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Hydrantcedk: yah, I think the accounting is the part that I'm confused on00:52
HydrantI'm going to see if I can get some accountants to go through Tryton with me and set things up00:52
cedkHydrant: if you have specific question, you can post it on tryton mailing list00:53
Hydrantokay... there are also a couple modules I would like to contribute to Tryton's code base00:57
Hydrantbut I'll need some help with part of it00:57
Hydrantin particular, export to XBRL support01:00
udonoHydrant: XBRL sounds interesting.01:08
HydrantI need for our accountant to be able to import our financial data into caseware, and XBRL looks like the best way to do it01:09
HydrantI can write a good deal of the code, but I'll need some help with Tryton's data model since I'm not very familiar with it yet01:10
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udonoHydrant: I read that XBRL is now in testing phase as an interface for e-balance report for companies to government in germany.01:22
Hydrantudono: I'm in Canada here, but I'm going to have to write this module in the next month or so before my year-end01:25
Hydrantwe are only using open source tools, and I would rather contribute modules to Tryton than pay for commercial windows-only junk01:26
Hydrantthe other module I have to contribute, is a cheque print... although I didn't see that Tryton supports cheque tracking anyways01:26
Hydrantthere is a standard in Canada (CPA 006) for cheques, and I have an implementation that can be GPL-ed and contributed01:26
cedkHydrant: I will suggest you to write a blueprint before starting development like that others can contribute to the design01:39
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cedkmarc0s: hi22:44
marc0scedk: i was checking the views docs and i was wondering how can i delete a page from a notebook via inheritance. Should i use the replace position and put nothing in it?22:47
cedkmarc0s: you can22:48
cedkmarc0s: but be careful, removing stuff from a view can break the other modules22:48
cedkmarc0s: it is better to just hide it22:48
marc0scedk: good point22:49
marc0scedk: what's the error here? I was looking at existing modules for a similar example but didn't found any23:04
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cedkmarc0s: page must have an id23:08
marc0scedk: thanks, so it replace all the attributes with the ones specefied in the inheritance, i thought it will merge with existing ones. All ok now :)23:12
cedkmarc0s: it only replace the existing one but the validation rnc force you to have an id23:13
cedkmarc0s: even on xpath23:13
marc0scedk: ah, ok23:13

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