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cedkyangoon: did you succeed to test ?10:14
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cedkyangoon: I have tested issue170811:37
cedkyangoon: I have uploaded a new patch11:37
cedkyangoon: I tested by adding a one2many on address to sales11:37
cedkyangoon: and I removed the default_address on party11:38
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yangooncedk: I will test today12:27
cedkyangoon: ok12:34
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phellercedk: if you want to give me access to the wiki, I'll add the mac instructions.  my google uid is pheller@gmail.com22:39
cedkpheller: done22:51
cedkpheller: the rules are:22:52
cedk- done duplicate info, use links22:52
cedk- put a comment for each change22:52
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phellercedk: no problem.22:56
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cedkpheller: would you like to take the maintenance of the MacOS bundle?23:46
phellercedk: not just yet.  Maybe I can take it for 2.023:47
cedkpheller: I will be happy to delegate it to someone who uses MacOS daily23:47
phellercedk: school has been really taking my time away right now23:47
phellercedk: and I don't want to be a blocker23:47
cedkpheller: ok23:47
phellercedk: do you have a machine you are building it on?23:47
phellercedk: ok, there, created the pages for Mac OS X23:50
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phellercedk: btw, question about how you join threads in
phellercedk: you call thread.join() for each thread in threading.enumerate()23:56
phellercedk: but, in some cases - like if tryton is invoked by pydevd, then this thread.join() kills pydevd.  In summary, it makes it hard for me to use eclipse to debug.  Can we join() on each individual service instead?  I've tested and it works....23:57
phellercedk: I will send a codereview to dev list if you prefer23:59

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