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version2betacedk: There are many people at djangocon from all over. I figured it was a small chance, but I had hoped you might be tweeting from here and I could meet you. I would have liked that.00:14
cedkversion2beta: it is too far from here00:18
cedkversion2beta: the confs seem interresting00:20
version2betacedk: The next talk is on the Django Software Foundation. I agree it is far - perhaps too far for me, except that my wife (who owns the company also) is from Oregon, where the conference is. But there are also many people from abroad here. Maybe 25% are from other countries and continents.00:30
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meanmiciocedk: ping10:31
cedkmeanmicio: pong10:35
meanmiciocedk : do we have any parameter at the client configuration file that controls the user inactivity period10:37
cedkmeanmicio: it is on the server configuration10:38
cedkmeanmicio: session_timeout10:38
meanmiciocedk: so it's a server global param10:38
meanmiciocedk: thanks !10:38
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kostashello Cedric, this is Kostas from Athens11:31
cedkkostas: hi11:35
kostasI try to import from client 2.0.1 a product csv file11:37
kostasThe error from server is: int() argument must be a string or number, not list11:38
cedkkostas: do you have the full traceback?11:38
cedkkostas: could you give a link to a copy/paste?11:39
kostasThis error appears when I put the filed Category/Name in the csv, if I ommit it I get filed Category reguired11:39
cedkkostas: you can not use Category/Name in import, you must just set Category and fill it with the name of the category11:40
kostaslet me try ...11:42
kostasfor UOM should I di the same ? 'Default UOM' insted of 'Default UOM/Name' ?11:43
cedkkostas: yes11:44
kostasIt worked, thank you.11:44
cedkkostas: you can find here
cedkkostas: what is possible to import many2one11:46
kostasBut I think there is a problem in export. When selecting fields we can only specify 'Category/Name' from dialog. In this case I have error: KeyError 'category'11:48
cedkkostas: strange it works here11:54
kostaswhich version of client do you use ?11:55
kostasIn the fileds to export you have 'Category\Name' ?11:55
cedkkostas: client 2.0 from hg and demo server11:56
cedkkostas: both are update to tip from hg11:56
cedkkostas: it must be fixed with 35dd1d62cd6311:58
kostasThank you Cedric, I will try it.12:02
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Panderhi all12:06
PanderWhere can I find an example to derive my own class from class Party in order to make needed but simple customisations?12:07
cedkPander: you can have a look at
cedkPander: it is a mq repository with basic example of development12:11
cedkPander: the last patch is about extending party12:12
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PanderOk, but that is changing the model and is not backwards compatible, right?12:15
PanderI mean forwards compatible. My goal is to add some fields such as date of birth.12:18
cedkPander: it is done on a separate module so it is modular12:23
cedkPander: but I don't understand what you mean by "backwards compatible"?12:24
Panderi meant forwards. if I make changes to the source files of party, that is probably not the way to go for adding fields, correct?12:26
cedkPander: it is not the correct way, the correct one is to create a module12:27
cedkPander: that's what it is done in the training repo12:27
cedkPander: you can also have a look at
cedkbut it doesn't extend an existing Model12:28
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Panderclass Hello(ModelSQL, ModelView): -> class Hello(Party): ?12:29
cedkPander: no extending is based on the _name attribute12:31
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cedkPander: look at the training12:31
PanderSecond and more important question, before diving into the details of inheritence, will the module Purchase list instances of my derived class of Party when selecting a Party?12:31
cedkPander: yes12:32
Panderautomatically? :)12:33
cedkPander: yes12:33
cedkPander: if your custom module is activated for the database12:33
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PanderOK, I will make a derived class from Party that will also show up everywhere where you can select or work with a Party in other modules. From it I will make a tutorial for future referecen for other beginners.12:35
ndn_pitis there example for notebook -> page  "angle" attribute?12:36
ndn_piti want to set tab position to "up", but it doesn't rotate tab label...12:39
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Pandercedk: my first steps are here please have a look at it12:55
bechamelPander: example of extension of xml views via xpath13:24
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elbenfreundhello.  with the release of 2.0, has there been any progress towards a (primitive) manufacturing (MRP) solution or is ( still the status quo?18:07
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cedkelbenfreund: there is the BOM in codereview18:13
elbenfreundic, thx.18:29
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ndn_pitwhy Eval('field.field') do not work in domain condition?19:06
ndn_piti mean dot notation do not work19:07
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ndn_pithelp plz i can not work without this...19:27
ndn_pitin documentation:19:28
ndn_pitclass trytond.pyson.Eval(value[, default])19:28
ndn_pit"value can use the dot notation to access objects values in the context"19:28
ndn_piti can not find example in modules19:30
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