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sharooncedk: ping14:13
cedksharoon: pong14:13
sharooncedk: I have been asked by a customer to develop a `ship as items are available` feature14:14
sharooncedk: so essentially i think what needs to be done is split `shipment.out` based on if the lines are avilable or not.. the `try_assign` method already splits lines, so separating the inventory_moves into a different shipment.out will do ?14:15
cedksharoon: I don't understand14:15
sharooncedk: assume that an order for Product A-3 units and Product B-2 units are made, and Product-B 1 is available14:16
sharooncedk: at the moment, the shipment.out `try_assign` method will split it into 2 draft lines of product A (3units) and product B(1 unit) and an assigned line of product B (1 unit)14:17
sharooncedk: but the company's policy is ship what is available and ship the rest as they become available14:17
cedksharoon: just delete the draft lines14:17
sharooncedk: but they will not be recreated unless the shipment.out is `done` right /14:18
cedksharoon: don't remember exactly when14:18
cedksharoon: it is when it is no more possible to go back with the shipment14:19
sharooncedk: yes, it recreates in the done state and this might also result in empty (quantity :0) outgoing moves14:19
sharooncedk: so do you think a new module has scope which could automatically `Ship what is available` to automate this behavior?14:20
cedksharoon: I made for a customer a small module that adds a partial button to the assign wizard14:22
cedksharoon: it just removes draft moves14:22
sharooncedk: ok, have you noticed that there might be empty outgoing lines in such a case ?14:22
cedksharoon: no14:23
sharooncedk: this is where it happens
cedkbechamel: why did not you delete the line if 0 ?14:27
sharooncedk: also I am testing the stock_supply module and it seems to have an edge case, If there is a requirement for 1 unit - a purchase request is properly created and it does not recreate as long as a purchase order in draft state is made from it. But when the purchase order is confirmed, it recreates the purchase request and this happens unless the is in done state14:28
cedksharoon: it is perhaps an issue with the dates14:31
cedksharoon: if you purchase date is in the past, it is normal14:31
sharooncedk: you mean the date_start and date_end in the context of stock computation ?14:32
cedksharoon: no the date for the purchase14:35
cedksharoon: the planned date of the moves14:36
sharooncedk: got it, but i just checked and the situation is where its on same date and planned date on moves is also same day14:36
cedksharoon: is it in the past or not?14:44
sharooncedk: it is not in the past, its the same day14:44
sharooncedk: i was just going through the stock computation code to see if its something to do with that14:44
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cedksharoon: what is the same day?14:47
sharooncedk: The day of purchase == planned date of move == day of computing the purchase request by stock_supply module14:48
cedksharoon: normal, but are those dates in the past?14:51
sharooncedk: nope, the date == today()14:51
sharooncedk: do you want me to write a scenario with this situation to test ?14:52
cedksharoon: if you want14:52
sharooncedk: i think it will be easier to test14:52
cedksharoon: but I think the system assume that if you expect it today and you dod not receive it then you will not receive it so you must purchase a new one14:53
sharooncedk: i am not sure, because from the stock cmputation for forecasted=True and date_end=datetime.max it takes moves in all states >= today() (not >)14:55
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rhubnerHi sharoon14:58
sharoonhi rhubner14:58
cedksharoon: so it is strange14:59
rhubnersharoon: How do I add new files in a patch?15:00
sharooncedk: i will write a new scenario for this and update a ticket15:00
sharoonrhubner: i dint understand, can you explain15:00
rhubnersharoon: when files are modified, the "qrefresh" resolve the modifications . But when I create new files no resolve it15:01
rhubnersharoon: Do I need to do "hg add" in files created?15:02
sharoonrhubner: i think add and qrefresh will add to the current patch you are working on15:03
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rhubnersharoon: Ok... Do I never use "commit" when I'm change file in some patch, right?15:05
rhubnersharoon: To send patched in tryton repo do I need to use what command?15:06
sharoonrhubner: you will have to push the queues itself (provided cedk uses the mq extention), if not apply the patch permanently using `qfinish -a` and then follow the same routine as regular patch submission of tryton15:07
rhubnersharoon: I've done some tests with the mq extension. I just needed to know how is sent to the repository later...15:12
rhubnersharoon: Is it used "export"?15:12
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rhubnercedk: I'm with a some doubts about your comments in codereview 52004...15:26
cedkrhubner: which one?15:28
rhubnercedk: I didn't understand your question in line 22315:28
rhubnercedk: And in the line 364 do you suggest that I use the __getattr__ method in the class?15:31
cedkrhubner: the comment say: "Parser to..." but what is the from?15:33
cedkrhubner: you parse from somthing to somthing15:33
rhubnercedk: Haaa ok!15:34
cedkrhubner: not __getattr__ but getattr15:34
cedkgetattr(self, '...')15:34
rhubnercedk: Ok..15:34
rhubnercedk: regarding the use of extension mq, which command do I use to send the patch to the repository then?15:36
cedkrhubner: you just have to give the right --rev15:36
rhubnercedk: Is the same repo of tryton project, right?15:36
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rhubnerBut do I just send the patch to the parent repository at the end of the widget development? Because is the code I can show in codereview...15:40
cedkrhubner: yes15:42
rhubnercedk: why "PS: Please don't top-post." ?15:51
rhubnercedk: What post do you refer... In the description?15:51
cedkrhubner: when you answer on comment15:53
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cedkyangoon: ping19:24
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