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cedkTorsten: have you an issue with it?09:48
lem0nacedk: the overlay does not want to sync09:48
lem0nacedk: Error was: Syncing overlay "tryton" returned status 255!09:49
Torstencedk: yes, it doesn't work. When I try to print sales as email-attachment its fine. But delivery-note and pickinglist not. But only email. PDF-Print or direct print is fine. So I think the report is OK.09:50
cedklem0na: I just reboot the server because of DOS on DNS service09:51
TorstenI use Outlook 2010 in Win7 with EmailOption = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\outlook.exe" /a  "${attachment}" /m name@domain.com09:52
cedkTorsten: why is it not working for you?09:52
Torstenin Sale = Outlook opens with email-address and Attachment. In Delivery-Note I get an Error from Outlook that there is an Error in the Argument. But it's the same like for sales. So it must be an Error in Tryton when it's generating the Link, I think.09:54
cedkTorsten: what is the command you put for email client?09:56
Torstencedk: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\outlook.exe" /a "${attachment}" /m name@domain.com09:57
cedkTorsten: this is strange09:59
cedkTorsten: do you know the name of the files generated?09:59
Torstencedk: It's "Delivery Note.odt". Naybe there is the Problem - "space character"! The report-name in trytond is delivery_note.ord. Is it possible to change that?10:02
cedkTorsten: it is done here
cedkTorsten: but you can change the name of the report in Admin>Actions>Report10:13
Torstencedk: Thanks... what have i to do with the code. I'm newbe in tryton...10:17
Torstencedk: I've fixed it. I've build a new record for the DeliveryNote in Admin>Actions>Report with the Name "DeliveryNote". It's a copy of the old one. For other Users; first you have to set the old one as "non-active" (Checkbox)!10:21
Torstencedk: thanks for your Help... I've worked on this Problem for more than 2 ours. Thanks.. thanks... thanks...10:23
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cedkTorsten: so it seems that quote are not enough for M$10:30
cedkTorsten: could you fill an issue on roundup?10:31
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gordon_geekowhen inheriting from a view it seems the field name="type" isn't inherited13:52
gordon_geekoit would seem incorrect13:53
cedkgordon_geeko: you can not change the type of a view14:03
gordon_geekocedk: yes, but for some reason the menu icon is different from the inherited view14:07
gordon_geekocedk: no default form/tree icon14:07
cedkgordon_geeko: don't udnerstand14:07
gordon_geekocedk: perhaps i'm confused, but with the original view i get a default tree/form icon that i don't get with the inherited one14:08
gordon_geekocedk: maybe something's wrong with my window/action definition because setting domain is also not working14:11
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gordon_geekocedk: something like ('type', '=', 'general') should work in a domain field in act_window right?14:14
cedkgordon_geeko: yes14:15
gordon_geekocedk: hmmm... strange14:16
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gordon_geekocedk: doesn't seem to on an inherited model14:19
cedkgordon_geeko: I don't understand what you are talking about14:23
gordon_geekocedk: see the domain field seems ok, no?14:27
cedkgordon_geeko: I see nothing wrong14:30
cedkgordon_geeko: have you updated the database?14:32
gordon_geekocedk: yes, the field is in the db14:32
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gordon_geekocedk: where is the domain evaluated?15:02
yangoon 15:09
gordon_geekoin i guess15:12
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cedkgordon_geeko: it depends of which evaluation you are talking15:39
vincentvdl Hi. Basic question: how to search on date fields? Specifying  something like [ ('completion_date', '<',  ) ] as search argument seems to gives an error15:43
vincentvdl[ ('completion_date', '<', ) ]  too15:46
gordon_geekocedk: the one from ir.action.act_window15:47
cedkgordon_geeko: in the client?15:49
cedkvincentvdl: if it is a date field, you must give a date not a datetime15:49
vincentvdlcompletion_date is a fields.DateTime15:51
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cedkvincentvdl: so what is the error?15:51
gordon_geekocedk: server15:52
vincentvdlcedk: mm I thinkk I see it now... time for weekend I guess... error in order=... argument15:54
vincentvdlcedk sorry.....15:55
gordon_geekocedk: i dont see the domain defined in ir.action.act.window being checked there16:14
cedkgordon_geeko: no it is not, those domains are only evaluated on client side16:15
gordon_geekocedk: ah...16:15
cedkgordon_geeko: here
gordon_geekocedk: thx16:20
gordon_geekocedk: domain is indeed set correctly but ignored by the view16:48
gordon_geekodomain arg is filled at Window.create16:49
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gordon_geekone1 know where domain value from an action.act.window is actually set in a field?21:02
cedkgordon_geeko: what do you mean?21:20
cedkgordon_geeko: by the way, for which Tryton version is the module you sent me21:22
gordon_geekocedk: the module is 1.6, i switched yesterday21:25
gordon_geekocedk: i can't figure-out why domain in action window isn't setting the field21:25
cedkgordon_geeko: it is not a feature21:26
cedkgordon_geeko: you can make a work arround with context21:27
gordon_geekocedk: what's domain used for then?21:27
gordon_geekocedk: filtering ok21:28
cedkgordon_geeko: yes filtering for now21:28
cedkgordon_geeko: we did not grabbed the feature from OE because it was incomplete21:28
cedkgordon_geeko: we are thinking about a way to get same feature but that will work in all cases21:29
gordon_geekocedk: i wish i never touched OE ;-)21:29
cedkgordon_geeko: it seems it doesn't work with 1.621:30
cedkgordon_geeko: it uses Transaction21:30
gordon_geekocedk: the module you mean?21:30
gordon_geekocedk: hmm maybe i was already on 1.821:31
cedkgordon_geeko: yes21:31
cedkgordon_geeko: this is one main behavior in Tryton development, when we do some thing we do it the more generic and complete as possible21:32
cedkotherwise we wait21:32
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