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sharooncedk: ping (Good morning)08:11
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cedksharoon: pong09:40
sharooncedk: did u have time to see the code i uploaded to codereview?09:40
cedksharoon: yes but send me the link09:40
cedksharoon: done10:05
cedksharoon: good job10:05
sharooncedk: thanks :)10:05
cedksharoon: why don't you put wrong data in reference?10:05
sharooncedk: yep, that would kind of complete the coverage i guess10:06
cedksharoon: you can do it with an SQL query10:06
sharooncedk: got you, some invalid model and some invalid id10:07
cedksharoon: so now we should fix the issue you found :-)10:07
sharooncedk: yes :)10:07
sharooncedk: brb, i can try to fix these issues as part of my improvement in 1.8 based on what you think should be right behaviour10:13
sharoonACTION brb10:13
cedksharoon: I think it should be better to fix it separatly10:14
cedksharoon: like that we can backport it to other series10:14
cedksharoon: without breaking stuff as we had now test for it :-)10:15
sharooncedk: yes10:37
sharooncedk: so these tests have to be backported to v1.6 also right?10:40
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sharooncedk: ping11:50
cedksharoon: pong11:54
cedksharoon: I don't think we need to backport test11:54
sharooncedk: looks like there is a prob with the historisation too.. or it could be a prob with the way i am testing11:55
sharooncedk: i create a record in model x and then write to same record11:56
sharooncedk: the history table should have the values of created record right (not write)?11:56
sharooncedk: but looks like the value in the history table is the written value11:58
cedksharoon: the history table have a copy the values of the original table11:59
sharooncedk: but when i read from the history table i am getting the second values that were written12:02
cedksharoon: yes, I copy the values at writing12:03
cedksharoon: so the last record in history table is the same then in origin table12:04
sharooncedk: but search returns only 1 record12:04
cedksharoon: which search?12:05
sharooncedk: a search on the history table itself12:06
cedksharoon: you can not12:06
cedksharoon: you do a "SELECT" sql?12:06
sharooncedk: nope, i went for a search :/12:06
cedksharoon: there is no model for history table12:07
sharooncedk: got it12:08
sharooncedk: so prob with my test as expected12:08
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cedksharoon: I think your read test should also test translation16:48
sharooncedk: ah! thats a good addition16:49
cedksharoon: by the way, how did you compute the coverage?16:49
sharooncedk: i used nosetests with coverage16:50
cedksharoon: so you can run trytond test with nosetests?16:51
sharooncedk: yes16:51
sharooncedk: extremely useful because u can run single tests etc16:51
cedksharoon: how?16:51
sharooncedk: just install nosetests, then go to the folder where the test file resides and you can chose which tests to run16:52
sharooncedk: you can run just failed tests16:52
sharooncedk: also there is a useful plugin to give pdb prompt when a test fails, thats too useful16:52
cedksharoon: what is the command line?16:52
sharooncedk: Terminal, Command Prompt (for the less fortunate windows users)16:53
sharooncedk: if its about the script i just pasted, its an extract of the Tryton WSGI middleware for nereid16:55
cedksharoon: no, per example I just run test like this: python trytond/tests/test_sequence.py16:55
cedksharoon: so I'm wondering how you must do to run it with nosetest instead of unittest16:56
sharooncedk: nosetests will ad a script to /usr/bin16:56
sharooncedk: so u can use nosetests -v test_sequence.py16:56
cedksharoon: ok that's what I wanted to know ;-)16:57
sharooncedk: essentially `nosetests -v --with-coverage`16:57
cedksharoon: will you continue
sharooncedk: i can continue that, hmm i never saw that i had an issue in my name16:59
sharooncedk: if i write documentatin for the read method will it be picked up by the documentation tool?17:01
cedksharoon: I don't understand17:02
sharooncedk: if i write the doc in the doc string for the read method, it wont be used by the documentation tool which generates tryton doc right?17:03
cedksharoon: yes, docstring is for devs and doc/*.rst is more general17:03
sharooncedk: then may be we should split into developer documentation?17:04
cedksharoon: don't understand17:05
sharooncedk: i think we should have API documentation which could be easily generated using sphinx if we write doc strings for all functions17:06
cedksharoon: I think it is useless17:06
cedksharoon: doc is the code17:07
cedksharoon: Python documentation is done this way17:07
sharooncedk: really? i think python documentation ues what i said... it uses doc strings to generate the doc no?17:07
cedksharoon: no17:08
cedksharoon: as you can see the doc online is different of the docstring17:12
sharooncedk: thanks, got it... so in code only dev doc and doctests17:13
cedksharoon: yes but we can not make doctests in Tryton17:14
sharooncedk: not for models, but for testing tools, util functions etc17:15
cedksharoon: why not17:15
cedksharoon: but they should be runned by the trytond/tests/ script17:15
sharooncedk: and with nose its even more easy, it can load doctests also? is there a test bot for tryton?17:16
sharooncedk: if not we could think of hudson17:16
sharooncedk: can you share the script that generates this html output?17:18
cedksharoon: we don't need of all this crappy test bot17:20
cedksharoon: a simple cron task is enough17:20
sharooncedk: so the cron just downloads latest repos17:20
sharooncedk: runs the test and dumps html which gets displayed by a web server, i like it17:20
cedksharoon: yes17:21
cedksharoon: also I receive an email if a test fails17:21
sharooncedk: ah thats interesting, need it for use at openlabs17:21
cedksharoon: and in fact, the script update the repo instead of new one17:22
sharooncedk: dint understand17:22
cedksharoon: the cron script don't clone a new repo each night but just update the previous one17:23
sharooncedk: got you17:23
cedksharoon: I will copy/paste the cron script, you will understand17:23
sharooncedk: liked it :) iterate on configuration file17:26
cedksharoon: I think we should try to keep thing as simple as possible17:26
cedksharoon: I find hudson or any other similar tools too bloated17:27
sharooncedk: i have never used them, wanted to try this time... but this solution is quick and simple and I only need so much.. probably a lint plugin for hg17:28
cedksharoon: perhaps
cedksharoon: but I'm not a fan of such mix of tool17:31
sharooncedk: but pylint for vim is useful for me... will save some time17:32
cedksharoon: if you like it go for it :-)17:36
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phellercedk: sorry about closing the issues before the patch; and sorry I did not attach the patch to the issues!  I will do this from now on.20:03
cedkpheller: no problem20:06
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