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meanmicioI think we need to implement a way to free the memory after uploading large datafiles. I seems is nor releasing the memory after it.12:41
cedkmeanmicio: it is Python fault :-)12:42
cedkmeanmicio: it never free memory used once12:42
cedkmeanmicio: I think it is that12:43
cedkmeanmicio: but perhaps you can describe more the use case?12:43
meanmiciowould del() would help at all ?12:44
meanmiciobasically when loading a large xml file12:44
cedkmeanmicio: and what do you see?12:45
meanmiciofor example, in GNU Health we load the ICD-10-PCS (medical procedures). They're about 15000012:45
meanmicioThe python process grows in memory12:45
meanmicioand after finishing loading them to the DB, RAM won't be released12:46
meanmicioI had a smililar issue with OE, and I end up splitting the file in 3 parts12:46
meanmicioThe problem is when it hits swap12:47
meanmicioOf course, I can bounce the tryton server and is just fine afterwards12:48
cedkmeanmicio: parsing of xml is done with a sax parser so it doesn't consume a lot of memory12:49
cedkmeanmicio: but I suspect that it is the cache on xml ids12:50
cedkmeanmicio: which version of Tryton?12:52
meanmiciocedk: 2.0.112:53
cedkmeanmicio: I think this could help
meanmiciocool. That's what I thought... calling del12:55
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meanmiciocedk: great, thanks. I'll check this version and update you on results.13:02
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hoRnhi all13:16
ndn_pitcan I ask?13:17
ndn_pitabout tryton13:17
nicoeDon't ask to ask13:17
cedkndn_pit: too late already done :-)13:17
nicoeJust do it !13:17
ndn_pitI want to develop soft phone in tryton13:18
ndn_pitI'm sorry for my english13:18
cedkndn_pit: what do you mean by softphone?13:18
ndn_pitwhat sohuld i do for that?13:19
cedkndn_pit: what do you want to do?13:19
hoRnndn_pit: Integration of something like SIP in tryton?13:20
ndn_pitI want to make and receive voice calls13:22
ndn_pitis it possible?13:24
ndn_piti think i should get source code of tryton client and remake it... am i right?13:24
cedkndn_pit: it is not really the goal of the project13:25
ndn_pitgoal is: make crm system13:25
cedkndn_pit: I think you should look more for an integration with an existing softphone13:25
hoRnndn_pit: yes. cedk said it. you can write protocols from an existing software for softcalls to tryton client to get some history of your communication13:26
ndn_pit"I think you should look more for an integration with an existing softphone" any solution is possibly13:26
hoRntryton server13:27
cedkndn_pit: you should perhaps look at existing PBX like Asterisk13:27
cedkor sipd13:28
ndn_pitaim: when client call to softphone(may be external) - tryton should open certain party form...13:29
cedkndn_pit: if you can have the softphone running a command then you can do it with Tryton13:31
nicoendn_pit: you can call tryton passing it an url13:31
cedkndn_pit: there is a URL schema hanled by the client13:31
ndn_pitproblem is not run softphone from tryton, but open certain form in tryton from softphone13:33
ndn_pitwhen call received13:33
ndn_pitI am so sorry for my english... :)13:34
hoRnndn_pit: for this read the link  cedk passed13:35
ndn_pitok thank you13:36
ndn_pitis there way to create "create view" for model? i mean one view for edit and another for create13:38
cedkndn_pit: not really13:38
cedkndn_pit: why do you want that?13:38
ndn_pitin create form i can enter some data which i can not edit in edit-view13:40
cedkndn_pit: make the field readonly once the id > 013:41
ndn_pitok thanks13:42
ndn_pitI noticed when doing a historical model - the new record is added, even if real change was not...13:45
ndn_pitis it fixable?13:45
cedkndn_pit: no just aggregate in the query if you want to remove it13:46
cedkndn_pit: and even the modification date was changed at least :-)13:46
ndn_pityou mean: i should remove record by myself?13:47
cedkndn_pit: no just when you read it aggregate13:50
ndn_pitit will let to grow my db, am i right?13:51
cedkndn_pit: it costs too much to not create the record13:52
ndn_pitwhat is "Transaction.context" and how can i use it? I wasn't find it in documentation, but it uses in standard modules...14:02
cedkndn_pit: it is a kind of global dict for a transation14:03
cedkndn_pit: it can be used to pass extra informations14:03
ndn_pitis it global for all modules?14:04
ndn_pitor global in model?14:04
cedkndn_pit: it is global for a transaction (=a request)14:05
ndn_pitis there way to get current user in code?14:06
cedkndn_pit: it is something that you should use as last way14:06
cedkndn_pit: yes Transaction().user14:07
ndn_pitrelation based on "function" field - is it bad? may be for performance...14:08
cedkndn_pit: it depends on how you write the code14:12
cedkndn_pit: and it is always better to prevent duplication of data with Function fields14:12
ndn_pitis there api for email integration? i mean: create my mail clent in tryton...14:24
cedkndn_pit: the email integration is not about create email client in tryton14:26
ndn_pitsorry, can you explain me what mean email integration?14:29
cedkndn_pit: it is about storing emails into tryton database to allow business process on it14:30
cedkndn_pit: and providing an IMAP server14:30
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ndn_piti think i don't need that yet :)14:32
ndn_pitwhat should i do to create my email client in tryton?14:32
ndn_pituse pyhton libraryies for examle: smtp library?14:33
cedkndn_pit: what do you mean by email client?14:34
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ndn_piti mean create some module in which i can raed, send, group my emails14:37
cedkndn_pit: why not using a existing email client?14:39
ndn_pitsimple email client, with simple functionality14:39
cedkndn_pit: that doesn't answer my question14:41
nicoe"simple email client with simple functionnality" == mutt14:41
ndn_pitit would comfortable to operate on letters from one working enviroment14:42
nicoemutt says "All email client sucks, this one just sucks less"14:42
cedkndn_pit: don't understand14:42
nicoendn_pit: people are used to their email client, changing the way they work is *hard*14:43
nicoemoreover I doubt that tryton matches the UI of an email client14:43
ndn_pitin our country it's not problem )14:43
cedkndn_pit: developing an email client is a lot of work so it is better to reuse one14:45
ndn_pituse external client by url?14:47
ndn_pitor don't relate tryton with email client?14:48
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cedkndn_pit: I don't know, you said that you just need an email client to read/write/send emails so this is not linked to Tryton14:49
ndn_pitok i will try to do that )14:51
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hoRnnicoe: Is there any thought about coloring lines by states or might i have missed it?15:19
nicoeI created a patch about that but cedk did not like the idea i think15:21
hoRnnicoe: with arguments or by ignoring your patch ;)15:22
hoRnnicoe: i still coding something for quality management - so it would be nice to warn the user with a ugly red, if somethings fails15:23
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hoRnniceo: i can do it with a internal message as well - but i like to show it in the treeview15:25
cedkhoRn: there is the colors tag on tree view15:25
hoRncedk: ok15:26
nicoeoups I was wrong, what I did is a patch that add tooltips to treeview15:27
hoRncedk, nicoe: ok - gtk has no colors on trees?15:27
nicoeIt has color on trees15:29
nicoebut only for the foreground color I think15:29
nicoebut I might be wrong15:29
hoRnnicoe: yes - i checked it in this moment: foreground only15:30
hoRncedk: i read the documentation - A PySON string that will be evaluated for each record15:32
hoRncedk: but I don't know what it exactly means15:33
cedkhoRn: you must put a PySON expression15:34
hoRncedk: ok - i will try15:34
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