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cedkyangoon: hi, I started to make the release17:52
cedkyangoon: I don't know how to make you in the process17:53
cedkyangoon: perhaps you could start listing the modules of previous series that needs to be released17:53
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yangooncedk: just one note18:36
yangoonkeeping the entire spare time of last weekend free for release and getting from you no meaningful message when you were planning to do the release finally let me rather frustrated18:36
yangoonI would have expected at least a liittle hint: won't it do today18:37
yangoonfor the process itself: it can be easy18:37
yangoonI could begin to do the point (aka bugfix releases) for which no copying on server is required18:37
cedkyangoon: I answer you saterday18:37
yangooncedk: after I asked on late Saturday with the answer you would do it next day18:38
yangoonagain for the process: just give me push access to all branches and an upload where I can put the tar.gz18:39
cedkyangoon: I got unplanned stuff yesterday18:39
yangooncedk: I would have appreciated to plan my time, too18:40
yangoonand again for the process: and lets fix rules what you want to release18:41
yangoonfor my records a quick overview shows for packages with unreleased changes18:41
cedkyangoon: ok good18:43
cedkyangoon: this: "1.2/modules/account_de_skr03" seems strange18:43
yangoonsince backporting of fixes is up to you and you are backporting only tested fixes those repos should all be ready for release18:44
cedkyangoon: yes18:44
cedkyangoon: I can give you ssh access to the server18:45
cedkyangoon: but you should be careful because I'm not sure about all unix access right18:46
cedkyangoon: then you could add your-self on .hgrc of each repositories you need and create CHANGELOG, tag and tgz18:47
yangoonbtw 1.2/modules/account_de_skr03 contains unreleased changes from 2009-08-3118:49
cedkyangoon: I see it is only CHANGELOG and INSTALL change18:50
cedkyangoon: are you ok with this?18:51
yangooncedk: the policy is that released repos only get bugfixes18:52
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yangoonso if a repos gets some fix I would release it at time18:52
cedkyangoon: at which time?18:53
yangooncedk: usually the monthly bugfix release18:53
cedkyangoon: yes agree18:53
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cedkyangoon: so do you want to have ssh access?19:01
yangooncedk: yes, I just tried if you already installed it19:01
cedkyangoon: now?19:03
yangooncedk: how is your backup procedure of the repos? I would prefer to have a complete backup before mass changes to be able to quick rollbacks if anything should not be adequate19:03
cedkyangoon: there is none19:04
yangooncedk: works19:04
cedkyangoon: repos are duplicated by everybody19:04
cedkyangoon: I propose you start with one repo and we check if everything is ok19:05
yangooncedk: agreed19:06
cedkyangoon: I will need your pypi user account also19:06
cedkyangoon: do you know the process for bugfix release?19:07
yangooncedk: usually I am doing this semi-automatically for our own repos and usually this avoids errors19:07
yangooncedk: I see that you are doing one by one, but it is time consuming19:08
cedkyangoon: this is because I test each one by making the ebuild19:09
cedkyangoon: I'm leaving for 40min19:09
cedkACTION bbl19:09
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yangooncedk: my pypi account is yangoon19:31
yangoonprobably you should add me to group downloads for putting tar.gz with correct permissions19:32
yangoonhave to leave now, bbl19:35
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cedkyangoon: ok, I had you to some packages19:56
cedkyangoon: I will add when you will require it19:56
cedkyangoon: ping me when you want to start with the first module19:57
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cedkACTION bbl21:03
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cedkI have released all the 1.8 modules23:13
cedkyangoon: we can see tomorow for bug fix releases23:14
yangooncedk: yes, just returned, lets see tomorrow23:15

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