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plantianWhy are sale lines that contain negative quantities not included in invoices?  I see some code that ignores them but what is the business reason for doing so ?01:37
cedkplantian: what is a negative sale line?01:57
plantiancedk: A sale line with a quantity that is negative.02:13
plantianI use negative quantities to try to implement discounts for customers that return packaging.  I have talked about it before but I cannot figure out what/where to customize in order to solve the problem.02:14
cedkplantian: I think you should handle with separate lines02:17
plantiancedk: The quantity is actually negative though although here it looks like hte unit price is negative --
plantianAlso Merry Christmas by the way, although I'm not sure if its the 25th in Brussels yet.. or I guess I'm also not sure you're in Brussels.02:29
cedkplantian: yes but I think negative lines should generate return shipments and credit note02:31
plantiancedk: Okay so that would be a customization I would implement right?02:37
plantianDoes it make sense to generate a return shipment for something that is not sold though ?02:37
cedkplantian: on sale it is product sold02:38
plantianRight, but we do not sell packaging we just gives discounts if we get packaging of product returned to us.(even if the packaging was not original sold by us too)02:39
plantianI think it would be similar to a glass milk bottle.  It is sold with the milk in it but you give a discount if you get the glass bottle back so you can re-use it.02:39
plantianThat is the business idea i'm trying to implement.02:40
cedkplantian: so it is sold products02:42
plantiancedk: Right the product must be salable.02:43
plantianI just consider a return shipment to be used for returning of merchandise that leaves the warehouse.02:43
cedkplantian: if you don't want to track product location then set it to service02:45
cedkplantian: any way, patches that will add the management of negative lines in sale with a return shipment and credit note will be welcome02:45
cedkplantian: the same for purchase02:45
plantiancedk: Okay I will start issue of type feature and begin sending patches tomorrow night or Sunday.  Thanks for all the help.02:48
plantiancedk: Also if you come back to this, that issue I thought I had with relatorio wasn't a problem with relatorio at all it was my mistake.02:49
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btQuarki wonder if tryton is usable for inventor-creation and maintenance too12:35
btQuarkthe wikipedia-article says so12:36
cedkbtQuark: there is stock module that allow to manage inventory12:37
btQuarkcedk sounds good12:39
cedkbtQuark: Tryton is a framework so it comes with most basic block for business application but it can require customization so it provide an easy way to customize it12:41
btQuarkseems like that would need me to learn python?12:43
cedkbtQuark: yes12:43
cedkbtQuark: but Python is quiet easy12:43
btQuarkjup, heard so12:43
cedkbtQuark: here is a good starting point
btQuarkthanks, anyway - as far as i saw, the accounting module seemed pretty sound for small/medium use12:44
btQuarki'ld need to get used to tryton first anyway12:45
cedkbtQuark: yes it provides solid basement for building a more complex (tools for) accounting12:46
btQuarkcedk what do you think about adempiere?13:48
cedkbtQuark: I never test it14:04
btQuarkok, it seemed featurerich, anyhow the wiki and the webinterface qualified as horrible mess14:04
cedkbtQuark: but I think that it doesn't allow as easy custumization than Tryton14:05
btQuarkwhich is a thing i cannot say about the gui or webui of tryton or openerp (i actually liked the webui of the latter)14:05
cedkbtQuark: it seems they take the same way than SAP14:05
btQuarksell themselves as a weapon of mass company destruction ;)14:06
cedkbtQuark: a lot of features and so difficult to configure14:06
cedkbtQuark: in Tryton we try to follow KISS14:06
btQuarkalthough i am capable of java and the technologies they use, the wiki did not enlighten me about anything other than being scared14:07
btQuarkyay. seems good14:07
cedkbtQuark: and dynamic typed language like Python allow to have more flexibility in the custumization process14:10
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