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cedkplantian: why don't you override _get_context_price_list_line and set unit_price to the right price00:13
plantiancedk: Okay that might work too.  I will try that.  Thanks.00:21
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plantiancedk: Is there a reason why that method does not receive the price list ?00:59
cedkplantian: don't understand01:05
plantiancedk:  -- this method does not receive the price list as an argument01:13
cedkplantian: which price list?01:14
plantiancedk: the price_list in price_list.lines.  The instance.01:15
plantianI was going to pass store in via context but I think now it might make more sense for a store to be an attribute of the price list itself.01:16
plantianIf I do that though I don't see how I could access it.01:16
cedkplantian: in your place, I will just change the unit_price value returned in _get_context_price_list_line by the one you want for the context store01:18
plantiancedk: Yes except I realized I have to find some way to set store in context and in some cases it doesn't make sense.01:23
cedkplantian: just test if it is there or not01:24
cedkplantian: you got the method _get_context_sale_price in sale_price_list to set specific context for price list01:25
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lem0nathis is interesting:
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kwmiebachHi. After some evaluation of openerp I found out about tryton and have setup my first tryton 1.8 server on linux :)17:26
kwmiebachI am now creating a new database from the windows client. But the "create button is not clickable.17:26
kwmiebachAlso there is no standard language selectable: Do you have some advice?17:27
kwmiebachI wonder if I could set a standard language somewhere this would work.17:27
cedkkwmiebach: did you fill all the form?17:34
bechamelkwmiebach: actually (reading the code), if no langage are selected, the create button stay grey17:35
bechamelso the initial issue is why the langages does not shows17:35
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bechamelkwmiebach: no error messages on server logs ?17:41
kwmiebachi will check on the server for logs now.17:47
kwmiebachThe dropdown box has no entries17:48
kwmiebachThe server log does not even mention that a client did connect:
kwmiebachcedk: I cannot fill out the language dropdown box, it is grayed out and does not react.17:52
cedkkwmiebach: strange is the connection to the server working?17:54
kwmiebachBtw I think this already the decision to prefer tryton over oe, I never received any answers in the oe channels.17:54
kwmiebachcedk: I can ping it, I can telnet port 8070, how else would I check?17:55
cedkkwmiebach: can you test from a linux box17:56
kwmiebachcedk, I think the connection works, I have something in the server logs from before, look, I dumped more backwards from the logfile now: - you can see at 17:01:40 that I connected from the client.17:58
kwmiebachYou mean I could install a linux tryton client for testing purposes - will try that.17:58
bechamelkwmiebach: the log also shows an error msg17:59
bechamelkwmiebach: most probably the tryton server cannot acces postgresql server18:00
cedkkwmiebach: you must create a postgresql user for the trytond server18:00
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kwmiebachcedk, bechamel, I had already done this, the first part of the log was before that, the second part is afterwards18:02
kwmiebachI only show you this log to demonstrate that the client server connection works18:03
kwmiebachI wonder if my language setting in the config are wrong:
kwmiebachThe "lang =" part ?18:03
cedkkwmiebach: there is no lang in conf18:04
kwmiebachok, I will remove this18:04
kwmiebachcedk: I works!. After server restart I can choose a language and also create a db. I am in module coonfig now. My fault to insert wrong config options. Thank you all!18:10
bechamelkwmiebach: great18:12
cedkkwmiebach: no problem ur welcome18:12
kwmiebachI am looking forward to work with tryton. I am a python and db developer and we need some additional features, like integration of soft phones. I wonder if "plugins" on the client side can be used for this?18:13
kwmiebachIf we can write a python client module for the windows client we can access the soft phones for our CRM.18:15
cedkkwmiebach: there is possibility for plugins in client but there is no real API18:17
cedkkwmiebach: you should use some monkey-patching I guess18:18
cedkkwmiebach: and learn the internal stuffs of the client18:18
kwmiebachcedk: You mean I check out the code of the client, develop my patches?18:19
cedkkwmiebach: there is a directory plugins where you can put python module, it will be loaded18:20
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cedkkwmiebach: but it is something that was not really used for now18:22
kwmiebachcedk: i wonder if it would be easier for now to put it directly in the user interface, wiht the option of moving it to plugins later18:23
cedkkwmiebach: I don't know exactly what you need18:24
kwmiebachThe first thing would be for outgoing calls, attach a button wiht some python/windows code to a gui field that looks like a phone number18:25
kwmiebachThe button takes the number and gives it to the softphone, and the phone will dial the number.18:25
kwmiebachSecond thing would be for incoming calls, pass the number from tha caller to tryton. Maybe start a new instance.18:25
cedkkwmiebach: it is already there :-)18:26
cedkkwmiebach: there is a widget callto and sip18:26
cedkkwmiebach: and they generate a URL with callto: and sip: as protocol18:27
cedkkwmiebach: so you just have to register your softphone to handle those URL protocol18:27
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kwmiebachcedk: the softphone is somehow limitd but I could write a bridge between the tryton client and the phone client.18:35
kwmiebachThe api of the phone is a little bit restricted.18:35
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seyz_hi o/19:38
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kwmiebach1How would I install the party module? sudo easy_install tryton_party does not work, neither does sudo easy_install tryton_module_party23:46
cedkkwmiebach1: trytond_party23:49
kwmiebach1oh. thank you. :)23:50

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