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rhubnerHi sharoon!15:03
rhubnersharoon: you are my mentor in gsoc :)15:05
paepkerhubner: what is your gsoc project?15:11
rhubnerpaepke: "A Rich Text Editor for Tryton Client"15:12
rhubnerpaepke: WYSIWYG editor...15:13
sharoonhi rhubner15:14
sharoonrhubner: that's good news :)15:14
paepkerhubner: great!15:14
paepkesharoon, rhubner good luck you guys. very intresting feature.15:14
rhubnersharoon: cool ... I didn't speak with you yesterday because it was my birthday too :)15:15
sharoonpaepke: thanks, this GSOC has lot to give to tryton15:15
rhubnerpaepke: thanks!15:15
sharoonrhubner: Oh! belated birthday wishes and guess the GSOC announcement was a good b'day gift15:16
sharoonrhubner: do you have the proposal on a blog ?15:16
rhubnersharoon, paepke: 4 proposal was accept in Tryton! \o/15:16
rhubnersharoon: yes is was...15:17
sharoonrhubner: paepke: infact its 515:17
rhubnersharoon: I have a blog with this proposal15:18
sharoonrhubner: do you want to discuss your project now ?15:18
rhubnersharoon: 5?? great!15:18
rhubnersharoon: we can talk a little about it now...15:20
rhubnersharoon: I need to know exactly to start...15:22
sharoonrhubner: I think you need to first familarise yourself with Tryton and see how modules work.15:22
paepkesharoon: great gsoc :-)15:23
dfamoratohello all, i am so happy to announce that I was also accepted for GSOC15:23
paepkedfamorato: pretty cool15:23
dfamoratomy project is : Add full text search capabilities on Tryton records15:23
dfamoratobut i don't know who is my mentor15:23
sharoonrhubner: you need to know fields are defined on the server side and how the client gets the field specification15:24
sharoondfamorato: bechamel is your mentor15:24
dfamoratosharoon:  thanks !15:24
dfamoratobechamel: ping15:24
paepkewhat was additionally accepted? is there somewhere a page i missed?15:24
rhubnersharoon: Ok... I already installed all....15:24
sharoonrhubner: cool15:25
rhubnersharoon: I studied a little submitting a patch...15:26
sharoonrhubner: did u see how fields are defined ? and did u see the text field15:26
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sharooncedk: are all text fields going to be RTF or is there a specific flag that needs to be set for the project 'A Rich Text Editor for Tryton Client'15:28
cedksharoon: I think we will use a specific widget15:29
rhubnersharoon: I seeing! After I knowing well how does modules works, I thought beginning code the text editor out of project..15:30
sharooncedk: is it like current system where widget is specifiedd in xml ? so there will be no changes on server side15:31
rhubnersharoon: When i finished the first version, i'll integrate the text editor in client15:31
sharoonrhubner: just a second, its important to know the exact specification you need to implement. like what is the xml attribute (if any) or field option which throws up the rich text editor15:33
rhubnersharoon: ok!15:33
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sharoonrhubner: we already have a minor widget system where you can specify widget="<name>" on xml and the client renders the corresponding idget. for example when you add contact mechanisms for party and the widget can be email, sip, callto, url etc15:34
rhubnersharoon: humm15:35
rhubnersharoon: is the widget becomes the fiel text editor optional?15:36
rhubnersharoon: if you added widget="rtf" for example in text field, would it apper the rich text?15:38
sharoonrhubner: not yet, i think that is exactly your project, wait for cedk to confirm15:40
bechamelhi dfamorato15:40
bechamelI was afk15:40
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zxq9Is there currently any way to make the invoice .odt template documents language-specific?15:42
zxq9For example, in Japan, Korea, China, etc. addresses are formatted very differently than in Europe and America.15:42
sharooncedk: is down ?15:42
zxq9Is there a way to make a "sale_jp.odt" version of the "sale.odt" document that contains the appropriate formatting based on the preferred language of the party being invoiced?15:43
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zxq9sharoon: I can't get on it, either.15:44
zxq9sharoon: Seems back up now.15:46
dfamoratobechamel: hi there15:46
dfamoratobechamel: sharoon told me you are my mentor15:47
bechameldfamorato: yes15:47
nicoezxq9: you can use a "if" construct to use different formatting15:47
cedksharoon: back15:48
dfamoratobechamel: please to meet you... So, any guidance on where should I start15:48
dfamoratobechamel: i am reading the docs on sphix search15:48
bechameldfamorato: I will re-read your proposal to re-fresh my mind15:49
sharooncedk: thanks, could you suggest the approach rhubner must take? is it new widget="rtf" / widget="rich_text" something like that, what's your take ?15:49
zxq9nicoe: You mean inside of the .odf, somewhere in a Tryton form, or somewhere in the module code?15:49
dfamoratobechamel: here is my proposal
sharoonzxq9: inside the report, in the sale/invoice you can already see an if logic being used to say what kind of form it is (Order, Quotation etc)15:50
bechameldfamorato: thanks, I was lost in the melange website :)15:50
cedksharoon: yes something like that15:51
cedksharoon: don't know yet the name it should have15:51
sharooncedk: thanks, rhubner: so you have the blueprint now15:51
rhubnersharoon: I understood so so ...15:52
zxq9Ah... so by expanding the <when> and <if> statement flow in the form I can test for language, and have the correct style selected?15:53
sharoonzxq9: rather according to language you can set content (something like a on language code)15:53
rhubnersharoon: is already exist the widget attr to use on project or it would be add?15:54
sharoonrhubner: widget attribute already exists15:54
sharoonrhubner: see example usage here
bechameldfamorato: the first question is where to plug sphinx, ie on the database level vs the application (python code) level15:54
bechamelIMO it's on the application level15:55
rhubnersharoon: Haaa Ok! I'll study this!15:55
dfamoratobechamel: i think on application level as well15:55
dfamoratobechamel: because then we can take advantage of the abstractions15:56
bechameldfamorato: which will solve the support for sqlite15:56
sharoonbechamel: dfamorato: the latest version of sphinx seems to natively support sqlite15:56
zxq9sharoon: Is there a reference for the in-line mark-up being used? (Is this Python/Tryton specific, or is this an odt scripting thing?)15:56
sharoonzxq9: its genshi
dfamoratobechamel: I saw that sharoon also implemented MongoDB for tryton attributes15:57
bechamelsharoon: ok, it was just an observation :)15:57
zxq9sharoon: Thanks!15:57
rhubnersharoon: do you think I can start code the rich text out of project and after add it with widget?15:57
cedkrhubner: yes you can15:58
bechameldfamorato: iirc sphinx offer more thant just "searching for text", it's also able to understand slight variation between related words15:58
sharoonrhubner: yep15:58
rhubnerthx cedk, thx sharoon!15:59
rhubneri'm going to college now!15:59
rhubnersee you later!15:59
sharoonrhubner: good luck16:00
bechameldfamorato: from the website "...morphology and synonym processing through word forms dictionaries and stemmers..."16:00
rhubnersharoon: and nice to meet you mentor! :)16:00
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bechameldfamorato: I thought you were talking about using mongodb for indexing, but now i understand that you were just talking about the current backend16:03
dfamoratodfamorato: yes, I saw that sharoon released an extension for the product model16:04
bechamelcugg: hi16:04
dfamoratobechamel: yes, I saw that member:sharoon released an extension for the product model16:04
bechameldfamorato: yes16:04
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bechameldfamorato: the first obvious thing to index is the "rec_name"16:05
bechameldo you know what it is ?16:05
dfamoratobechamel: and integrating on application level would also be beneficial for any future integrations16:05
dfamoratobechamel: is it the name of the record in the DB ?16:06
dfamoratobechamel: like invoice number, product reference and so on ?16:06
bechameldfamorato: yes, it's the name under which a record appear when it's referenced16:10
bechameldfamorato: and there is already a mechanism that allow some flexibility for it16:11
bechameldfamorato: by default the 'name' field is show, it can be changed to a custom field via the _rec_name attribute on the class or it can be completly dynamic with the get_rec_name method (grep those name in the source to find examples)16:13
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dfamoratobechamel: in the trytond or the modules source ?16:15
bechameldfamorato: both16:16
dfamoratobechamel: doing it now... i want to get a feel how many different rec_names whe have currently16:17
bechameldfamorato: to you know "ack" ?, this may help you16:19
dfamoratobechamel: i didn't know...but i love the fact it also has integration with Textmate. I'm a apple user =D16:20
dfamoratobechamel: in order to clone the modules repo, it suggests to use forrest extension, which is not beeing maintained anymore. subrepos replaced the forrest... should i sue subrepos for cloning tryton repo ?16:22
bechameldfamorato: we use hg nested16:23
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bechameldfamorato: more info with mercurial
dfamoratobechamel: thanks16:24
cedkdfamorato: where did you see reference to forrest?16:31
cedkdfamorato: thx16:33
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yangoon cedk ping22:00
yangoonjust reading
cedkyangoon: and ?22:01
yangoonthere is no credit for original authors so far22:01
yangoonwhat do you think? I think it should be included somewhere22:01
cedkyangoon: it is in the svg file22:02
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yangooncedk: ico and png in client: are they ASA2.0 or GPL3?22:29
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cedkyangoon: ASA23:07
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