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cedkplantian: yes00:18
plantiancedk: okay, thanks00:19
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Hydrantanyone still awake ?05:46
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sisalpany custom module available to manage delivery costs according to weight of goods / carrier and vat ?12:12
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sisalpIs there a place where custom modules on tryton are documented ?12:55
bechamelsisalp: no, the only documentation is for official ones (
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plantianHi I'm having trouble understanding querying with parent/child_of.  How can I get search to not include the parent id?  I have pasted the issue here --
hoRnhi again20:54
hoRnis there a short way to create more than one relation at a one2Many field while creating the parent? ('create', {<field name>: value, ...}) seems limited to the creation of one target record20:55
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hoRnplantian: not in or  !=                 ?20:59
hoRnmy last question was stupid ;[21:01
plantianhoRn: Actually I think I must have been doing something wrong because now my example works without needing 'not in'.   I don't really understand, I must have been using the products_by_location() method incorrectly.21:08
plantianI didn't really understand your question.21:08
plantianYou mean as an example using the inventory model you wanted to create the inventory lines and the inventory itself all at once?21:08
hoRnbut i can do [('create', {<field name>: value, ...}),('create', {<field name>: value, ...})]21:10
hoRnits a list21:10
udonoplantian: I guess you miss the fourth parameter on child_of s.a.
plantianhoRn: I don't think the 4 parameter form applies because it is for location which is linked to itself.21:23
plantianI really don't understand the 4 parameter usage though.21:24
plantianActually its not that its linked to itself I think its many2one, many locations have the one location as their parent.21:25
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JamesPharaohhi, can anyone tell me why the latest tryton modules are all a version behind tryton itself and if they are supposed to work with it? for example trytond-1.6.2 and trytond_*-1.6.1, or trytond-1.8.1 and trytond_*-1.8.022:30
udonoJamesPharaoh: All versions in the 1.6 line are working together, but not with other lines like 1.8 or 1.4.22:39
udonoJamesPharaoh: on each release of Tryton we branch the development and maintain the different branches for a while.22:40
JamesPharaohuduno: thanks... i think my confusion is because the installer overwrote the version of trytond from 1.8.1 to 1.8.0 when i installed a package versioned 1.8.0, i guess this is a bug?23:12
JamesPharaohuduno: when i installed a /module/ versioned 1.8.0 i should say23:13
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udonoJamesPharaoh: which installer?23:14
JamesPharaohudono: script/setup23:15
JamesPharaohudono: no, forget that, that's something else23:15
JamesPharaohudono: the install23:15
JamesPharaohudono: in the module23:16
udonoJamesPharaoh: i don't know if it is a bug23:17
JamesPharaohudono: well is there any way for me to manage the packages myself, i would rather install stuff without it going and changing other packages on my system really23:17
udonoJamesPharaoh: there exist a buildout for tryton on github23:18
JamesPharaohudono: ok i'll take a look at that...23:19
JamesPharaohudono: to be honest it's not the biggest of my problems, i'm trying to upgrade from 1.6 to 1.8 and having trouble getting it to work at all23:19
JamesPharaohudono: i can't really work out how tryton works with respect to databases, for example why does it have a command line option for the database name and also take a database name when you connect?23:20
udonoJamesPharaoh: sorr, I need to sleep. iam back in 8 hours.23:20
plantianJamesPharaoh: I don't know what other tryton users do but I use virtualenv.23:23
JamesPharaohplatian: ok thanks i'll look into that...23:23
plantianJamesPharaoh: It is not a tryton thing, it just is an easy way to not install python packages into the system's site-packages.23:26
JamesPharaohplantian: yeah that's what i guessed23:26
JamesPharaohplantian: i'll look into it anyway. really i don't like using package managers and want to install stuff myself, so as to reduce external dependencies23:27
plantianYeah package managers don't work very well for python.  Its a hard problem to solve.23:28
JamesPharaohok so does anyone know how i upgrade my database from 1.6 to 1.8?23:49
JamesPharaohi've finally managed to get it to connect but i get a load of errors and i'm guessing it's because of the database version23:50
JamesPharaohcedk: thanks, but now i have an error :(
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cedkJamesPharaoh: you seem to have mixed series23:53
JamesPharaohcedk: i have no idea what that means23:53
JamesPharaohcedk: do you mean modules from different versions?23:54
JamesPharaohcedk: or something like that?23:54
cedkJamesPharaoh: yes you must have only tryton modules with the same 2 first numbers23:55
JamesPharaohcedk: ok, i've deleted everythong in my dist-packages and am reinstalling...23:55

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