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grek324ive installed tryton and tryton server13:27
grek324do i have to set passwort for server manualy?13:28
grek324or is it admin?13:28
grek324and do i have to configure server connection to sql first in config file?13:28
cedkgrek324: see the etc/trytond.conf file13:32
grek324yes, password there is commented out: #admin_passwd = admin13:33
grek324od i have to remove the "#" ?13:33
cedkgrek324: the commented values are the default values13:34
grek324ok, thx13:34
grek324but it dont work, i have tried few times...13:36
grek324server is running13:36
cedkgrek324: explain what is not working?13:36
grek324I install server + cliens + postgresql13:38
grek324then making postgresql user and database13:38
grek324making new database over client wont work, Tryton server passwort: admin - Sorry, wrong password for the Tryton server. Please try again.13:39
grek324Create new database accept no emty password...13:42
cedkgrek324: is the server taking you config file?13:44
grek324how do i know?13:44
cedkgrek324: it is in the log13:45
grek324there is no error13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:30 2011] INFO:server:using /etc/trytond.conf as configuration file13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:30 2011] INFO:server:initialising distributed objects services13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:30 2011] INFO:modules:ir:registering classes13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:30 2011] INFO:modules:res:registering classes13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:30 2011] INFO:modules:test:registering classes13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:30 2011] INFO:modules:webdav:registering classes13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:30 2011] INFO:modules:workflow:registering classes13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:31 2011] INFO:server:starting NetRPC protocol, port 807013:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:03:31 2011] INFO:server:waiting for connections...13:46
grek324[Wed Jun 01 13:36:50 2011] INFO:database:connect to "template1"13:46
grek324ok, sorry, only want to post gfirst xD13:47
udonogrek324: hi, each time you repeat login produces a line like "[Wed Jun 01 13:36:50 2011] INFO:database:connect to "template1" ?13:48
grek324iv tryed it now so many times, with ubuntu, debian, fedora ....13:48
udonogrek324: can you check?13:49
udonogrek324: is the password of your database user 'tryton'?13:52
udonogrek324: did you put the database db_username and db_password in trytond.conf13:53
grek324no, i was thinking that tryton maks database13:54
grek324i will try13:55
udonogrek324: tryton needs to connect to the database. So usually it is done with sameident. That means if you have a system user with the same name as the database user, like "tryton" you can start the tryton server like: sudo su tryton -c "bin/trytond"13:57
udonogrek324: ... but it depends on your database configuration pg_hba.conf. on debian: /etc/postgresql/9.0/main/pg_hba.conf14:00
grek324is is very difficult, I have tried a lot of ERPs but naver hat that pproblems xD14:01
grek324I will try again14:01
grek324but after starting server with tryton user server is no longer running14:01
udonogrek324: yould you paste the output on paste.pocoo.org14:02
udonogrek324: and put the link here.14:02
grek324which output do you mean?14:03
udonogrek324: of the server log14:03
grek324there is nothing new on log14:04
grek324only old entrys14:05
udonogrek324: could you paste your pg_hba.conf14:05
grek324using postgresql 8.414:06
udonogrek324: looks good. Are tryton server and postgres database on the same computer?14:09
udonogrek324: does this work?14:11
udonopsql -U <database-user-name> template114:11
udonogrek324: eine lokale Verbindung zu deiner Postgresdatenbank aufbauen mit psql14:13
udonogrek324: wie heißt der datenbank benutzer den du für tryton angelegt hast?14:13
udonogrek324: ups, sorry, english here :-)14:13
udonogrek324: psql -U testuser template114:14
udonogrek324: does this work?14:14
grek324psql: FATAL:  Ident-Authentifizierung f?r Benutzer >>testuser<< fehlgeschlagen14:14
udonogrek324: ok, so we got the problem14:15
udonogrek324: do you have a system user with the same name?14:15
grek324johannes@ESPRIMO:~$ sudo -u postgres dropuser testuser14:15
grek324[sudo] password for johannes:14:15
grek324could not change directory to "/home/johannes"14:15
grek324dropuser: removal of role "testuser" failed: FEHLER:  kann Rolle »testuser« nicht löschen, weil andere Objekte davon abhängen14:15
grek324DETAIL:  Eigentümer von Datenbank testdatenbank14:15
grek324but user exists14:16
grek324owner of testdatenbank14:16
udonogrek324: it is a database user, you need additionally 'linux' user...14:16
udonogrek324: man dropuser14:16
udonogrek324: To add a system user: man adduser14:17
grek324as user I created postgrsql14:17
grek324postgresql is system user14:18
grek324sudo -u postgres14:18
udonogrek324: not good using postgres user for anything else then database maintenance...14:19
grek324i have created also testuser14:19
grek324have now 3 users: postgres testuser tryton14:21
udonogrek324: does this work: su testuser -c "psql -U testuser template1"14:21
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grek324ok, testuser is no system user14:22
udonogrek324: ok14:23
udonogrek324: postgres testuser tryton are linux users or postgres database users?14:23
grek324postgresql users14:24
udonogrek324: ok, so we follow
udonogrek324: Better skip testuser and go with the tryton user.14:26
udonogrek324: how do you create the tryton user?14:26
udonogrek324: it needs the --createdb flag14:26
grek324sudo -u postgres createuser -P tryton14:26
udonogrek324: so drop the tryton database user and add it again as described...14:27
grek324ok, useradd dont ask for passowrt for created user?14:30
grek324johannes@ESPRIMO:~$ sudo su tryton -c "bin/trytond"14:31
grek324sh: bin/trytond: Permission denied14:31
udonogrek324: Debian system?14:34
grek324ja, Ubuntu 11.0414:34
udonogrek324: try adduser14:34
udonogrek324: before deluser tryton14:35
grek324then same14:35
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udonogrek324: did it work?14:38
grek324no, the same problem after deleting and creating user, i try restart, my process was running on user whle i was deleting xD14:38
grek324and now there is oder UID and cant stop14:38
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udonoACTION restarting :-)14:40
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meanmicioGood morning all.15:02
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meanmicioIt would be great to have a mechanism to skip xml datafiles check on updates... some sort of attribut to pass along the data element tag.15:17
meanmiciomaybe exists already15:18
yangoonmeanmicio: search for noupdate=True15:19
yangoonshould be in locations.xml of stock15:20
meanmicioyangoon : ah, ok, same as in OE15:21
meanmicioyangoon: let me check... let me put it and check how long it takes now15:25
meanmicioyangoon: yes. It works great here . Thanks !15:30
yangoonmeanmicio: there are two different tags15:38
meanmiciowe should check for a null value on the fields.Binary with picture widget so it won't save and delete the current file.15:38
yangoonthere is also skip_check15:38
yangoonthey are different: no_update means don't change users changes, skip_test won't be included in test runs15:39
meanmicioyes, I was using skiptest15:40
meanmiciothe combination for this kind of static datafiles is perfect15:41
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sharooncedk: ping16:40
cedksharoon: pong16:41
sharooncedk: could you please share the code you havewhich runs the tryton unit tests for all three databases and puts the result on HTML ?16:43
cedksharoon: ok16:45
cedksharoon: I just update it for trunk16:48
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sharooncedk: ok16:48
cedksharoon: and replace test by test2_0, test1_8 etc.16:50
sharooncedk: thank you16:50
hoRnseems like my brain is kidding me again16:52
hoRnif i put a <field many2many/> inside a group - the tree is not shown - if i put it outside - everything works fine16:53
hoRnis there a limitation of the height or something like that?16:54
cedkhoRn: no16:55
hoRncedk: strange16:55
cedkanyone with an IPv6 connection?16:56
cedkhoRn: is the group visible?16:57
hoRncedk: think so16:58
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cedkACTION waiting IPv6 connections17:01
hoRncedk:  - the 2 fields are the same - one has no tree :-D17:03
cedkhoRn: inside a group, the field has less weight than the others17:04
hoRncedk: less weight means less space?17:07
cedkhoRn: means GTK gives less importance17:07
hoRncedk: ok - got it. have deleted a useless group around the stuff - now it works17:08
cedkhoRn: did you try to put expand="1" on the group ?17:09
hoRncedk: no - but i deleted a group and now it works as espected17:10
cedkhoRn: I think it will work with expand17:11
cedkhoRn: it will give the same weight to the group as to the other expandable field17:11
hoRncedk: ok17:11
hoRncedk: right - expand did it as well17:14
cedkhoRn: the secret in the form_gtk/ in the client17:15
hoRncedk: will leave it as secret for me ;)17:16
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reichlichudono, hast du lust kurz ein paar sachen zu besprechen?18:35
reichlichsorry, wrong channel18:36
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cedkstill nobody to test ipv6 demo :-(20:38
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udonocedk: I would like, but I do not know how to :-((20:54
cedkudono: just use 6demo.tryton.org20:55
cedkudono: but you must have an IPv6 connection20:57
udonocedk: credentials:, database: demo2.0, user name: demo, passwd: demo ?20:59
cedkudono: yes it is the same server20:59
cedkjust resolve to an IPv6 address21:00
udonocedk: so it seems I have no IPv621:02
cedkudono: I don't understand how internet providers don't provide IPv621:04
cedkIPv4 is almost dead21:04
effenber1wtf is ipv6? and did i miss v5?21:06
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plantian"You appear to be able to browse the IPv4 internet only.  You will not be able to reach IPv6-only sites."  I guess that means it wouldn't work for me either ?23:07
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cedkplantian: nope23:31

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