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plantian seems to be upset about something.09:48
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cedkplantian: restarted10:49
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plantiancedk: Thanks.10:53
plantiancedk: Did you happen to see my email about wizard?  I'm still a little confused on how they work.10:54
cedkplantian: not yet10:56
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plantiancedk:  Sorry to bother you again but is this format incorrect?  I can't seem to get it to work I think maybe I need to return a different key maybe --
plantianThe method I'm having trouble with is _check.12:44
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plantianAnd more specifically the format of the list of dictionaries does not seem to work -- data['form']['stock_lines']12:46
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cedkplantian: in fact, I think there is an design error in the wizard13:40
cedkplantian: it only allow ids from data['form'] for one2many13:41
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cedkplantian: did you test with the patch?16:36
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plantiancedk: Does anyone know why client could have this error "Not supported: trytond.session/Session"  ?19:35
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cedkplantian: perhaps you return user_id which is a session20:08
cedkplantian: you must convert into int before20:09
plantiancedk: I can't seem to find anywhere that I might be doing that, I rebuilt everything from scratch but the error just magically started showing up.  Is it possible it could be somewhere that is not trytond.conf AND not in the database?20:10
cedkplantian: it is surely in the code20:12
plantianwait nevermidn I am wrong20:12
plantiancedk: Yes I think it is the stock lines actually but I'm not sure why that started happening because it was before the patch.20:13
cedkplantian: did you test thet patch?20:13
plantianWow okay well I'm confused, there is no reason for that error to stop but it has decided to stop.20:15
plantianI found the other problem, what are the keys that the action should return in the wizard return ?20:17
cedkplantian: the field name20:18
plantiancedk: So in my example I should return data['form'] instead of data so that field names are at the topmost level of the dictionary returned?20:20
plantiancedk: It appears to work with patch and returning fields at top level of dictionary.  Let me try prepatch to confirm that there even was a problem.20:22
plantiancedk: Yes I get the unhashable dictionary error but patch fixes it.20:24
plantianI do not understand the structures/formats of return values in wizards.  I want to document them.20:25
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cedkplantian: it is the same as default method (with the patch) otherwise it was the same as read22:47
plantiancedk: You mean the return values behave that way?  I don't think I've used read before.22:51
cedkplantian: it is the format for the return values22:52
plantianI was prototyping something like this --  -- Date should really be Stock Date and will be used to calculate products by location.22:54
plantianDo you think it would be re-usable ?22:54
cedkplantian: why not but you should describe exactly what it does22:57
cedkplantian: but I don't understand why you mix stock quantity and price22:59
plantiancedk: It is a common need to see both at the same time, for either a customer or just for planning.22:59
plantianAlthough it must be a customer that does not need a guarantee of course.23:00
cedkplantian: ok for customer but you just need to get available quantity like in sale order23:00
plantianYeah I guess I could see how that would be confusing, well there might be amounts at more than one warehouse and maybe the inventory isn't 100% accurate and the locations would make that obvious.23:02
plantianAlso you might need to go check on the inventory to make sure the condition is still decent and then call the customer back.23:03
plantianI can see how it could be considered a mutant version of a Draft Sale with stock locations.23:04
plantianI would be interested if other businesses would never need to know the locations or not.  I know my business will want to know the locations.23:04
cedkplantian: I think knowing the location is ne necessary at this level23:06
cedkplantian: you just need to know which warehouse23:06
plantianWell I am 100% sure my business will want to know locations but I don't know about other businesses.23:07
cedkplantian: most of the time a sale order is done based on stock level of one warehouse23:07
cedkplantian: and then you can get inter-warehouse shipment to fill missing products23:08
plantianYes, but that is just one use-case.  Employees might want to quickly look up locations of products inside hte single warehouse.23:08
cedkplantian: then you can go to product and look at the location tree23:09
plantianI haven't checked the performance this way but checking the other way is very slow.23:09
plantianThere are so many locations it is annoying to have to open tree and there are so many products that opening products list takes a long time and then opening a single product takes even longer.23:10
cedkplantian: but you will have the same with your wizard23:11
plantiancedk: Only if the user tries to browse all products instead of starting with a name.23:11
plantianOR if the search doesn't match then all products are scanned.23:11
plantianMost of the time though product search will be much faster.23:12
plantianI am very excited about paging in 1.8 though.  It might help a lot.23:12
cedkplantian: yes perhaps the limit was to high in previous versions23:17
plantiancedk: My users have a hard time switching between tabs in the client and knowing when they have left their old tab and are in a new tab.  When you add in any kind of performance issue and anything that is inconvenient they quickly become frustrated.23:17
plantiancedk: I know their behaviour sounds petty but it is hard to motivate people to use software anyways so I just try to make things that make their everyday task easier to perform.23:19
cedkplantian: no problem with that but we need to think about generality only to put in Tryton23:22
plantiancedk:  With the many locations issue unresolved you can see how many locations can make it hard to find the location with the inventory --
plantianI am half-way scrolled down in addition to having to open trees to navigate to leaf location.23:22
cedkplantian: but the tree has meanful otherwise you did not make it23:23
plantiancedk: The tree's meaning is utilized in my inventory module by allowing users to take inventory of many storage locations by selecting only one view location.23:25
cedkplantian: to make a good design, you must first think about what the users need without looking at the current implemenation in Tryton then you will be able to take good design choice23:26
cedkplantian: but I think a wizard to query pricing is a good idea23:28
cedkplantian: and I think we should improve the "stock by location" button23:29
plantiancedk: Yes I might consider doing it separately.  I would have to think about the use cases.23:30
plantiancedk: Finding product by browsing products seem like an unnecessary step though but maybe if buttons were activated from within browse list.23:32
plantiancedk: I have started introduction wizard documentation and will send it in later I have to take a break.  Thanks for the help, I will consider what you have said.23:43
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