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hoRnGood evening!20:20
cedkhoRn: hi20:35
hoRncedk: totaly confused by my own modules - to much functionality in it  ;)20:37
cedkhoRn: split20:39
hoRncedk: yes - but need to release it this night. tomorrow in the morning they'll give it a first try20:40
hoRnis there a way to repeat values horizontal in a report?21:19
hoRnfloat:left ;/21:21
hoRnwill do it in the code - get_columns21:26
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cedkhoRn: yes you can create loop on columns21:49
cedkhoRn: I think there is an example in relatorio21:50
hoRncedk: still searching :-/21:51
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hoRncedk: think about a fast and dirty implementation in zpt21:53
hoRncedk: its a huge amount of messure data from a quality process21:53
hoRncedk: was searching for a way to write xml-output from a method and include it in the oo-template - no luck21:55
hoRncedk: or simple csv, or, or, or .... :)21:56
cedkhoRn: create a report that just return the csv file22:40
hoRncedk: yes - i'm still reading the sources22:40
hoRncedk: have to overwrite parse and return the csv-data as data.22:42
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hoRncedk: which module sends the content disposition?22:43
cedkhoRn: don't understand23:24
hoRncedk: i was looking for a solution to parse the report to html for example23:25
cedkhoRn: don't understand23:26
hoRncedk: me too ;)23:27
hoRncedk: i had made a  test with some html in parse('html', data) - this opens oo in webview23:28
hoRncedk: if i do parse(): return ('csv',data) it opens oo-calc23:29
hoRncedk: I'm totally wrong  - that's the result of programming a lot of webstuff over the time ... got it.23:49

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