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GasbaKiddoes tryton manage the IFRS/IAS accounting system....???12:29
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cedkGasbaKid: Tryton got a simple accounting model14:04
cedkGasbaKid: but it is quiet clean14:04
cedkGasbaKid: so extending it for IFRS standard should not be difficult14:05
GasbaKidi think so is there someone who work on something like this14:05
GasbaKidcedk : can you tell me a part of tryton thats realy poor and need imrovement...14:07
GasbaKidsorry i means improvements14:07
cedkGasbaKid: I don't know if someone is working on it14:08
cedkGasbaKid: you can look at
cedkGasbaKid: and also on
GasbaKidand whats about the
GasbaKidwhere is it14:11
GasbaKidcause i dont find where the things that are done and the ones that arent14:12
cedkGasbaKid: I don't think anybody is working on this14:14
cedkGasbaKid: and this is clearly not a priority14:15
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GasbaKidyes it is, but have these features14:17
GasbaKidwill be perfect no14:18
GasbaKidcedk : tell me something, for implementing the ifrs/ias system what do you suggest for me...a point for beginning14:19
cedkGasbaKid: I don't know the IFRS so it is difficult to tell you14:23
GasbaKidahhh ok thanks cedk14:24
cedkGasbaKid: do you have documentation?14:28
GasbaKidon what14:28
GasbaKidor of what14:29
cedkGasbaKid: on IFRS14:30
GasbaKiddocuments from a (formation) that i assists to14:31
GasbaKidnot in electronique format14:31
GasbaKidare you interseted in working on14:33
cedkGasbaKid: for now, I have no time but if you are looking for help, you should write a blueprint and put documentation etc.14:34
GasbaKidi will14:35
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vincentvdlAnybody experience with the Scheduler in Tryton? I have added a record to "ir.cron", but the method does not seem to be triggered (at least nothing seem to happen). While if I call the method manually using a button, it does work. Are there existing examples of cron jobs I could refer to?15:23
vincentvdlI see the record is re-scheduled every time, so if I say it should run every 2 minutes I see the date being updated all the time15:24
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bechamelvincentvdl: if the cron fail it should send a request to the admin user15:26
vincentvdlmmm I am logged in as administrator and do not have not new requests... perhaps I should try to create an error on purpose15:27
vincentvdlbechanel: the execution user... should this be a linux user?15:28
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bechamelvincentvdl: no, a tryton user15:29
vincentvdlbechamel: ok I thought so15:30
bechamelvincentvdl: to pinpoint the problem i would add some prints in the _callback method in ir/cron.py15:33
bechamelvincentvdl: I'm not 100% sure that the transaction handling is ok15:33
vincentvdlbechamel: ok thanks for the tip, I will!15:34
vincentvdlbechamel: I have added a print statement at the very top of the method, but it is not being printed.... it should have been printed in the same terminal as trytond I suppose?15:48
bechamelvincentvdl: yes15:48
vincentvdlbechamel: Will do some further tests15:50
bechamelvincentvdl: maybe add some prints in the pool_job method (before _callback is called)15:51
vincentvdlbechamel: Yes I was just doing that, I see output of that method15:51
vincentvdlbechamel: Creepy... I added a print just above the "self._callback(cron)" line and after it, and I see both print's... but not the print's in _callback method15:59
vincentvdlbechamel: WIll have to check for override I guess16:00
bechamelvincentvdl: there is an override in company/cron.py16:01
bechamelvincentvdl: iirc the callback is not called if there is no company on the the cron16:02
vincentvdlbechamel: Aha.... will look into it16:03
vincentvdlok thnx... Now I see an exception, now I should be able to find out what's going wrong. Thanks for your help!16:04
vincentvdlbechamel: Yes, very cool... it's seems to be working OK now16:14
bechamelvincentvdl: you had to add a company on the cron or this was another problem ?16:15
vincentvdladding company was main problem... and inside my method I had a small issue where I retrieved a value from context, which I am now changing to a little different implementation16:16
vincentvdlbechamel: And there was an additional argument beign specified which I did not have (user I believe), but that was easy to add, I think I'll need it anyway16:20
vincentvdlbechamel: or perhaps it's the job id, not checked yet16:21
bechamelvincentvdl: ok16:21
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zodmanping sharoon16:32
zodmanyou live ?16:32
sharoonhi all, i request your code review for the email module for tryton at
sharoonzodman: pong16:32
zodmansharoon, your google mail for add to tryton-support :)16:34
zodmani see you twitt16:34
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zodmandone i back to work16:42
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lem0nai try to generate client transaltion for the client21:52
lem0naallready have bg_BG.po file21:52
lem0nawhen run "python ./ compile_catalog -v --directory share/locale/ --locale bg_BG"21:53
lem0nai recieve21:53
lem0narunning compile_catalog21:53
lem0nacatalog 'share/locale/bg_BG/LC_MESSAGES/tryton.po' is marked as fuzzy, skipping21:53
lem0nahow to correct it?21:53
bechamellem0na: all terms in tryton.po are translated ?21:55
lem0nabechamel: yes21:55
bechamellem0na: you are sure that there are no more "fuzzy" in your tryton.po ?21:59
lem0nabechamel: right under the initial coment (header) there is a string "fuzzy" - is this a problem?22:02
lem0nabechamel: here is the file:
bechamellem0na: I think so22:03
bechamellem0na: there are no fuzzy at all on the other tryton.po22:03
lem0nabechamel: will try with by removing this lines22:05
lem0nabechamel: this time works22:07
lem0nabechamel: how to use the generated file - i did not foud anything in wiki22:08
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bechamellem0na: tells to do something like "python ./ compile_catalog -v --directory share/locale/ --locale de_DE"22:10
lem0nabechamel: it's done - i have the .mo file22:10
bechamellem0na: oups this is what you have done22:10
bechamellem0na: so relaunch the client and choose the right langage in preference22:11
lem0nabechamel: but where to copy this file?22:11
phellerIs anyone terribly opposed to the idea of an alternative reporting engine for use with tryton, namely one that is webkit based?22:12
bechamellem0na: I don't think you have to copy it22:13
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lem0nabechamel: it does not make sense - i made the conversion in some work directory - the client can be aware of this22:16
lem0nabechamel: relaunch did not change anything22:17
bechamellem0na: mo files are under tryton_dir/share/locale/xx_XX/LC_MESSAGES/22:17
lem0nabechamel: this in source - installed client does not have such directories22:19
lem0nabechamel: do i have to create them manualy?22:19
bechamelpheller: I think it's a good idea, did you saw this ?22:20
bechamellem0na: probably under /usr/share/locale/xx_XX/LC_MESSAGES22:21
phellerbechamel: yes, I saw this.... I like that it's easy to adjust method in trytond....  I prefer HTML as the source because of how familiar many people are with the language.....22:22
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lem0nabechamel: opz - i see that supported locales are hardcoded in client too22:22
phellerbechamel: I've had issues doing some specific things with reportlab before - specifically compositing images together.22:22
lem0napheller: if i am not wrong webkit based reports just arrived in OE22:23
phellerbechamel: but this is very easy with html div, absolute positioning, and z-index.22:23
bechamelpheller: yes i was talking about the last that explain how to overwrite the default report engine22:23
phellerlem0na: yes, this is true.  Camp2Camp did a nice job with their module for this; but it feels "separate".22:23
phellerbechamel: I think this would be an option which is an alternative to relatorio/odt22:24
cedkpheller: I'm absolutly against such report engine22:24
phellercedk: can I ask why?22:25
bechamelcedk: even in a module ?22:25
cedkpheller: this is an insane stack of software22:25
phellercedk: no less insane than openoffice running headless with pyuno to generate a pdf....22:26
cedkpheller: I'm not a fan of running Ooo to generate pdf22:27
cedkpheller: I'm fine with odt22:27
phellercedk: I agree with you that reportlab is not a bad way to go (for pdf), but HTML/CSS certainly has the most acceptance of any of these formats....22:27
lem0nabechamel: bingo - coping in /usr/share/locale/bg/... did the work - thanks again22:28
cedkpheller: come on, this is the worst way to describe a document22:28
cedkpheller: I mean a printable docuement22:29
cedkpheller: the first time, I saw this module (webkit) I really laught a lot with my colleagues22:30
phellercedk: really?  it doesn't look *that* bad.....22:30
bechamelpheller: did you heard about
phellercedk: can you think of a way to composite images with either odt or reportlab?22:30
phellerbechamel: thanks, had not seen that22:31
cedkpheller: not with those application because they are not design for this22:32
cedkpheller: what do you really want to do with images?22:32
phellercedk: I want to render a rack diagram; showing the rack in the background, then the equipment in the proper positions in the rack.....22:32
phellercedk: though I can think of an alternative solution for this, maybe....22:33
cedkpheller: have you an example?22:33
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cedkpheller: so you have images for each element?22:36
phellercedk: yes22:36
cedkpheller: and you want to assemble them22:36
phellercedk: yes, but also overlay the equipment on the rack image.22:37
phellercedk: there is another possibility that would work.... wkhtmltoimage to generate the composite image, then embed the result within odt or rml.22:37
bechamelpheller: what about python PIL or even pycairo ?22:38
phellerbechamel: yes, perhaps -- but I'm trying to think of a way doing this more generally via the reporting infrastructure first.  If not possible, then I would resort to other programmatic methods.22:39
phellerbechamel: and maybe programmatic is the right way to do it -- I am only exploring different options22:40
paepkepheller, bechamel: i remember that graphs are rendered via relatorio so its a common place. that can be exported via cairo for gtk or png for odt reports.22:41
cedkpheller: I think the best way will be with PIL22:41
phellercedk: ok I will investigate that as well.22:42
cedkpheller: just get the image of the rack22:43
cedkpheller: and then you copy/paste at the right position each element22:44
phellercedk: Ok, I'll give it a shot this way.22:44
cedkpheller: you get the copy method and paste22:45
cedkpheller: but of course it is better if you already get all images at the right size22:45
phellercedk: ok, I'll try it.22:46
cedkpheller: have you tested more the one2one?22:47
phellercedk: I have done a little more, but not much.  I will try more tonight.22:47
cedkpheller: also for your information, I read 30sec the webkit module and I found 2 security issues22:52
cedkpheller: by the way, if you generate the image with PIL, you can put it in a function field on the rack Model22:53
cedkpheller: then you can display it in Tryton client ;-)22:54
phellercedk: I didn't really give it a thorough look, I only found it to make for more comfortable report development (in my opnion)22:54
phellercedk: yes, that's exactly how I would do it.22:54
phellercedk: later this week, I will get to this..... :-)22:54
lem0nacedk: can you look at this
lem0nacedk: some terms are untranslated but the language shows English and not Bulgarian23:05
yangoonlem0na: english is the default23:09
yangoonlem0na: if you don't translate the terms you will get english23:09
lem0nacedk: i know - i got some untraslated tersm but maybe found them23:10
lem0nacedk: i can not find the equivalent rows for the rows with English language23:15
lem0nacedk: so some parts remain untranslated23:15
yangoonlem0na: as for row Language and Type, they are untranslated in your image23:16
yangoonand you must reopen the view for the changes taking effect23:17
lem0nayangoon: i feel lost - will continue dig in it23:22
yangoonlem0na: I could help better, if you would describe more precisely what's not working23:22
lem0nayangoon: some terms apear untranslated - for example Administration from the main menu23:23
lem0nayangoon: Product and Dashboard too23:24
lem0nayangoon: the rest from the menu are translated23:24
yangoonlem0na: is still valid?23:24
lem0nayangoon: yes23:24
lem0nayangoon: if you want will make snapshot ot the main menu23:25
yangoonlem0na: did you maenwhile translate the strings that are empty on the image?23:25
lem0nayangoon: no23:25
yangoonlem0na: I believe you;)23:25
lem0nayangoon: i suppose if i translate them they appear in bulgarian23:26
yangoonlem0na: yes, what do you want to do else?23:26
lem0nayangoon: for example to localize the record id of the Administration menu in the main menu23:27
lem0nayangoon: everything with source "Administration" and language "Bulgarian" is translated23:27
yangoonlem0na: and is  not marked 'fuzzy'?23:28
yangoonlem0na: and field name is ',name'?23:29
lem0nayangoon: yes - i have 1 record  marked fuzzy with field name ',name'23:30
lem0nayangoon: what is the idea of this fuzzy field?23:30
yangoonlem0na: translate it, unmark it, do Ctrl+R on menu23:31
lem0naopz -  unmark it and volla23:31
yangoonlem0na: fuzzy items show changed or new items since last translation23:31
lem0nayangoon: aaaa  i see thaks very mutch23:32
yangoonlem0na: welcome23:32
lem0navery mutch23:32
lem0nais there a way to unmark all fuzzy records - thera are over 2000\23:36
bechamellem0na: fuzzy is not your friend today :D23:36
lem0nabechamel: 100% :)23:37
yangoonlem0na: you can do it with SQL23:38
bechamelUPDATE ir_translation set fuzzy = true where lang = 'bg_BG';23:38
lem0nayangoon: i thinked about this but seems too brutal for me23:38
yangoonbechamel: you want make hinm crazy :-D23:39
bechamelhalf less brutal : UPDATE ir_translation set fuzzy = true where lang = 'bg_BG' and id % 2 == 023:40
lem0nayangoon: no problems with sql23:40
yangoonlem0na: perhaps take better UPDATE ir_translation set fuzzy = false where lang = 'bg_BG';23:41
lem0nayangoon: i got the error23:41
bechamellem0na: of course you have to be sure that everything is ok before doing it23:41
lem0nabechamel: yep - first writing the select and then change to update23:42
lem0nabechamel: allways do this for security23:42
bechamellem0na: I mean fizzy is sipposed to tell you that you forgot some translations23:42
bechamellem0na: but if you know that every string is translated (and that you only forgot to uncheck fuzzy) it is ok23:43
lem0nabechamel: i undertstant the idea but the translations are ok - only 90 are untranslated but in this case value must be null23:44
lem0naso i will be brave and brutal23:44
lem0nathanks for the help and for you who are in Europe good night23:48
yangoonlem0na: cu23:49
lem0najust e final word - after the db update trytond needs restart because the caching23:52
bechamellem0na: yes23:54

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