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pjstevnsWhat am I doing wrong? I keep getting:13:27
pjstevnsCalling method workflow_trigger_validate on model is not allowed!13:27
pjstevnswhere to look?13:27
udonopjstevns: do you have a code snippet for me?13:33
udonopjstevns: it could be a permissions problem.13:37
udonopjstevns: maybe the user is not in the needed group which will be needed to call the workflow trigger.13:39
pjstevnsudono: I'm using this transition:13:45
pjstevns               <record model="workflow.transition" id="contract_transition_draft_active">13:45
pjstevns                        <field name="act_from" ref="contract_activity_draft"/>13:45
pjstevns                        <field name="act_to" ref="contract_activity_active"/>13:45
pjstevns                        <field name="signal">activate</field>13:45
pjstevns                        <field name="group" ref="account.group_account"/>13:45
pjstevns                </record>13:45
pjstevnswith these states:13:45
pjstevns               <record model="workflow.activity" id="contract_activity_draft">13:45
pjstevns                        <field name="name">Draft</field>13:45
pjstevns                        <field name="workflow" ref="contract_workflow"/>13:45
pjstevns                        <field name="kind">function</field>13:45
pjstevns                        <field name="action">write({'state':'draft'})</field>13:46
pjstevns                        <field name="flow_start" eval="True"/>13:46
pjstevns                </record>13:46
pjstevns                <record model="workflow.activity" id="contract_activity_active">13:46
pjstevns                        <field name="name">Active</field>13:46
pjstevns                        <field name="workflow" ref="contract_workflow"/>13:46
pjstevns                        <field name="kind">function</field>13:46
pjstevns                        <field name="action">write({'state':'active'})</field>13:46
pjstevns                </record>13:46
pjstevnsusing the 'admin' user13:46
udonoACTION heads down, code wave is rolling about us13:46
udonopjstevns: did you heared about
pjstevnsWhat's that? A paste-bin?13:47
udonopjstevns: its for pasing code with more then 3 Lines. You provide the link to this irc13:47
pjstevnsOk, I'll remember. Not that its *that* busy here...13:48
udonopjstevns: can you please paste the code into a paste bin? It is better to read and to comment.13:48
udonopjstevns: ... and the complete traceback, please13:50
udonopjstevns: did you put restrictions on the workflow?13:51
pjstevnsEh, what's that?13:52
pjstevnsthere are 'states' and 'readonly' filters on the buttons. That's all!13:52
udonopjstevns: I mean did you restrict the workfow with ir.model.access anywhere?13:54
pjstevnsudono: no I have a single access rule: that uses global_p=True13:55
udonopjstevns: did you test your code with a freshly created database?13:58
pjstevnsMmm, not sure. Let's do that.13:58
udonopjstevns: FYI when you change several stuff in the setup, you must request yourself: Did I need to migrate? While developing, just skip the old database and create a new one. In Production you need to provide migration code in def init() and upgrading the database....14:01
pjstevnsudono: problem persists on fresh database :-(14:05
udonopjstevns: did you have something like
pjstevnsUh, no I don't. Makes sense since the traceback came from the dispatcher14:06
bechamelpjstevns: does your model inherits form ModelWorkflow ?14:16
pjstevnsbechamel: that's it! Thanks! silly noob mistakes...14:19
bechamelpjstevns: ;)14:20
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cedkudono: hi, will you continue the doctest?15:59
udonocedk: Will it be ok for using it like a tutorial in the long run, for setting up an enterprise with tryton?16:01
udonocedk: like mentioned under tutorial documentation16:03
cedkudono: why not but scenario should also create operation records not only configuration16:04
cedkudono: like creating sale/purchase/invoice etc.16:04
udonocedk: yes, that's the goal16:04
udonocedk: do you know if I can run doctests over several documents in the same context?16:05
cedkudono: I don't know16:06
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udonocedk: I will continue the doctest, since it fits better my needs16:20
cedkudono: great :-)16:21
udonocedk: I will open a new review for this16:22
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phellercedk: sorry about sending that codereview to the list.  Do you prefer I simply create an email to tryton-dev, outside of codereview, with a link?16:55
cedkpheller: yes16:55
phellercedk: ok.  and how do you want me to provide the patch?  Should I open a bug report, and attach it to the report?16:56
phellercedk: .... also, the patch I uploaded for issue1681 hasn't been applied yet...16:57
cedkpheller: you can send me the patch during testing period :-)17:00
cedkpheller: the issue is that it comes a little bit late and the repo are freezed17:04
phellercedk: ah, ok, I will send you both the mac and Transaction patch files then.17:12
phellercedk: but first, I'll make one last call to tryton-dev re: the GUI naming standard ("Tryton" vs. "tryton")17:13
phellercedk: and I will update the patch for the Mac based on that result.17:13
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cedkpheller: ok17:45
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phellerAnyone seen this when trying to print a report: UndefinedError: 1 has no member named "header" ?19:11
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udonopheller: never seen19:41
udonopheller: bud did not test reports on trunk this time... do you have the error with tryton 1.6 ?19:42
udono... also19:43
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phellerudono: I did not try it with 1.6.... I'm relatively new to tryton, and just jumped right in with Trunk.  I will try it on 1.620:10
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paepke4 days to go. exist a specific test plan where i could help?20:18
udonopaepke: Visual testing of the GUI20:21
paepkeudono, it looks good. done ;-)20:21
udonopaepke: Just get an overview if everything is working in all possible situations ;-)20:22
paepkeudono, hehe. ok.20:22
paepkeudono, should the migration already work? so i can update my database and go with some real data?20:23
udonopaepke: yes, but backup the database before and make a copy of your trytond20:24
paepkeudono, have a seperate trytond-user for testing and seperate directories.20:25
paepkeudono, i know it can blew up anything20:25
udonopaepke: maybe you can verify if trunk is generating invoice reports and tell pheller about20:26
paepkeudono, invoice reports? ok. is there a issue number?20:27
phellerfor me, invoices print ok, but other reports -- like picking lists, etc.20:27
paepkepheller, ok. give it a try.20:28
phellerpaepke: thanks20:28
paepkepheller, i'll test the osx-package from you as soon i get back to my office tomorrow20:28
phellerok, there will be one more update tonight for this (application name tryton -> Tryton), then I will post another build of the application bundle20:29
paepkepheller, ok. will you package a .dmg?20:29
paepkepheller, great. looking forward20:30
phellerpaepke: I will send a new link to you when I have built it20:30
paepkepheller, cool. thanx20:30
phellerpaepke: macht nichts20:30
paepkepheller, "keine ursache" ;-)20:31
phellerpaepke: ah, ok ok... yes, that is better :-)20:32
paepkepheller, you can join us in the german channel :-D20:32
paepkebtw. what is the current best way to keep my 1.7/1.8 up2date?20:34
paepkehgforest isn't working any more?20:34
phellernested extension20:34
paepkegreat. already installable by "easy_install hgnested"20:35
phellernice, did not know this.20:36
phellerafter installing and activating the extension, just "hg npull ; hg nupdate"20:36
yangoonhg npull -u20:38
phelleroh, that's easier :-)  thanks20:38
paepkenclone isn't working`20:38
yangoonpaepke: why?20:39
phellerDid you activate the extension in ~/.hgrc ?20:39
paepkepheller, gotcha20:39
paepkeok works.20:40
paepkedamn i have to read the documentation...20:40
paepkeits pretty well documented in the tryton wiki20:42
paepkethanx yangoon and pheller20:42
phelleryou're welcome20:42
paepkepheller, first of all: got the same error. investigating further...21:04
paepkewhoo. i think i got it.21:24
paepkeACTION is dancing21:24
phellerpaepke: what have you fixed?21:25
paepkepheller, 3 bytes21:25
phellerpaepke: haha, nice -- what was it?21:25
paepkecan someone confirm i did the right thing?21:26
phellerpaepke: I think you must have.  That explains why it was complaining about the header -- there would be no
paepkeid doesn't make sense to put the id into the context and not the company object21:28
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paepkedidn't remember, how wan't cedric a patch?21:28
phellercommit the change in your local repo, then export it21:30
phellerwithin the module directory:21:30
phellerhg commit -m "localcontext needs object, not id.  Fixes issue1725"21:31
paepkehg export -r -121:31
phellerI generally do "hg export tip -o issue1725.patch", then attach the file to the bug report21:32
phellerpaepke: cool, thanks for fixing that for me21:32
paepkepheller, gern geschehen21:33
paepkepheller, its a good practise for me finding that kind of bugs.21:37
phellerpaepke: yes, agreed.  Had I looked a little more closely, I think maybe I would have noticed "UndefinedError: 1" was referring to the company id.  grr!  :-)21:39

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