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rhubnerHi cedk18:57
cedkrhubner: hi18:58
rhubnercedk: I'm almost ready with the prototype...18:59
cedkrhubner: good18:59
rhubnercedk: I need to finish 3 parses from text markup...18:59
rhubnercedk: I have a question...19:00
cedkrhubner: have you already upload a codereview?19:00
rhubnercedk: I'm updating the code of the prototype:
rhubnercedk: When I finished the prototype, I will create a new issue tracker "feature" in bugs.tryton.org19:03
rhubnercedk: join the prototype code into a widget19:04
rhubnercedk: but rather, I have some questions about this...19:05
cedkrhubner: ok19:06
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rhubnercedk: Is it better create a new file "" and add the class RichTextBox or add RichTextBox class into file?19:08
cedkrhubner: I think it is better to have otherwise will become too long19:10
cedkrhubner: it is important that you start to create a codereview19:11
rhubnercedk: I'll try to create a new codereview now ....19:12
rhubnercedk: codereview or "feature" in
cedkrhubner: you can start with just codereview19:14
cedkrhubner: the issue will be the final step :-)19:14
rhubnercedk: Because I had problems in creating a codereview, remember?19:15
rhubnercedk: I'll try again now...19:15
rhubnercedk: Just remember some things... Do I need to create a repository on my computer, and add the in it and call
cedkrhubner: yes but why not putting directly in tryton client19:38
rhubnercedk: Do I direct from directory where I put in richtextedirot Tryton client?19:40
cedkrhubner: anywhere inside the repo19:40
rhubnercedk: is it necessary to do commit or only "hg add" ?19:42
cedkrhubner: only add19:42
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rhubnercedk: same errors ... the command can not connect to codereview.tryton.org20:05
rhubnercedk: error:
rhubnercedk: I got! I did not know needed to be root20:08
cedkrhubner: normally you don't need to be root20:10
rhubnercedk: It should be access to urllib2...20:11
cedkrhubner: very strange20:12
cedkrhubner: it look like a firewall issue20:13
rhubnercedk: the current contents of is the same of textbox.py20:13
rhubnercedk: I'll make a merge of prototype and richtextbox.py20:14
rhubnercedk: Ok?20:15
cedkrhubner: ok20:15
cedkrhubner: you can have a look at
cedkit simplifies the usage of codereview especially for long dev20:16
cedkrhubner: I think instead of copy you must inherit textbox20:17
rhubnercedk: Humm I agree.. I'll have to rewrite only __init__ method then...20:18
cedkrhubner: yeps20:19
rhubnercedk: When I have to do a commit?20:19
cedkrhubner: it can be at the end of the summer :-)20:22
cedkrhubner: codereview can behave as a dev repository20:22
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cedkrhubner: especially if you use hgreview20:23
rhubnercedk: is hgreview used the same way of
cedkrhubner: yes they share some part of the code20:35
rhubnercedk: Humm .. I have one more question for today... :)20:36
rhubnercedk: Do I need to add those files trg and trc from tryton server to build new widget to codereview?20:39
cedkrhubner: you must put them in tryton client20:40
rhubnercedk: but the file trytond/ir/ui/form.rng doesn't of tryton server20:43
cedkrhubner: ha ok, I thought you were talking about icon files20:44
rhubnercedk: sorry, I said trg... is rng20:44
cedkrhubner: so yes it is good to make a second codereview for the server-side change20:44
cedkrhubner: by the way, when you made change in your current code, you must update the current codereview and not create a new one20:45
rhubnercedk: But do I have to send files from the server-side in the same codereview I created?20:48
rhubnercedk: I didn't also understand that generation of rnc file.... I put the widget name "richtext' in file trytond/ir/ui/form.rng and file trytond/ir/ui/form.rnc in the correct location and it works!20:52
cedkrhubner: you must create a new codereview for the server20:53
cedkrhubner: you can have only one repo per codereview20:53
cedkrhubner: for rng, you can use
rhubnerDo I modify just thetrytond/ir/ui/form.rng and uses trang it?20:58
cedkrhubner: modify rnc (because it is easier) and generate with trang the rng20:59
rhubnercedk: Only this?21:00
rhubnercedk: last question! I promise... what is the correct location of svg files (icon files)?21:01
cedkrhubner: in share/pixmaps/tryton21:02
rhubnercedk: for some time I can not find Sharoon here.. I would do most of the questions for him...21:03
rhubnercedk: Thank you ... I'll work some more...21:03
cedkrhubner: I think he is travelling in US this latest weeks21:08
cedkrhubner: but we manage the GSoC all together and there is no personal land :-)21:09
rhubnercedk: Ok :) Where do you from?21:13
cedkrhubner: Belgium21:14
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jcmhi Cedk23:22
jcmfinally I succeeded in connecting to my tryton installation on my debian server (was a stupid firewall problem)23:23
jcmI encounter some problems with diacriticals encodings with csv reader in the import script23:23
cedkjcm: what is "diacriticals" ?23:25
jcmaccentuated chars, ie not ASCII23:26
jcmexact error is : 'UnicodeWarning: Unicode unequal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode - interpreting them as being unequal' in ' if previous != getattr(instance,'23:26
cedkjcm: I wrote the script with the assumption that the csv files will be in utf-823:28
jcmseems that name.decode('utf8') could be the solution23:28
cedkjcm: yes but there is a lot of places to change23:30
jcmall my data is in utf8...23:30
cedkjcm: I think it is better to re-encode the files23:30
cedkjcm: could you give the full traceback23:31
cedkjcm: using a website like pastebin.ca23:31
jcmI slightly modified the script, commited to the repository I host. The script worked well here on MacOSX, the bug appears only on debian server.23:36
cedkjcm: do you know the value of code ?23:37
jcmerr... could be because the last line of csv is empty ? does 'ValueError: need more than 0 values to unpack' mean that there's nothing in code?23:42
cedkjcm: it is because it find nothing for the code23:44
cedkjcm: so yes, you must not have empty lines in the csv file23:45
jcmok, I undestand. I try to rename an account that is not in account_fr. Should create it. Will add a test to avoid such an error.23:46
jcmsry to bother you with my bugs :/23:46
cedkjcm: no problems23:46
cedkjcm: I will be happy to know when you will have finish to validate the french account chart23:49
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