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meanmicioGood evening everyone00:37
meanmiciocedk : there is an _inherits in the product module ( . For what we talked yesterday with Cedric, Tryton does not use it, just _name ... can you check if that's ok ?00:39
cedkmeanmicio: it is a real inheritage00:41
cedkmeanmicio: not just to extend to Model00:41
cedkmeanmicio: for product, there is 2 tables: product_template and product_product00:41
meanmiciocedk : Yes. I've used product_product00:42
cedkmeanmicio: in OE there is the _inherit and _inherits00:43
cedkmeanmicio: but as _inherit does the name as _name, we just merge it in Tryton00:43
meanmiciocedk: ok . thanks for the info !00:43
meanmiciocedk: BTW, latest trunk revision of MEDICAL is PEP8 compliant (including spaces ;-) ).... major re-working00:46
cedkmeanmicio: great00:47
cedkmeanmicio: one more small thing, it is good to import first standard modules and after that local one00:48
cedkmeanmicio: so in, it is better to put the import of logging before the one of trytond00:49
meanmicioMakes sense. I'll  check into it00:50
cedkmeanmicio: also line 49: I think it is better to name it plan instead of name00:51
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alimonzodman: hey05:57
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Panderhi all10:37
Panderdoes anyone have an example daemon script for /etc/init.d/tryton ?10:38
cedkPander: for which distribution?10:39
udonoPander: Hi, Here you finde one for debian;a=blob;f=debian/tryton-server.init;h=1d25d688b27680ae265be25a6ab952d35af04e46;hb=HEAD10:40
Panderubuntu because I'm using 2.0 which isn't packages yet10:41
Panderis the debian identical to the one used in ubuntu?10:42
cedkPander: it should10:43
PanderBy te way, is the Tryton community providing a PPA for Ubuntu with latest release?10:45
cedkPander: what is PPA?10:45
PanderA personal package archive where Ubuntu packages are offered, only more recent version then what they are offering.10:46
cedkPander: I don't think someone does10:47
PanderUsually the patches and extra config provided by Ubuntu will also work with a newer release so the Ubuntu part is used to make a package of latest stable so people can use that in stead of old version provided by Ubuntu10:47
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cedkPander: any way, we just provide archive of releases10:48
PanderThis is interesting for people that will/can not do manual installation from source10:48
cedkPander: it is the job of distribution devs to make packages for their distribution10:48
Pandercadk: understood, it was just an idea. if you happen to have an ubuntu/debian expert in the community, this would allow the majority of users to be able to easily use the latest version10:48
cedkPander: if people can not do manual installation, I think they will not be able to use Tryton10:49
cedkPander: it is quiet easy to install Tryton with pip10:51
PanderSome organisations doing maintenance on servers for other organisations are forbidden to do installations of .tar.gz but can only do packaged installations (I know it is stupid)... has to do with liabilities, They would also be happy with that. Another reason is that it is giving mixed signals, Ubuntu offers 1.6 and you are offering 2.0.10:51
cedkPander: we can not manage packages for every distribution out there10:52
cedkPander: we let distribution expert doing it10:53
PanderI agree with all alternative, I install from source myself, no problem. It is more of an promotional/image thing and help people get started with latest greatest. Ubuntu is a bit slow sometimes. I know about the link you send me. It will allow people to use 2.0 from mid October this year.10:54
cedkPander: I'm a Gentoo dev and I see that many packages for Gentoo written by non Gentoo dev have poor quality10:54
PanderUnderstand your point of view, time is limited ;)10:54
cedkPander: by the way, not sure if Ubuntu is the right distribution for a server10:58
PanderI've been running both Debian and Ubuntu servers for a while. Very satisfied with both.11:02
Panderwhich of the protocols does not need initially? only the netrpc?11:13
cedkPander: client talks only netrpc11:17
PanderI have setup daemon scripts, /var/run/trytond /var/log/trytond /var/lib/trytond, have a tryton user and group, install is in /usr/local. editted the config file. all looks good but /etc/init.d/tryton start says it is starting but I cannot find any process. also log file remains empty and tryton stop says there is no process. how to trouble shoot his?11:24
cedkPander: what is in the log file?11:26
Panderwhen I start the daemon process by hand (qithout --quite) I get this in log file:11:28
Pander[Sat May 28 11:28:00 2011] INFO:server:using /etc/trytond.conf as configuration11:29
Pander[Sat May 28 11:28:00 2011] INFO:server:initialising distributed objects services11:29
Pander[Sat May 28 11:28:01 2011] INFO:modules:ir:registering classes11:29
Pander[Sat May 28 11:28:01 2011] INFO:modules:res:registering classes11:29
Pander[Sat May 28 11:28:01 2011] INFO:modules:test:registering classes11:29
Pander[Sat May 28 11:28:01 2011] INFO:modules:webdav:registering classes11:29
Pander[Sat May 28 11:28:01 2011] INFO:modules:workflow:registering classes11:29
Panderand the process disasspears11:29
cedkPander: could you start it from a console11:30
cedkPander: and paste the ouput but using a pastebin service11:30
Pandercedk: same and it ends with "Enter PEM pass phrase:" I better use other certs ;)11:37
cedkPander: yes you must use an non-crypted cert11:37
Panderthis was my dovecot cert :S11:38
cedkPander: and how dovecot start?11:39
Panderother long story11:41
Pandernow it stops...11:41
Pander[Sat May 28 11:39:03 2011] INFO:server:starting NetRPC Secure protocol, port 80711:41
Pander[Sat May 28 11:39:03 2011] INFO:server:waiting for connections...11:41
Pander[Sat May 28 11:39:07 2011] INFO:server:stopped11:41
cedkPander: seems to work now11:42
cedkPander: could you use instead of copy/paste in the chan11:44
Panderwhich of the files here contains the linux client?
Pandertryton-2.0.0.tar.gz ?11:47
cedkPander: yes11:47
yangoonPander: with a recent ubuntu you should be able to use directly debian unstable packages of tryton11:57
cedkyangoon: I think it is time to make a new set of release12:01
yangooncedk: ok, you are done with backporting?12:02
cedkyangoon: there is still stuffs but if we don't stop, we never end12:03
cedkyangoon: I think we could take time base for this12:03
cedkyangoon: like each months12:03
yangooncedk: I also thought about this initially12:04
yangoonbut if there are few backports it is a little bit often12:05
yangoonanyway, I will try to do this weekend for this time12:06
yangooncedk: btw: do you use latest gtk-all-in-one to build windows clients?12:09
cedkyangoon: yes12:09
yangoonI tried with a 1.8 client and DND didn't work then12:10
cedkyangoon: yes there is a patch in 2.012:11
PanderWhat are exact commands for MySQL to add tryton user?12:11
cedkyangoon: changeset 6ee7dc14e2a912:11
yangooncedk: thx12:12
cedkPander: have you a good reason to use MySQL instead of PostgreSQL?12:12
Panderyes, want to have only one db service running12:13
Panderit is just stuck on some of the rights of the db user at the moment :S12:13
cedkPander: because MySQL is from far the best database for trytond12:13
cedkPander: MySQL is a limited database compared to PostgreSQL12:17
cedkPander: otherwise
cedkwith MySQL when you start to use it with real ACID behavior then the performance are very lower than PostgreSQL12:19
Panderthanks. Oh, I get these errors: IOError: File not found : /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/trytond-2.0.0-py2.6.egg/trytond/ir/ui/icons/tryton-calendar.svg12:50
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Panderthe above error can be solved by: cp -r /tmp/trytond-2.0.0/trytond/ir/ui/icons/ /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/trytond-2.0.0-py2.6.egg/trytond/ir/ui13:04
PanderDoes anyone know this problem? The field "Rate" on "Unit of measure" has too many decimal digits.13:06
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cedkPander: missing icon will be fixed with the next release13:09
cedkPander: for the other issue, can you explain what you are doing?13:10
Panderinstalling product module13:22
Panderboth 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 version of product generate this error13:22
cedkPander: is there a traceback in the log?13:23
Panderno, I think it is client related since the product installs OK13:27
PanderPS Should I use product 2.0.1 with trytond 2.0.0?13:27
cedkPander: yes13:28
cedkPander: so what are you doing exactly?13:28
Panderpython install of product-2.0.113:32
Panderrestart daemon13:32
Panderconnect with gui13:32
Pandergo to modules13:32
Panderselect prodcut 2.0.1 for installation13:32
Panderdo pending install13:32
Panderget error13:32
cedkPander: ok so it is during the installation13:33
Pandermodule is installed, however that status is not updated due to that error in gui13:33
cedkPander: what is the traceback on the server side13:33
PanderI have daemon in verbose mode13:33
cedkPander: It is installation !!!13:33
Panderi have some13:33
Panderis it of any use?13:37
cedkPander: I think it shows one more MySQL issue13:40
cedkPander: which version of MySQL are you using?13:40
Pandermysql 5.1.49-1ubuntu8.113:45
cedkPander: it seems quite clear that MySQL doesn't give back the same float that was stored13:51
cedkPander: I'm not sure we can fix this13:51
cedkIt works on 5.0.8413:52
cedkPander: can you run the test: trytond/tests/test_fields.py13:53
Panderit has errors, see
Panderi see I have to add delete priviliges13:59
cedkPander: it is only access right error13:59
PanderI just put more struct access control on the user, had the errors before. I have put the original rights back and rerunning the test14:04
Pandernew results
cedkPander: it is strange it seems you still have access right issue14:06
cedkPander: which backend of MySQL are you using?14:11
Panderbroadening access rights14:12
cedkPander: Are you using InnoDB?14:13
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Pandercat /etc/mysql/my.cnf14:17
Pander# InnoDB is enabled by default with a 10MB datafile in /var/lib/mysql/.14:17
Pander# Read the manual for more InnoDB related options. There are many!14:17
Panderthis is of no concern? test0010boolean (__main__.FieldsTestCase) ... ERROR:sql:Wrong SQL: ALTER TABLE `ir_translation` ADD CONSTRAINT `ir_translation_translation_md5_uniq` UNIQUE (name, res_id, lang, type, src_md5, module) None14:18
cedkPander: I think it is the problem14:19
PanderI can rerun that line manually on the test db14:20
cedkPander: why not14:20
Pandermysql> ALTER TABLE `ir_translation` ADD CONSTRAINT `ir_translation_translation_md5_uniq` UNIQUE (name, res_id, lang, type, src_md5, module);14:21
PanderERROR 1071 (42000): Specified key was too long; max key length is 3072 bytes14:21
cedkPander: you understand now why I say MySQL is not the better choice :-)14:24
PanderI get the same error after I have deleted all the records in the table.14:24
Panderyes yes :S14:24
Panderbetter to remove mysql support all together then14:24
cedkPander: there is warning in the README14:26
cedkPander: as I said it works on previous version14:26
cedkPander: but I think it is not a big issue to not create this index14:27
Panderit just needs a bigger index14:28
cedkPander: the doc of MySQL says it is a limitation14:28
Panderthis is already the max max?14:29
Panderok I will skip the translation testing in tests_fields14:29
cedkPander: you can not14:31
cedkPander: but I think there is something else because the system says your user can not modify ir.module.module14:31
Panderok, well this is going to give more problems with other users14:33
PanderI'll switch to postgresql14:33
cedkPander: good idea :-)14:36
Panderwhat do I need to do to prepare pgs? postgres -c "createuser --createdb --no-adduser -P tryton" doesn't work14:42
Panderok, psql....14:44
yangooncedk: btw: what's your feeling to have pointing to something like
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Pandernot really working on ubuntu14:59
cedkyangoon: why not. But what would be the interrest?15:08
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yangooncedk: the interest is that dba planned to leave as domain and thus would be a nice alternative as a quick shortcut for the tryton project16:05
yangoonand finally it is the place to always find the latest debian packaging16:05
yangoonwith source list entries etc.16:06
cedkyangoon: I don't understand16:12
dbacedk: two unrelated things;16:17
dbacedk: first, for debian political reasons, i do not want to 'own' any domains matching .*debian.* anymore, so the current tryton stuff for debian16:18
dba(git repos, deb archives, etc.) need to go to some other domain in some time.16:18
dbasecond, if we're already moving to somewhere else, it would probably would make sense to use for that.16:19
dba(only speaking about the dns, the machine running the stuff doesn't change and remains the same anyway)16:20
cedkdba: ha ok, I understand know16:21
cedkdba, yangoon: so I see no problem for that16:21
cedkdba: send me the configuration for DNS16:21
dbacedk: debian IN A
dbathat's the ip i'll be moving the container to when i've upgraded it to squeeze in the next couple of days.16:23
cedkdba: have you a TTL prefered?16:25
dbacedk: no, doesn't matter16:25
cedkdba: you don't plan to change often the host16:26
cedkdba: so 1 week is good?16:27
dbacedk: there's no forseeable change to that ip in the next 1 to 2 years, so sure :)16:27
cedkdba: no ipv6?16:28
dbacedk: not yet, the provider has it setup, but i haven't configured it yet16:28
dba(lazy me :)16:28
cedkdba: it must be ready for June 8 :-)16:29
cedkdba: done16:29
dbai've exams soon, not sure i can make it in time.. however, i'll do ipv6 stuff right after i got dnssec deployed (for my stuff)16:30
dbathanks ;)16:30
dbayangoon and i will then move/setup/do the things in the next days, and once ready, we'll send a mail to the ml i guess.16:31
cedkdba: I would like also deploy dnssec for tryton.org16:33
cedkdba: have you some tutorial?16:33
cedkdba: do you need a signed certificate for that?16:34
dbadba: tutorial? yes, see query in a moment16:35
dbacertificate: no, just keys that you generate yourself and which you, depending on the TLD,16:36
dbasubmit to the registrar.16:36
cedkdba: hum. Ok so I need to check if DynDNS allow that16:43
dbacedk: i presume you're using that for; they're quite expensive..16:44
dbaregarding dyndns:
cedkdba: yes, looks like others16:45
cedkACTION bbl upgrading soekris16:48
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meanmiciogood saturday for all17:29
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