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zodmandudes a question i have installed only the sale module and depends.16:54
zodmanfor create a sale i create a supply move for add stock to warehouse16:55
zodmanwhen i create a sale draft the price of the product.16:55
zodmanthe product price method is average16:55
zodmanok on sale draft the price not automatically set16:56
zodmani want the price set automacally what i doing wrong ?16:56
zodmanoooh i seen i fixed it :P17:00
zodmanonly set manual cost and price cost :)17:01
cedkzodman: yes set the list price17:01
zodmanso cedk  when on real case when a supplyer send me a products i make a move to my warehouse exist a way for update automatically the price cost ?17:07
cedkzodman: yes if you use average or fifo cost method17:11
zodmanok i will check it.17:12
zodmanxmlrpclib.ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 403 Forbidden>17:14
zodmancan be a firewall ?17:14
zodmansorry wrong password17:15
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cedkudono: hi, do you know if the account split by country is in the module account_de_skr03 ?18:31
udonocedk: hi, what is the 'account split by country'?18:35
udonocedk: module account_de_skr03 only implements data for default accounting in Tryton.18:36
cedkudono: so there is not all the stuffs talked on the mailing list18:36
udonocedk: not in this module. timitos will show the modules soon on bitbucket.18:40
hoRnone short question: if I redefine a function-field in a extension module with a seracher - could it be, that this searcher isn't avaiable via xmlrpc?18:50
hoRnhui - syntax ;)18:50
cedkudono: I don't think it is something that need to be implemented in Tryton18:52
cedkudono: my only concern was that the account_de module requires such things18:52
cedkhoRn: no it will be available18:52
hoRncedk: strange - it doesn't work18:53
hoRncedk: whooo - trying this on the wrong database everytimes goes wrong18:56
hoRncedk: desculpan las molestias18:57
hoRncedk: still connecting tryton to zope - looks good - the only oddness ist that we can waste our shopsoftware now18:59
cedkhoRn: don't understand19:15
hoRncedk: we wrote a shopsoftware in zope - for the next project we are thinking about a simple webfrontend which communicates  directly to tryton - so a lot of our code is useless19:26
cedkhoRn: you can talk with sharoon, he does something similar19:27
hoRncedk: with magento i think - don't like php and we are mixin the tryton functionalities with the functionallity of our cms19:30
cedkhoRn: no I think he wrote in Python something similar to werkzeug19:34
hoRncedk: intresting19:42
hoRnhow to store passwords of an external service - there isn't a field for passwords?20:52
hoRnsha - sorry again20:55
cedkhoRn: this store the sha of the value set20:56
cedkhoRn: so you can not get back the value20:56
hoRncedk: ok20:57
cedkhoRn: depending of what kind of services you access20:57
cedkhoRn: but I think you should store it in a configuration file20:58
hoRncedk: my own ; - so i have all the power20:58
cedkhoRn: yes but is it something that the user must configure or it is more the IT21:03
hoRncedk: I wanna send encryptet passwords between the systems - more IT21:04
cedkhoRn: don't understand21:04
cedkhoRn: use SSL21:04
hoRncedk: yes - it's a bit difficult to explain - but i will put it in an configuration file21:06
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udonocedk: hi, when do you plan feature freeze for tryton 2.2? I would like to announce testing phase when ready...21:54
cedkudono: when ready22:33
cedkudono: there is a lot of patches waiting review22:43
cedkudono: and I would like also to get in 2.2 the remove of context in fields22:44
cedkudono: and there is still many bugs not solved22:46
cedkudono: I'm a little bit dissapointed as almost anybody except B2CK guys are fixing bugs22:46
hoRncedk: where can i find the most important bugs?22:49
hoRncedk: ok - found - will assign some to me.23:07
cedkhoRn: good23:16
hoRncedk: first fixed - but raises No module named trytond.protocols.webdav23:17
cedkhoRn: how do you run it?23:19
cedkhoRn: in which module?23:20
hoRncedk: tried several ways. vcarddav23:20
hoRncedk: ok - it requires webdav - its not in the path23:21
cedkhoRn: because in calendar module doesn't work because it tries to import calendar (std module) but there is a file calendar.py23:21
hoRncedk: thats an issue ;)23:22
hoRncedk: should i commit from the root or relative to modules?23:22
cedkhoRn: don't understand23:24
hoRncedk: one moemnt please23:24
cedkhoRn: any first put to codereview23:24
hoRncedk: sorry - my editor - will upload it agian23:28
hoRncedk: sh**23:28
cedkhoRn: put also the review id on the issue23:28
cedkhoRn: you should not delete issue23:30
cedkhoRn: just upload new version with the same id23:30
hoRncedk: how i can apply the id to upload?23:30
cedkhoRn: -i <id>23:31
hoRncedk: ok23:32
hoRncedk: first need to fix my editor23:32
cedkhoRn: yet I find it is always bad that editor modify file23:33
hoRncedk: thats true23:33
cedkhoRn: you can just put review112002 in roundup, it will generate automatic link23:46
hoRncedk: good to know23:47

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