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sharooncedk_: i was just thinking about what you said about the long transactions and the sequence01:20
sharooncedk_: it will still not work for openerp
cedk_sharoon: why?01:21
sharooncedk_: because of the NOWAIT01:22
sharooncedk_: see this test case
cedk_sharoon: of course you can still have concurrent transaction01:24
cedk_sharoon: but this danger is always there01:24
cedk_sharoon: you can just reduce the probability but minimize the duration of transactions01:24
sharooncedk_: not in the case of tryton because concurrent transaction will wait for the transaction with the lock to commit01:24
sharooncedk_: in the case of openerp it does not wait but just fails01:25
sharooncedk_: and they are happy about it and of late shows messages like "Could not complete Operation, but might succeeed if you try again"01:25
cedk_sharoon: no it will also fail on Tryton because of the serial transaction01:27
sharooncedk_: got it01:28
sharooncedk_: postgres documentation suggests that we should attempt a retry of the request in such a case... think its feasible ?01:29
cedk_sharoon: yes I already thought about having a loop in the dispatcher in case of concurrency error01:29
sharooncedk_: having it in the dispatcher will still cause issues for application which access tryton as a module ?01:30
cedksharoon: then they should manage themself01:30
sharooncedk: maybe we can have it in the __exit__ clause of the transaction ?01:31
sharooncedk: nope01:31
sharooncedk: my idea work work, because there woul dbe no retry01:31
cedksharoon: you don't know what to run in __exit__01:31
sharooncedk: it can only work at the level of dispatcher since dispatcher can remember what was the call and the arguments01:32
sharooncedk: it would be equivalent to starting from beginning01:32
sharooncedk: is there an issue already about this case ?01:32
sharooncedk: issue == roundup issue01:33
cedksharoon: I don't think01:33
cedksharoon: going to bed01:34
sharooncedk: shall i report an issue an i can propose a decorator for the problem ?01:34
sharooncedk: bye, good night01:34
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hoRnhi all11:45
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hoRnI was playing arround with 'unoconv' in convert_pdf for the reports - 10 times faster than the oo-way11:48
cedkhoRn: have you links ?11:49
hoRncedk: it's realy fast - i have a report with about 15 barcodes on it - my machine was going crazy ;)11:53
hoRncedk: quick and dirty:
hoRncedk: and it supports a lot of output-formats as well11:56
cedkhoRn: I will be happy to drop openoffice-python dependency11:58
cedkand see an implementation that will allow more format11:58
hoRncedk: whats the licence of this unoconv - will take a look ...12:00
cedkhoRn: GPL-212:01
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hoRncedk: looks promising12:02
cedkhoRn: could you create an issue about that12:07
hoRncedk: yes12:07
hoRncedk: in the tracker or in the list?12:13
cedkhoRn: I guess the best is on roundup and inform tryton-dev@12:13
hoRncedk: ok12:14
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cedkACTION review his own patches13:10
tshepangcedk, was wondering about that13:15
tshepangthe patches13:15
cedktshepang: ???13:18
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tshepangu do a lot of patches and submit them fro code review, and I often wonder if people r helping review them13:26
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tshepangcedk, "But you can not have the same code running for Python 2 and Python 3 if I'm right"13:38
tshepangactually u can13:38
tshepangu'll just hav to do future imports13:38
tshepangand a bunch of try excepts13:39
cedktshepang: we will use 2to313:45
tshepangthat's a cleaner approach13:46
tshepangit would be extra nice if the code is such that that's the only change that will be needed in order to port to Py3k13:47
cedktshepang: we will work on that13:47
tshepangwhere 2to3 fails, there's still try except to the rescue13:47
cedktshepang: it seems there is few py3 warbibg13:47
tshepangcedk, warbibg?13:49
udonotshepang: typo for warning :-)13:56
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tshepangdo Tryton tests have full coverage?13:58
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hoRnseems there is a total #skype crash worldwide ;)14:02
hoRnMS had put some enhancements?14:04
udonotshepang: unfortunately not. But you can find tests here: and module specific tests in each module.14:07
tshepangudono, thanks, but I actually got a checkout locally14:09
tshepangI asked partly because a Py3k migration really ought to have excellent coverage, especially for non-trivial code like that of Tryton14:10
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tshepangelse that there would be surprising failures all over the place14:10
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tshepangmany of these r non-obvious14:10
tshepangcoverage doesn't hav to be complete14:11
tshepangsome stuff is hard to test14:11
tshepang...with unit tests14:11
udonotshepang: ok, understand.14:16
cedkhoRn: use ekiga14:20
hoRnrm ~/.Skype/shared.xml14:20
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hoRnif I start to add a new One2Many from widget - is there a possibility to get the information which is the active_id from which the dialog was opened?16:40
hoRnneed some informations about the state of the data to which I add the One2Many16:41
cedkhoRn: with "_parent_<field name>.<field name>"16:54
cedkhoRn: look at the SaleLine16:54
hoRncedk: ok - thank you16:55
hoRncedk: was thinking if I have a deja vu or questioned this a couple of week ago ;)16:56
hoRncedk: cool - easy access to this information :-D16:57
sharooncedk: ping17:06
cedksharoon: pong17:07
sharooncedk: we discussed about the dispatcher level handling of errors when serialised cursors have transaction issues17:07
sharooncedk: any test written for the dispatcher will cause a commit - is that acceptable for the test suite ?17:08
cedksharoon: why not17:09
sharooncedk: test0020 blows up with SQLite ProgrammingError: SQLite objects created in a thread can only be used in that same thread.The object was created in thread id 140735076813984 and this is thread id 437335244817:11
sharooncedk: this is the full traceback
cedksharoon: it is strange17:15
sharooncedk: do you think its an issue ? and it is a problem that none of our test suites are infact testing for concurrent execution (which is the real world scenario)17:17
cedksharoon: I understand the issue17:18
sharooncedk: well i dont knwo if that is what unit test is supposed to do or is it some other level of tests17:18
sharooncedk: ok17:18
cedksharoon: it is because we used in unittest a memory Sqlite database17:18
cedksharoon: and memory sqlite database can not be shared throught threads17:19
sharooncedk: got it!17:19
cedksharoon: so Database return always the same instance for :memory:17:19
cedksharoon: you should use an other database name for this test17:19
sharooncedk got it17:19
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meanmicioHello... just checking in, while working on MEDICAL in Tryton17:58
nicoemeanmicio: hello luis17:59
meanmiciohi nicolas17:59
nicoemeanmicio: just a note, the vim command I sent you yesterday left the ',' at the end of the line17:59
meanmicio? never got it... let me check18:00
nicoemeanmicio: I sent it yesterday via twitter18:01
meanmicioAh, ok. I use most of the time. The messages show on twitter via , but rarely I log in.. let me check18:02
nicoeIf you are an identica use so am I ! what is your id there ?18:03
cedkmeanmicio: ready for some remarks on medical :-)18:06
meanmicioyes :)18:06
cedkmeanmicio: it is good to follow PEP818:07
cedkmeanmicio: like CamelCase for class18:07
cedkmeanmicio: no space func and (18:07
cedkmeanmicio: 80cols18:08
cedknext point18:08
cedk_inherit doesn't exist in Tryton18:08
cedkjust use the same _name18:09
meanmiciook. It does in the views though, right ?18:10
cedkmeanmicio: you can drop size on Char field in most cases18:10
cedkmeanmicio: it does what?18:11
meanmicioinherit views18:11
meanmicioI used it already18:12
cedkmeanmicio: yes did not yet check XML18:12
meanmicioworks just fine18:13
cedkmeanmicio: also I'm not sure you use 4 spaces for indent18:13
meanmicioI'm using tabs18:13
cedkmeanmicio: ohohoh18:13
nicoemeanmicio: ouch .... tabs instead of spaces (let's not start a flamewar)18:14
cedkalso we try to avoid putting _id on Many2One fields18:15
cedkbecause when you make a BrowseRecord, it has no meaning18:15
cedknext topic: the party.address18:16
cedkI saw that you add relationship on address18:16
meanmiciokeep on talking... I'm putting something to eat18:17
cedkI'm not sure this is the right place18:17
cedkmeanmicio: the address in Tryton is a real address and nothing more18:19
cedkin OE, I know that it is often used for person18:19
meanmiciook, then probably we sould use the contact information on the contact mechanisms18:22
meanmicioRelative : information18:23
meanmicioPatient relative, I mean18:23
meanmicioBut is good to have the address of the relatives there18:24
cedkmeanmicio: I don't know because I don't understand what is "Patine relative"18:24
meanmiciohis or her friends and family members18:24
cedkmeanmicio: ok I think it should be stored on the Party18:26
cedkthis makes me think about talk we had for a module called party_relation18:26
cedkbut the module is not yet developped18:28
cedkmeanmicio: indeed the difficulty of this relation between party is to manage the reverse one18:30
cedkif I'm the friend of some one, he is also my friend18:30
cedkbut their is some relation more complex18:30
cedkif I'm the soon of some one, he is my father18:31
meanmicioYes. I have the family object, which can integrate it in the future...18:31
cedkmeanmicio: link?18:31
meanmicioSince the idea is not only to know who is relative, but who lives in that household18:31
meanmicioNot only for contact information, but for disease prevention and epidemiology18:32
cedkmeanmicio: ok so it is more to share the same party.address between parties18:32
meanmicioBut the main purpose in the address view today is to have a quick list of people that can be reached if need to be contacted. The family object is more complex18:33
meanmicioNeeds to be reviewed though18:33
meanmicioHave to leave to work now. I will review and fit to the PEP8 guidelines the current code and all the following porting .18:35
cedkmeanmicio: ok, I will think about the relation issue18:36
meanmicioGreat. Will keep the IRC window open more often18:36
cedkmeanmicio: we are most of the time here18:37
meanmiciovery useful !18:37
cedkmeanmicio: and we talk18:37
cedkmeanmicio: it is not like somewhere else that I will not name :-)18:37
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meanmicioBTW, quite fast uploading of medical procedures ! impressive. Great performance and little memory consumption ! Great job.18:38
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plantianHi, I'm seeing these errors messages when building the docs:  it seems that maybe the syntax is :meth: instead of :method:.  Do other people see these errors?  It might just be my sphinx is too new.20:22
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hoRnevery 2 weeks I get dumb with pyson ;( - could be my brain get's to old22:11
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hoRngot it - everytimes my model is a mess ;(22:23
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