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cedkudono: did you check
udonocedk: no, did not check so far.11:53
cedkudono: because it is linked to
udonocedk: yes, ok, take a look11:54
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tshepangcedk, for the patches u finished reviewing, should I create issues for them?14:48
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cedktshepang: yes and put the patch on it15:35
tshepangok, kool15:35
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meanmiciocedk: ping17:52
cedkmeanmicio: pong17:53
meanmicioHello all.17:53
meanmicioHi Cedric17:53
cedkmeanmicio: hi17:53
meanmicioWhat's the best way to call a method to check real-time values ? Let me explain17:54
meanmicioI want to do a real-time check that depends on the value entered on a couple of fields. I have it already working as a constraint, but that's checked only when saving the record.... in OE I implemented it using on_change17:54
cedkmeanmicio: could you describe the constraint?17:54
meanmicioYes . check_vaccine_expiration_date . It basically takes two dates. If vaccination date > vaccine_expiration_date -> Error Message.17:55
meanmicioI have it working as a constraint. But I want it to be check also at the moment of inputing the info. Just to make sure that the practitioner sees the problem before applying the vaccine17:56
nicoeThe vaccine is an object with an expiry date ?17:57
meanmiciocedk: so, the idea is calling the same method that is called in the constraint via on_change.17:58
cedkmeanmicio: you can not17:58
nicoeIf so you can add an on_change and check that its date is < to now()17:58
nicoeAnd if it is not you self.raise_user_warning17:58
cedkmeanmicio: you could add a domain on vaccine to prevent selecting obsolete vaccine17:59
cedknicoe: it doesn't work17:59
cedknicoe: and should never17:59
meanmicionicoe: Hi. Yes. The vaccination has both fields ( expiration date and date )17:59
meanmiciocedk : so, the on_change and on_change_with functionality in Tryton is about returning new values to the current existing fields, not calling methods like in the constraints, right ?18:01
cedkmeanmicio: yes18:03
meanmiciocedk : ok. Then I will leave just the constraint for now.18:03
cedkmeanmicio: what is the Model on which you have this?18:04
meanmiciomedical.vaccination on the main (medical) module18:04
cedkmeanmicio: when the domain will work on simple field, I think you would be able to use it18:06
meanmiciocedk: The constraint works, so the main check is in place already.18:10
meanmiciocedk, nicoe: thanks18:11
cedkmeanmicio: by the way, I see you did it with Python code18:12
cedkmeanmicio: but you can do it with _sql_constraints18:13
meanmiciocedk : ok18:14
cedkmeanmicio: it is faster18:15
meanmiciocedk : i'm using the _sql_constraints for uniqness in most cases18:16
cedkmeanmicio: it is the only way to do uniqness :-)18:16
meanmiciocedk: but I'll keep it in mind in the optimization process18:16
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meanmiciocedk: I'm well in the way of porting the main module data model to Tryton. Is looking good :-)18:17
cedkmeanmicio: good18:18
cedkmeanmicio: let me know when you have finished, I will give a try18:18
meanmiciocedk : then I'll get into the reporting and calendar. That should be pretty much it for the main module. The rest of the modules will be much faster18:18
meanmiciocedk : sure. We need to run all sort of tests. But it looks very promising18:19
ciupicriI'm using Fedora 15 and trytond won't start18:21
ciupicriand I've just installed it18:21
ciupicri/var/log/trytond/trytond.log doesn'18:23
ciupicri/var/log/trytond/trytond.log doesn't give anything useful18:23
ciupicriI have configured a PostgreSQL tryton user and database18:24
ciupicrisu -l -s /bin/sh -c 'psql -c "\d" tryton' tryton   =>   "No relations found."    so the database should be fine18:25
cedkciupicri: is the server listening?18:27
ciupicriit's not starting at all18:27
ciupicriJun  7 19:20:26 bishnitz systemd[1]: trytond.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=118:28
ciupicrimy config file is
ciupicriI'm assuming that the defaults are commented out just like for the OpenSSH server18:29
ciupicrisharkcz, ping18:31
ciupicricedk, a dependency was missing18:39
ciupicricedk, I started tryton, but the create button from the "Create new database" form is disabled18:49
cedkciupicri: is the server listening?18:50
ciupicrithere's something funny going on with that form18:50
ciupicriit didn't work with tryton: db already exists18:50
ciupicriwith db1 it was disabled18:51
ciupicriand after typing and deleting stuff from the dbname textbox the button was finally enabled18:51
ciupicri[Tue Jun 07 19:50:47 2011] ERROR:sql:Wrong SQL: UPDATE ir_cron SET nextcall = '2011-06-07T19:55:42'::timestamp, running = false, numbercall = -1 WHERE id = 118:51
ciupicriI'm using postgresql-server-9.0.4-2.fc15.i686.rpm and trytond-1.8.2-1.fc15.noarch.rpm; all the installed packages are here
cedkciupicri: cron error is not an issue18:53
cedkciupicri: could you explain what is not going?18:54
ciupicricedk, would be one thing18:54
ciupicrias for the second one I would prefer starting all over to be sure that I'm not missing anything18:55
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ciupicriok. I've removed all databases and I'm starting all over18:58
ciupicricedk, 1. create tryton PG user & database   2. run tryton19:00
ciupicri3. Login window -> create19:00
ciupicri4. create:  tryton server password=admin; database name=bbb; admin password=yyy19:01
ciupicriit worked this time19:01
ciupicriInventory -> Location question: what's the difference between Storage and Warehouse?19:13
sharooncedk: ping19:14
plantianciupicri: Warehouse is a container for storage locations.  It has 3 zones: input, output and storage.  Only storage locations can contain products, not warehouses.19:23
cedkciupicri: warehouse is a set of locations19:23
cedksharoon: pong19:23
cedksharoon: bbl19:24
sharooncedk: please ping once you are back. want to talk about a project19:24
cedksharoon: ok19:25
ciupicriplantian, cedk: thanks19:25
ciupicriplantian, where can I find some documentation for this stuff?19:26
ciupicriplantian, or even better a tutorial for a small shop19:26
ciupicrior a reseller/distributor to be more precise19:26
plantian ciupicri: Tryton is a broad framework so I don't think specific documentation such as that exists.  You usually have to customize it to fit your business needs.  Although a reseller/distributor business probably won't be too hard to integrate. All that exists now is the basic documentation but it is not yet complete:  For example you can read more about locations in the stock module here:
sharkczciupicri: pong19:41
ciupicrisharkcz, I've filled a bug19:42
ciupicriplantian, are there any big difference between 1.8 and 2.0? Fedora 15 comes with 1.819:43
sharkczciupicri: ok, thanks19:44
ciupicrisharkcz, to be more specific19:46
ciupicriplantian, so out of the box, I don't have too much and I need to configure a lot of stuff?19:48
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tshepangACTION damn, so many requirements, just to submit a patch
tshepangI checked cpython's and it's easier because the issue tracker is integrated with Rietveld20:08
plantiantshepang: Well it is a industrial strength framework that businesses must rely on.  It is easy to open a bug without a patch though.20:12
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tshepangplantian, I guess some people have it scripted though20:13
tshepangthere's too much manual work20:13
plantianciupicri: Yes, it must be configured.  Often users will need to write one or more modules as well.20:13
plantianciupicri: For example, adding products, setting up your inventory layout, setting up your accounting, adding current customers, etc.20:15
plantiantshepang: It works and its running now.  I'd rather see tryton developers develop tryton than work on better bug tracker integration.  I have less than 10 bugs though but I've never once submitted a bug  and/or patch correctly so I kind of know what you mean.20:19
tshepangplantian, I see what you mean, but this can be discouraging for new devs20:21
tshepangit wastes time as well20:21
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plantiantshepang: Yes, I agree the patch submission process can be very discouraging but I think there may be simpler solutions than better integration.20:33
tshepangplantian, what do u hav in mind?20:36
tshepangone thing I'm thinking of is that there would some script we'd run, and we give it the commit revisions; it would then take the comments from there and create a new issue, together with a Rietveld submission20:37
tshepangany thoughts?20:39
tshepangmercurial push would have a hook that automatically adds the links for the issue and review20:40
ciupicriplantian, so I need to create a module that makes it easier for me to add products for example?20:41
ciupicrithe builtin product modules aren't good enough?20:41
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plantianciupicri|away: No, more likely you have a product with extra behaviour/data that you need to integrate with the existing product model.  Adding products can be done through the client.20:45
plantiantshepang:  I think mercurial already creates the necessary links when patches are applied.20:54
tshepangplantian, I meant as in I don't have to specify issue number in the commit20:54
tshepang*as in I shouldn't have...20:54
plantiantshepang: Well usually you submit code review before you make commit.20:55
tshepangplantian, yes; I'm here talking about a workflow I have in mind20:55
tshepangnot current practice20:56
plantiantshepang:  Right, I guess I don't understand workflow.20:56
tshepangI just explained it above20:57
tshepangthere would be some script we'd run, and we give it a local commit revision; it would then take the commit message and create a new issue, and take the diff to Rietveld20:58
tshepanga mercurial push would have a hook that automatically adds links for the Roundup issue and the Rietveld review20:59
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cedksharoon: ping21:00
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plantiantshepang: I think I understand what you are saying now but that will be more work than now.   I'm not sure it solves the problems.  If changes must be made with respect to the review how does work flow progress?21:01
tshepangu either rollback or backout the local commit and do the same process again21:02
tshepangperhaps with an extra switch to point it to existing issue and review21:03
tshepangthat is, if there isn't a way to automatically track it somehow21:03
tshepangit==local commit21:04
plantiantshepang: Seems that it would be easier to just have create bug on bug tracker if issue is not designated.  Then a series of questions could be answered to fill in all the fields I forget in bug tracker.21:05
plantiantshepang: I think applying patch to local repo will just cause a lot of problems.21:05
plantian*applying patch before review21:05
tshepangwhat kinds of problems? dirtying the history log?21:06
tshepangwith you, we still have to write the change twice, which is currently what we have to do21:07
tshepangin the commit and in the issue tracker21:08
plantiantshepang: Well the change will evolve as a review progresses.  Especially the long description.21:10
tshepanghg backout/rollback to the rescue21:11
plantiantshepang: On this patch I'm working on now I would have reverted 8 times.  I don't think backout/rollback/revert as regular operations for patch submission will lower complexity.21:18
tshepangwhy? is it too ugly?21:20
plantiantshepang: Some of those were because of my mistakes, but still I think it is common to have 3-10+ reviews.21:20
tshepangquestion regarding current process: the idea here is first have something on review, and only after it's approved, do you submit it to issue tracker?21:22
plantiantshepang: I think for a non-core developer you would create bug-issue on bug tracker, then submit patch to code review and link bug-issue to review-issue.  Then after review is okay you submit patch to bug-issue you created earlier in bug tracker.  After patch is applied you close review-issue.21:25
plantian tshepang: Sorry I'm so wordy: bug issue is created before review issue but you only submit patch to bug issue after review is completed.21:26
tshepangso the most time is generally spent in review-issue?21:27
plantiantshepang: It depends on the bug. For example performance bug can take way more time on bug-issue as possibilities are discussed and the final patch on code review might be one line.  Whereas maybe a gui feature might be put on code review for users to try out before it is even fully realized and much discussion takes place there.21:30
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tshepangplantian, thanks21:34
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ciupicriplantian, thanks for the explanation21:54
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ciupicriwhy neso can't see the database created by tryton?22:08
bechamelciupicri: Neso is the standalone version, it does not interact with the tryton server22:19
ciupicribechamel, and what does it uses for the database backend? is it limited to sqlite?22:20
bechamelciupicri: yes22:21
ciupicriok, thanks22:22
ciupicribechamel, do you happen to know any tutorials for small companies like a shop/reseller?22:23
bechamelciupicri: unfortunately no22:24
ciupicriI've just installed it and I don't even know from where to start to add my inventory and some bills or invoices22:25
bechamelciupicri: I suggest you to first start with a toy DB add some data and play with it22:26
ciupicrithat's what I'm doing, but things don't make too much sense for me22:27
bechamelciupicri: for inventory: open a new inventory, select the Storage Zone as location and then add under product & quantities22:28
ciupicrilet me create a new database, just in case and I'll try what you've said22:29
bechamelciupicri: the Complete Inventory button is just there to auto-fill it with existing data (which obviously doesn't exist yet)22:29
ciupicribtw I'm using tryton 1.822:29
bechamelciupicri: at the bottom there is a "Confirm" button that actually creates stock movement22:29
bechamelciupicri: inventory should work the same ine 1.8 and 2.022:30
ciupicrithe stock* modules should be enough, right?22:30
bechamelciupicri: only the stock module itself is necessary22:31
ciupicriok. I've already marked all for installation...22:32
bechamelciupicri: the other ones just provides extra features22:32
ciupicriis my virtual machine slow or is the initial setup supposed to take 40-60 seconds?22:33
bechamelciupicri: the country module is very big and is a dependancy for most (maybe all) other modules22:34
ciupicriso Inventory Management -> Inventories -> New Inventory?22:36
bechamelciupicri: yes22:36
ciupicriand now I should add some products from Product -> Products -> New Product, right?22:37
bechamelciupicri: yes22:38
ciupicriwith a Stockable Type22:38
bechamelciupicri: yes :)22:38
ciupicriand UOM a unit if it's a lighter22:39
bechamelciupicri: yes22:40
ciupicrinow how do I add it to the stock?22:41
bechamelciupicri: add lines in the inventory form22:41
ciupicriI was trying to modify the previous inventory before22:42
ciupicriand the "new item" button was disabled, but for a new inventory is enabled22:43
bechamelciupicri: if you have already confirmed an inventory you can use the "Complete Inventory" button on your new inventory22:44
bechamelciupicri: this will populate the lines with known stocks22:44
ciupicriso New Inventory -> Location=Storage Zone -> Complete Inventory22:45
bechamelciupicri: yes22:46
ciupicrinow a more difficult question: I have my items in multiple boxes. Some boxes are in my apartment, some are in a friend's apartment. Can I store the location of each box, e.g. living room, kitchen and "aggregate" (sum) all boxes from an apartment? I'm thinking of creating a zone for each distinct room, e.g. kitchen-A, kitchen-B, living-room-A22:48
ciupicriI want to be easy for me to find an item when I need to ship it22:48
ciupicriinstead of searching in all boxes from one of the apartments22:48
bechamelciupicri: you can create sub-locations under the "Storage Zone" (which you may rename)22:49
bechamelciupicri: and do your inventories and movement from/to those locations22:50
ciupicria sort of hierarchy22:50
bechamelciupicri: exactly22:50
bechamelciupicri: you may also create several warehouses, but this means you will have to select the correct one when creating sale orders22:51
ciupicriI see22:52
ciupicriis it necessarily to press the Save button after confirming an inventory?22:53
bechamelciupicri: no, actually each button at the bottom call first save for you22:54
bechamelciupicri: did you see ?22:55
ciupicrionly a bit22:55
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ciupicrianyway thank you very much for your help23:03
bechamelciupicri: you are welcome :)23:05
ciupicriwhat does this message mean: "You must have a recent version of "vatnumber" installed!"?23:05
bechamelciupicri: vatnumber is a python module, you can easy_install it23:06
ciupicri right?23:09
bechamelciupicri: yes23:11
ciupicrihow can I find out which records use a given currency?23:20
ciupicriI added my local currency even if it was already there23:20
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ciupicriand when I try to delete it, all I get is "The field "Currency" on "Stock Move" is required."23:21
ciupicriand I don't see any move under "Moves from Suppliers Waiting Arrival" or "Moves to Customers"23:22
ciupicrior "Moves from Suppliers"23:22
bechamelciupicri: and in "Moves" ?23:24
ciupicriI missed that one23:24
ciupicriI thought that it doesn't do anything23:25
ciupicriI have 3 moves23:25
ciupicriI think I'll just create another fresh DB23:26
ciupicriafter all I'm just learning23:26
ciupicribecause I can not delete those moves "You can only delete draft or cancelled moves!"23:26
bechamelciupicri: you can alos mark the currency as non-active23:26
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ciupicriwhich sounds reasonable because history should be immutable23:27
bechamelciupicri: exactly23:27
bechamelciupicri: and by default Tryton does show you inactive records23:27
bechamelciupicri: this minimise the risk of selecting inactive data23:28
ciupicriI see23:28
cedksharoon: ping23:32
sharooncedk: pong23:32
sharooncedk: we are thinking of starting the work on the magento tryton integration as the basic components which were absent back ehwn we started are now there - the EAV data store and a decent python api to connect23:33
sharooncedk: i wanted to take your opinion before sending a mail to the mailing list about the same and calling for interested people to contribute23:33
ciupicriare you guys planning to do some integration between tryton and some ecommerce software?23:34
sharooncedk: also another thing is about dynamic fields, what do you think will be the best way to have them display them on frontend23:34
ciupicribecause I'm planning to use satchmo23:34
sharoonciupicri: what i am talking about right now is an integration for magento23:36
ciupicriyeah, but I'm thinking that if it's possible to do it with magento, it might be possible to do it with others as well23:36
sharoonciupicri: yes of course (but unfortunately none of the python e-commerce frameworks / systems is as good as amgento in terms of features and plugins)23:38
ciupicriI see23:38
sharoonciupicri: the magento plugin is more of a backend for magento (rather than an e-commerce solution for tryton)23:38
sharoonciupicri: we have ourselves written an e-commerce system from scratch over tryton (suing it as a framework)23:39
ciupicrisharoon, so magento will display to the shopper the inventory kept by tryton, right?23:39
sharoonciupicri: yes23:39
ciupicriit sounds like what I want to do23:39
ciupicrithat is if I manage to figure out how to use tryton (and satchmo) :-)23:39
sharoonciupicri: ok, what is your progress ?23:39
ciupicrisharoon, I've just started using it. I added my company, 1 big product category -> 1 subcategory -> 1 product23:40
ciupicriand now I'm adding products to the inventory23:40
ciupicriI want to test as many scenarios as possible23:40
sharoonciupicri: to be honest, i was not very happy to see satchmo. dint like some of the design decisions (it was my first consideration before we wrote our own over tryton)23:40
ciupicriohhh you were talking about satchmo. I'm a satchmo newbie as well, althought I've submitted a couple of small bug-fixes.23:41
ciupicrisharoon, out of curiosity, what didn't you like at satchmo?23:43
sharoonciupicri: first of all its too many modules collected into one huge app. cart handling is incomplete. the pricing feature is too basic (of course compared what tryton allows)23:45
cedksharoon: what do you call "front end"?23:45
sharooncedk: the GTK client23:46
sharooncedk: to be more specific the form view23:46
ciupicrisharoon, someone is working on splitting it Bruce XXX23:46
ciupicrihe already has something called django-bursar IIRC although I'll admit that there's nothing production ready yet23:47
cedksharoon: so your issue is how to display EAV fields?23:47
sharooncedk: yes23:47
cedksharoon: for me you must have a new widget that manage all the values23:49
sharooncedk: ok23:49
cedksharoon: I think you can manage it with plugins23:50
cedksharoon: on client side23:50
sharooncedk: ok, i still havent figured out how to monkey patch using plugins in the client or where the clients are loaded23:50
ciupicrispeaking of complexities is there something to simplify tryton? :-D23:50
ciupicriI don't need yet all its flexibility23:50
cedksharoon: but I don't know how you can know the definition of the attributes23:51
cedkciupicri: install only the modules you need23:51
ciupicrigot it23:52
sharoonciupicri: tryton is extremely simple - you might want to check its cousin OpenERP to see what the words complexity, confusion, anarchy and obsurity mean :D feel free to ask me anytime for examples23:52
ciupicrisharoon, doesn't that one require OracleDB as well?23:53
sharooncedk: that could be injected if _fields ?23:53
ciupicriI remember that I tried either OpenERP or Adempiere, but I did not manage to even start it23:53
cedksharoon: but it is different for each records23:53
sharooncedk: yes, and fields_get is called only once for a model23:54
cedksharoon: so you must embed the definition in the record values23:55
sharooncedk: ok, insert into read ?23:56
cedksharoon: yes with a function field23:57
sharooncedk: ok23:57
sharooncedk: so we need a new widget on the client side00:00

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