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cedkudono: hi, about the menu I will make a better proposition this comming week16:35
cedkI will put the menu in the Paned on the left16:36
cedkwith auto-hiding option16:36
udonocedk: on each view?16:36
cedkudono: don't understand16:37
udonocedk: I meant menu accessible on each tab, to skip the menu tab.16:37
cedkudono: yes16:38
udonocedk: so all menu entries are mapped in one tree. Sounds good16:39
cedkudono: it is already the case16:39
udonocedk: yes, sure, but for now the root elements are on the left pane and its children are viewed right16:40
udonocedk: sounds good, anyway.16:43
udonocedk: did you skip to handle drag 'n drop?16:44
yangooncedk: I will now push the maintenance release16:45
cedkudono: I don't understand16:45
cedkyangoon: ok16:45
udonocedk: I always thought adding a menu entry to shortcuts will be done with drag 'n drop with your tree_dnd patch. But it did not work so far for me.16:47
udonocedk: Maybe my misunderstanding...16:47
cedkudono: DnD in my patch is for ordering the tree16:49
cedkudono: what you are talking is about DnD between different Model16:49
udonocedk: ah, ok another feature. I will try out dnd for ordering the tree16:50
cedkudono: need a view with children and parent field in it16:51
udonocedk: and I guess a sequence?16:54
cedkudono: sequence only to order in the same level16:54
udonocedk: yes, correct, thanks.16:59
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yangooncedk: it seems I don't have yet permission for proteus on pypi, could you please add this?17:16
cedkyangoon: done18:44
cedkyangoon: have you finished the release process?18:52
yangooncedk: there was no increase version after tag 1.8.0 for proteus18:53
yangoonis this intended or was it forgotten?18:53
cedkyangoon: forget18:54
yangooncedk: thx, after proteus I will have finished18:54
yangooncedk: release is done, news are prepared, you can post them, whenever you want19:10
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marc0shi there21:02
cedkmarc0s: hi21:03
cedkmarc0s: good trip back to Spain?21:03
marc0scedk: yes :)21:04
marc0scedk: how were the last hours there in the fosdem?21:04
cedkmarc0s: good, interesting talk on PostgreSQL room21:04
marc0scedk: :)21:05
cedkmarc0s: about replication21:06
marc0sdoes anybody spot any error here?
marc0sserver log says there is an xml parsing error with Tag menuitem with id: menu_insurance_tree21:11
cedkmarc0s: the action of menuitem ref to the view instead of the act_window21:12
marc0scedk: ouch! yeah...21:16
marc0scedk: thanks :)21:16
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marc0scedk: is there any reason for the shortcuts column appear in my tree view?21:21
marc0scedk: it does not looks like the party tree view, for instance21:21
cedkmarc0s: there is always in tree view21:23
marc0scedk: but it does not appear in the party one21:24
marc0scedk: probably i'm just missing something :)21:25
cedkmarc0s: it is a list21:25
cedknot a tree21:25
cedkbut it will change soon :-) with DnD in tree patch21:25
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