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Red15what is #mq ?11:53
sisalptried to install client 2.0 from package ubuntu11:54
sisalpit depends on python2.711:54
sisalpwhich is not there on lucid 10.0411:54
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Red15oh, thought you were referring to some developer idiom or toolkit11:55
cedkRed15: because of my laptop crash, I lost the 2 days of devs on nomodal11:55
Red15so i heard, is the disk fully broken then ?11:56
Red15i've only seen 1 or 2 of those in the last 10 years11:56
Red15usually you can still boot a livecd next to it and get some files off11:56
cedkRed15: completly broken11:57
Red15speaking with some ~15 years of PC fixing experience, a good trick is to pack it airtight and leave it in fridge for a day11:57
cedkRed15: Bios doesn't want to boot with it11:57
Red15try using external usb -> sata  connector11:57
cedkRed15: don't have11:58
Red1515€ in shop11:58
Red15i think your development was worth 15€ no ?11:58
cedksisalp: what is the problem?11:58
sisalpapt-get install python2.7 doesn't work on old systems11:59
Red15python2.7 not in 10.04 ?11:59
yangoonsisalp: from where did you get the client?11:59
Red15i'm running client 2.0 on 10.0411:59
cedkRed15: + the time to go to shop etc.11:59
Red15cedk, you must not have spent a great deal of time on the non-modal then :)11:59
sisalpyangoon: from 11.11 repository11:59
Red15sisalp, why not from source repo ?12:00
cedkRed15: 2 days but at least 1 was about testing design possibilities12:00
sisalpRed15: so I do, but from the source12:00
cedkRed15: now, I know how to do it, it will take half day to get at the point where I was12:00
Red15cedk, true, a path taken in the mind is easy to implement :)12:00
cedksisalp: I will say use an other distrib if they can not provide packages for their Python version12:01
sisalpRed15: because I'm asked for an easy install12:01
yangoonsisalp: do you have a URL? python version on client is not hardcoded, it compiles to all pythons installed on the system12:01
cedkRed15: it is just boring job :-)12:01
yangoonsisalp: at least on the original debian packages12:01
Red15cedk, not sure how #mq will save you in the future though...12:02
Red15anything local can always get lost anyway, #mq or not12:02
cedkRed15: with mq I wil push it on the server from time to time12:02
Red15cedk, you could also use temp push location for dev stuff ...12:03
cedksisalp: Tryton works from Python 2.5 to 2.7 normally12:03
Red15same thing less overhead :)12:03
Red15cedk, i have a dedicated server online if you want a bit of extra redundancy :D12:03
cedkRed15: I would like to have Raid on laptop :-)12:03
sisalpI got it from here : and put it here
cedkRed15: two places is good enough12:03
Red15cedk, get an Acer laptop, they often have 2 disks in their high-end range12:04
Red15cedk, maybe only sotware raid but still better than no raid12:04
yangoonsisalp: here you see the difference:
yangoonsisalp: besides that tells: or python2.612:06
sisalpyangoon: yes this one is ok, I swap to the debian package.12:07
sisalpyangoon: gdebi shouts on ubuntu package12:07
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sisalpthank you, fixed12:13
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