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reichlichcedk, hi, what is wrong with the patch?09:03
cedkreichlich: I can not read it09:18
reichlichcedk, do i have to recommit?09:20
cedkreichlich: I guess yes09:21
reichlichcedk, ok but i can do this not until next monday because i am in kazakhstan and the codereview does not work from here for any reason09:24
PanderHi all, How can I change the dateformat of date fields in the client from MM/DD/YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY. I control the source code so it can be in general of only for a few fields.13:40
udonoPander: hi, in general you can change the date representation with the used language. See Administration > Localisation > Languages.14:01
udonoPander: I do not know a way to show another date representation just for some fields.14:02
Panderudono: for all fields is also fine for me14:04

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