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yangoonmeanmicio: just in case you are interested in debian-med at debcon11:
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cedksharoon: I just upload a refactored version of pysql16:02
sharooncedk: will check now16:02
cedksharoon: I think the design is almost finished16:04
sharooncedk: ok16:04
sharooncedk: there is no example of order_by in the rst file16:04
sharooncedk: do you want me to start with documentation ?16:08
cedksharoon: not yet16:11
sharooncedk: ok16:12
sharooncedk: I still don't see how Asc and Desc are sent to the order_by16:12
cedksharoon: just Asc(column)16:12
sharooncedk: at the moment it looks like it just validates if entries are columns16:12
cedksharoon: yes that's enough16:13
sharooncedk: got it,16:13
sharooncedk: Asc is a subclass of Order which sub classes Column16:13
sharooncedk: nice16:14
cedksharoon: yes of course this validation doesn't garantee absolutly a good SQL but it will catch simple errors16:15
sharooncedk: got it16:15
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gltrippguten abend21:31
gltrippgeht bei tryton2 der CSV-Import nicht mehr ??21:49
gltripptaucht jedenfalls nicht mehr im menue auf21:55
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cedkgltripp: it is English chan22:32
gltrippah, ok22:36
gltrippis the csv-import disabled in tryton 2.0?22:37
cedkgltripp: no22:38
gltrippi cant find it..22:40
gltrippdo i need special permissions? (i'm currently logged in as admin)22:41
cedkgltripp: no22:41
cedkgltripp: it is in the form menu the last arrow on the right22:42
gltrippits not vanished, its just hidden :-D22:45
gltrippaah, CSV-Import matches localized field names - wonderful!22:52

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