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cedkudono: your patch doesn't work
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cedkfeth: hi10:12
fethI'm a OSS/Python dev, in the process of choosing a framework that I will adapt to my customer's needs.10:13
fethThe needs are close enough to a standard CRM, but with some tweaks10:13
fethI thought I'd give tryton a shot, but 1) I don't know tryton at all/ 2) It seems (reading online) that making directory/CRM tools in tryton would not be that easy for me to deploy in a quite short time10:15
cedkfeth: you should define what is for you a CRM10:15
fethcedk: actually, it's for an association who needs to handle a lot of contacts: members, partners, passers by10:16
fethand have some task and mailing management related to them10:16
cedkfeth: ok so you could start with the party and project module10:18
feththeir members are mainly administrations, and LDAP would handle that structure pretty well (I see and don't know the status of this)10:18
cedkfeth: only the authentication is done10:18
fethThank you for the advice10:19
fethAnother newbie question: is it easy (as in "not much to code") to get a generic web client for any tryton module?10:27
cedkfeth: it is not an easy task because there is a lot of behavior to implement to get a proper client10:32
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fethcedk: thank you again.10:50
fethI think I'm not going to pick tryton for my current customer, but I may, once I get acquainted10:50
fethSo I'll stick a while here, idling :)10:51
udonocedk: patch for migration looks good now, I'll test with a new database install timesheet first, project later.11:15
cedkudono: ok11:15
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jcmhi, I'm tryong to understand the tax rules mechanism. Seems that a tax rule replaces a tax by another one.14:13
jcmSHouldn't tax groups and tax rules come with the accounting plan ?14:14
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udonojcm: Which accounting plan you are using?15:46
udonojcm: afaik the german accounting plan provides some tax rules and groups, but I am not sure.15:47
cedkudono: I think he is using the codereview of the account_fr module16:02
cedkjcm: There is tax group in account_fr module16:03
cedkjcm: I did not create rules because I had no information about it for France16:03
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rhubnerHi cedk!20:12
rhubnercedk: I have some doubts about richtext... the time you can hit, let me know..20:18
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cedkrhubner: yeps21:04
rhubnercedk: Hi.. I would like to know how will the style tag for alignment...21:07
cedkrhubner: it should be per line21:07
rhubnercedk: I did the alignment line and this style is not defined in pango21:07
rhubnercedk: I already did!21:08
rhubnercedk: I want to know how is the markup...21:08
cedkready: did you look at how opendocument manage it?21:10
rhubnercedk: I thought it might be defined within the span: <span align="left">21:11
cedkrhubner: have a some example of existing tags?21:11
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rhubnercedk: yes.. for example, font-family and size is follow: <span font_family="sans" size="12">21:13
rhubnercedk: but it is defined in pango... there isn't a markup defined to alignment!21:14
rhubnercedk: Can i add the attribute align to <span>?21:16
cedkrhubner: will it work21:19
cedkrhubner: because align only works per lines21:19
cedkrhubner: have you <p> ?21:20
rhubnercedk: ok... No, <p> is not defined!21:20
cedkrhubner: how is defined the end of line?21:21
cedkrhubner: just with "\n" ?21:23
rhubnercedk: there is a method "get_iter_at_line(line)" in gtk.TextBuffer()21:23
cedkrhubner: ok so it is the "\n"21:23
rhubnercedk: The tags is added at beggining and end of line...21:23
rhubnercedk: yes21:23
cedkrhubner: so I think you must introduce a new tag that will manage the lines21:24
cedkrhubner: like <p>21:24
cedkrhubner: and when you convert from tag to pango, you replace it with \n21:25
cedkrhubner: I guess that get_iter_at_line doesn't manage the return to line because of no more space in the view line?21:26
rhubnercedk: humm Ok, I'll try to add some tag like it21:26
cedkrhubner: this will also help to include in odt21:27
rhubnercedk: The parse of to markup I need to convert \n in <p> too?21:28
rhubnerof markup*21:29
cedkrhubner: yes21:30
rhubnercedk: Ok... I''l try it...21:31
rhubnercedk: I have another doubts...21:31
rhubnercedk: how should I use that "gettext" to translate the texts? You have been included the line 159 codereview
rhubnercedk: How do I do that?21:34
cedkrhubner: just import gettext21:37
cedkrhubner: put after the import: _ = gettext.gettext21:37
cedkrhubner: than you must use: _('blabla...')21:37
rhubnercedk: Ual.. I didn't know I could do it...21:39
rhubnercedk: Onlu this?21:39
cedkrhubner: yes, you can search for gettext in the code, you will see21:39
rhubnercedk: Ok! The another question is that I need some tips to improve the code of the parser "to" and "from" markup...21:42
rhubnercedk: You said to improve the code in line 231 and 334... How can I to factorized this?21:43
cedkrhubner: you do almost the same thing for 30 lines21:45
rhubnercedk: I'll rewrite this mehtods... I also need to include other tags, then see how I can improve it!21:49
rhubnercedk: I think I had one more thing to ask, let me see...21:49
cedkrhubner: you can rewrite it by doing a loop with just the parameters that change21:50
rhubnercedk: Ok .. I think it was just it... For the tag <p>, Do I need to include a paragraph button or not?21:54
cedkrhubner: I don't think as the "Return" key will do the job21:57
rhubnercedk: The "return" is then just to handle the line breaks, is it not a function of the interface right?22:01
cedkrhubner: yes22:02
rhubnerOk cedk... thanks! I need to send an email to Sharoon... Next week we need to fill out a form for mid-term...22:10
rhubnercedk: So ... I don't know if him or you fill out this form! But a long time that I don't speak with him!22:13
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cedkrhubner: I send an email to all Tryton's mentors to reminde about the evaluation22:15
cedkrhubner: I would prefer that you try to keep to work with him22:16
cedkrhubner: but if you can not reach him then I will take it22:16
rhubnercedk: of course...22:18
rhubnercedk: A long time that I don't see him! I'll try to communicate by email with him...22:19
rhubnercedk: I'm very well managed by all developers here...22:20
rhubnercedk: I have to go now... See you later!22:21
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