19:12
mgazcedk: everything is running smoothly there19:12
mgazTimitos: thank you for the header tip. It works fine19:14
mgazcedk: on a default install as you add a new user, you have just the english language as an option19:16
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cedkmgaz: because you don't have activated other languages19:28
mgazcedk: not true19:29
mgazcedk: All are enabled19:29
mgazwith the flag active19:29
mgazcedk: I am just preparing a DB with test data19:29
mgazcedk: you can then take a look at it19:30
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mgazcedk: now I am getting even an ERROR. I will log it19:34
mgazI think it it related to the header I removed from header.odt19:36
mgazI did not want the company name and address in the header19:37
mgazyes it is19:39
mgazcedk: even on a new database the language is not working19:41
mgazcedk: can I post you the DB somewhere?19:41
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mgazcedk: a test DB19:41
mgazcedk: a 1.3 MB DB19:43
cedkmgaz: put it somewhere where it is downloadable19:50
mgazis it possible to add a logo to the reports?19:58
cedkmgaz: yes20:00
mgazcedk:I did that but then the report does not load until I remove the pic20:01
cedkmgaz: I don't understand "does not load"20:07
mgazif you add a logo.jpg to the Sale.odt and then by calling the Sale Report, Openoffice displays a message that the report is corrupt20:10
cedkmgaz: do you use the last relatorio version?20:11
mgazI have Ubuntu 10.10 with Tryton 1.6 from official repositories20:11
mgazhow can I check that?20:11
cedkmgaz: I don't know ubuntu20:12
mgazno problem20:12
mgazcedk: is it installed by the tryton package by default?20:12
cedkmgaz: I don't know20:13
mgazcdek: is it mandatory for graphics in reports?20:13
cedkmgaz: it is a dependency of trytond20:14
mgazcdek: I am using Version: 0.5.4-120:17
mgazcdek: of python-relatorio20:17
cedkmgaz: you should update to 0.5.520:18
mgazcdek: ok20:18
mgazcdek: i did update20:21
mgazcdek: it does not help20:22
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cedkmgaz: so need to see the odt generated20:27
mgazcdek: ok20:28
mgazcdek: could you please provide an FTP location to upload it or may be an email20:35
cedkmgaz: I don't have20:42
mgazcdek: how can I pass you the doc then?20:49
cedkmgaz: I don't know. Put a webserver on your host?20:51
mgazcdek: then look at Issue1685 please20:51
mgazcdek: is easier20:51
mgazcdek: ...and many thanks for the tip!20:52
phellercedk: proteus is looking very cool!21:07
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