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zodmancedk:  how i close ?00:48
zodmanmmy issues on codereview00:49
zodmani not seen the issues00:49
zodmani found it00:49
cedkyangoon: I think you forgot stock_supply_forecast02:22
cedkyangoon_rm: I think you forgot stock_supply_forecast02:45
yangooncedk: indeed, thx12:02
cedkyangoon: don't know if you see it
cedkyangoon: this remove unseful translation12:08
yangooncedk: ah, I thought, I had already seen the commit for this12:11
yangoonehh, it is the commit%)12:11
yangoonI will control, but I should be on tip12:12
cedkyangoon: any way, I think Sunday I will load in a database every languages and run clean/update wizards and make a last extract12:13
cedkyangoon: at least language without translator will be cleaned12:14
cedkand also run the pycountry translation script12:18
yangooncedk: I ran already my own old version12:24
cedkyangoon: yes but also for all others languages12:26
yangooncedk: understand, you plan to do it, well12:26
cedkyangoon: and for german, it should have no changes :-)12:27
cedkI try to compensate as much as possible the lack of translators12:28
yangoonno, there shouldn't be, except they would really translate some subdivisions in iso-codes12:29
yangoonwhich doesn#t make sense to me12:29
cedkyangoon: don't understand12:30
yangooncedk: your script also updates 3166-2, which I simply did via SQL (with value == src), because I don't find very useful to translate subdivisions12:32
yangoonthey are usually better known and identifiable under their original name12:33
cedkyangoon: translating subdivision was a request12:43
cedkbut it was request on irc or mailing list by someone12:44
yangoonfreedom of translator;) who wants can do it, I personally don't like colonialism by translation: people should say Liège, not Lüttich12:47
cedkyangoon: I think it should be the same rule for every languages12:48
cedkyangoon: if you don't agree on translating subdivision, let's open an issue and talk about12:48
yangooncedk: I have no strong point about that subject12:49
cedkyangoon: anyway, I think it is better to translate because it is simple to remove it than adding it12:49
yangooncedk: it is ok, if your run of pycountry should update subdivisions I am not against12:49
cedkyangoon: ok13:00
yangooncedk: clean translations now also cleans up,extension14:19
yangooncedk: some common names could be translated there14:20
yangoonjust have to leave now14:20
yangoonwill wait for your input and not yet push ir/localae/de_DE.po14:21
cedkyangoon: we choosed to make extension untranslatable14:41
cedkyangoon: in french, it is very complicated to translate such names14:42
cedkI think when improving the clean wizard I also fixed the cleaning of selection with translate=False14:43
cedkyangoon: I see that you created a translation file for account_de_skr0315:44
cedkyangoon: I think it is not required as all strings are the same15:45
cedkyangoon: so better to prevent to load the database with such strings15:45
yangooncedk: there are standards for openoffice documents, at least19:08
yangoonthey should also exist in French19:09
yangoonand to have the root accounts in English is very bad looking for non-english account charts19:09
yangoonthere exist also account charts, i.e swiss, that are multilanguage19:10
cedkyangoon: yes but for now, we don't have the issue19:13
cedkyangoon: I don't think it is bad to have the root account not in english19:14
cedkyangoon: it is like the language names19:14
cedkyangoon: but for performence it is better to not have duplicate translations19:14
yangoonto be clear: if you want to remove translation from account charts (which btw. for me is a (too) late feature, not a fix, and we are in freeze), the you must allow to push an update for account_de_skr03 to change the english description of the root account to german19:19
cedkyangoon: indeed I don't care too much because I don't install account_de_skr03 so I don't waste time nor database space with those translations19:22
cedkyangoon: I'm just trying to improve your experiences19:22
cedkbut if you don't want that's fine19:22
cedkand of course we should talk about this issue later19:23
yangoonyes. agreed19:23
cedkthe issue is how to translate account charts19:23
cedkbecause in Belgium, we had the issue, for now it is in frensh but it should be available in ducth and german19:24
yangoonyes, and the swiss one exists in german, italian and french19:24
cedkI have no goog idea right now :-(19:25
yangoonso I think besids the time to load the translations there will be no change, when they are runtranslatable19:26
yangoonbecause the database lookup will happen anyway, or am I wrong?19:26
cedkyangoon: there will be a join when searching for account19:28
yangoonI have currently 12577 translations for modules, account_be included. which is untranslated19:30
yangoonthis shouldn't really be a problem for an SQL database19:30
cedkyangoon: no19:31
yangooncedk: for extension, what's your decision? will it remain untranslatable? Most of the strings are not good translatable, agreed, but the most used and standard ones have german translations like: msgid " 1.0 Drawing" msgstr " 1.0 Zeichnung"19:35
cedkyangoon: for me Drawing is the name of the OOo program19:37
cedkyangoon: so it is better to not translate it19:37
cedklet see wikipedia19:38
yangoonI have the strings from wikipedia IIRC;)19:38
cedkyangoon: with nicoe we agreed to not translate it19:41
cedkalmost any are translated19:43
yangoonOpenDocument-Tabellendokument .ods19:44
yangoonOpenDocument-Präsentation .odp19:44
cedkalso it remove the logic of the extension19:44
yangoongerman users are used to to exactly this logic, it is what they see, when they save a document with libreoffice19:46
yangoonTableur .ods19:46
yangoonPrésentation .odp19:46
yangoonDessin .odg19:47
yangoonsame for french19:47
cedkyangoon: mmm... I don't know19:55
cedkalso it is a technical configuration19:55
cedkI would like to hear others19:55
yangooncedk: ok, so I don't push any changes for now20:37

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