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lem0nacedk: in ldap_authentication you use the word "Authentification"; looks like it's the french version of "Authentication"; i am wrong?14:27
cedklem0na: yes typo15:04
lem0nacedk: to make a patch?15:05
cedklem0na: yes15:06
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cedklem0na: applied thx15:28
lem0nacedk: me too15:29
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cedknobody has tested patch for Issue1768 ?16:29
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plantiancedk: Hi, I was thinking more about the container discount we discussed the other day.  I made an issue.20:22
plantian -- Is it correct to remove the credit note totals from the sales order total ?20:23
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plantianWould such a thing also process gift certificates ?20:27
cedkplantian: I think the best will be to start discussion on mailing list20:43
plantiancedk: Which ? tryton or tryton-dev?20:47
cedkI think tryton for business discussion20:53
cedkplantian: we will go on tryton-dev for tech implementation later20:53
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plantiancedk: Okay well that is sent.  I must also return to implementing the lookup for product pricing and product inventory.  Are you still concerned about merging inventory lookup and price lookup into one wizard?21:51
cedkplantian: yes21:52
cedkplantian: I think it could be a useful module21:52
plantiancedk: Okay well do you think starting with pricing lookup ONLY and then I can customize on top of it the inventory lookup is a good strategy?21:57
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plantianMaybe the module could just be product lookup and then whatever needs to be looked up can be extended on top of it?21:58
cedkplantian: it could be wizard in a tab running inside a loop22:23
plantiancedk: Yes, my first question was about making it modular so that I could combine the two features(inventory and pricing) and still keep it usuable by other tryton people that don't want inventory lookup combined.22:25
cedkplantian: wizards are extentable like any Models22:27
plantiancedk: I know how to make the wizard and extend the wizard.  I'm trying to comprimise on the design of the wizard's base so that others will use it.22:28
plantianWhat features should be in the base module, ie. product_lookup ?22:29
cedkplantian: I find that product lookup is almost there with the locations button on product form22:29
cedkplantian: so I think the most interesting feature here is the computation of price22:30
plantiancedk: Okay, do you think modules like this is too excessive: product_lookup, product_lookup_stock, product_lookup_price_list.22:32
cedkplantian: why not22:34
plantiancedk: Well you usually know "why not" and usually I do not foresee it. Ha I just always ask before I go off into a prototyping frenzy.  I think that is why you are an ERP designer.22:36
plantianI will look at products by location button for "product_lookup" and it will include maybe only list_price until price list extension.22:38
plantianI have to go out but will be back later.22:38
cedkplantian: ok. I need to think more about this22:39
plantiancedk: Okay well I will try to make a skeleton prototype to see how complicated form might look.22:40
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