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rhubnerHi cedk!17:03
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cedkrhubner: hi17:10
lem0nacedk: do you use mercurial-server?17:23
cedklem0na: no17:32
lem0nacedk: 10x; i spend whole day tryibg to figure how to install & configure private repo and this was the final option17:33
cedklem0na: I find simplier to use ssh with access right17:35
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lem0nacedk: any hints, url, etc? for a first time i can not figure how to install and configure software17:36
cedklem0na: nope17:40
lem0nacedk: thaks17:40
rhubnercedk: I had lunch...18:04
rhubnercedk: about that issue... do you give me some examples?18:05
cedkrhubner: it is about access right on menu18:07
rhubnercedk: original message that i sent: The "Moves" menu inside "Inventory Management" must be vesible in "Administration". Is that it?18:09
cedkrhubner: visible only for stock admin18:10
rhubnercedk: i'm opening client to see it18:12
rhubnercedk: is "moves" in "inventory management" ?18:13
cedkrhubner: yes18:13
rhubnercedk: do i have to take it on "inventory management" and put it on "Administration"?18:14
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phellercedk: regarding that bug I created; older gdk-pixbuf-loader versions installed into gtk-2.0/2.x.y/loaders18:15
cedkrhubner: no, you must add stock admin in the group of the menu entry18:15
phellercedk: newer versions install into gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.x.y/loaders18:16
phellercedk: I have a patch I'll upload in ~ 2 hours.  it finds the source loader directory and does the right thing18:17
phellercedk: just need to make the code a little nicer looking before I upload for review :-)18:18
rhubnercedk: where does it have a stock admin to I see as example?18:18
cedkpheller: ok18:20
cedkrhubner: the configuration menu in stock18:20
rhubnercedk: must be added an entry in "Stock configuration" to "Moves"?18:46
rhubnercedk: because don't have a Moves in stock configuration...18:47
cedkrhubner: no18:47
cedkrhubner: it is just about visiblity of the menu18:48
cedkrhubner: the field groups on define who is allow to see the menu18:48
rhubnercedk: really is strange to me understand it...18:48
cedkrhubner: did you take a look at the Model ?18:50
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rhubnercedk: I seeing on Administration->Models->Model...18:57
cedkrhubner: I mean in the code18:57
cedkrhubner: in trytond/ir/ui/menu.py18:57
rhubnercedk: ok... it's open!18:58
cedkrhubner: there is a field groups18:59
cedkrhubner: you can see that the field groups is filled on some menu like in Configuration, Administration etc.19:00
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rhubnercedk: ok... I seeing a model in this file, but there is no something filled...19:07
rhubnercedk: do i need to filled in other file?19:08
cedkrhubner: you must modify the xml file that define the move menu to add the stock admin group19:10
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rhubnercedk: munu.xml?19:15
cedkrhubner: in the module stock19:15
rhubnercedk: ok19:15
phellercedk: I won't have time to clean up the code formatting today, but I submitted the code review anyways - so people can at least look at the logic.19:29
cedkpheller: ok19:46
cedkpheller: do you think you can have for tomorrow?19:47
phellerI can try.19:47
phellercedk: I am still trying to get the URL stuff in to gtk-osx....  so I don't think that will make it for the Mac client for 2.0  But maybe we can post a 2.0.1 binary for Mac once I finish getting the support in the upstream19:48
cedkpheller: where did they put the loaders?19:51
phellercedk: lib/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders19:52
cedkpheller: why not just test both possible path19:53
cedkpheller: and use the one that exists19:53
phellercedk: what happens when they change again sometime?  this solution gets the actual path from gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders19:54
phellercedk: this way, we'll never* have to fix this again19:54
phellercedk: *never say never ;-)19:54
cedkpheller: exect if they change the comment line19:54
phellercedk: ok, this is true.  I could go either way, I suppose19:55
cedkpheller: this is something that should not change often19:55
cedkpheller: and also it is only for devs19:56
phellercedk: yes, true.  Ok, I'll refactor tomorrow to just test the old and new paths19:56
phellercedk: looking at the profile manager, I'm wondering if the "host / database" disclosure triangle could just go in front of "profile" -- would make the presentation cleaner19:57
cedkpheller: don't understand19:58
cedkpheller: it is not possible I think19:59
phellercedk: ah ok19:59
rhubnercedk: This task is difficult for me because I do not know what files I have to modify and what exactly will change in the client ...20:11
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cedkrhubner: did you understand that the xml file modify the database records?20:20
rhubnercedk: yes... but i don't know ehat file xml to modify... is move.xml on module stock?20:23
rhubnercedk: and I don't know exactly which fields i have to add it20:26
cedkrhubner: did you find the xml record in move.xml with the id menu_move_form20:37
rhubnercedk: yes20:39
cedkrhubner: and now the menuitem with the id menu_configuration in stock.xml20:41
cedkrhubner: you must set the same groups attribute20:42
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rhubnercedk: Only this? But what going to change in client?20:51
cedkrhubner: the menu will not be there if you are not in the group20:52
cedkrhubner: It is a simple patch but that was the request :-)20:55
rhubnercedk: if only to add the same attributes ... I already did!20:58
rhubnercedk: I'll create the module helloWorld in
rhubnerto better understand this mechanism...21:00
cedkrhubner: did you test :-)21:00
cedkrhubner: also it is good exercice to create a codereview21:00
rhubnercedk: where does it have it?21:05
rhubnercedk: haaa ok.. after I'll test and send the patch21:07
cedkrhubner: great21:07
rhubnercedk: But... I added the attrbuts and i didnt see where changed... :)21:08
rhubnercedk: also strange it....21:08
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