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barnseyhello o/,  I am working on issue #2234 and cold use some help.00:41
barnseyany ideas why when a database is created it is added to a pool before the database is initialised?00:42
yangoon_rmcedk: for the proteus issue: should I just repack trytond as first bugfix release?00:56
yangoon_rmbecause like this package proteus will collide with installed package proteus00:57
yangoon_rmbarnsey: don't know if I can help01:17
yangoon_rmbut what about: at the beginning of create set CONFIG['cron'] to False and after creation reset to previous state?01:18
cedkyangoon: I will think about it04:55
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hoRncedk: ping10:56
cedkhoRn: pong11:23
hoRncedk: still checking sale_shipment_cost11:24
hoRncedk: don't know what could be the reason: but in carrier Transaction() is always NoneType - still searching the cause11:25
cedkhoRn: I don't understand11:27
hoRncedk: user = user_obj.browse(Transaction().user) always fails because there is no Transaction- don't know why.11:28
cedkhoRn: yes it is strange11:29
cedkhoRn: do you use the client or a script?11:29
hoRncedk: client11:29
hoRncedk: but what I want to ask: you decided to take the list_price of the carrier_product as price for the shipment11:30
cedkhoRn: yes for the 'product' method11:30
hoRncedk: I know that this ist only a simple method that should be extended - but i find that could be a bit confusing - user could expect, that 'product' means per quantity of products in the line. F.e. 3 Bottles of wine - carrier_product 1 € = 3 € shipment11:32
hoRncedk: It's only a thought if a user expect this as the simpliest method11:37
yangooncedk: hi, did you think about the repackaging of the server?11:58
cedkyangoon: I'm wondering if we should change the version number or not12:02
yangooncedk: IMO we should, it is too old for a re-upload12:02
cedkyangoon: so I will backport some fixes like;node=7e4362f4987d12:04
hoRncedk: I've still translated the shipment computation from our shopsoftware to tryton. I think that on_change_lines should call some methods to be more generic. For example we have free shipping if amount raises a specific value. with the current design its impossible to overwrite the behavior of the core module ... should I provide my ideas as patch to the core module or as new module?13:38
ndn_pitis there any plans for implementation of the Web interface of Triton?14:27
ndn_pitI would like to know the planned date14:29
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cedkhoRn: I think it is possible to do what you want, just make get_sale_price return 0 as shipment cost15:28
cedkndn_pit: there is no planned date15:28
cedkndn_pit: I guess you are talking about a web client because Tryton has already a web  interface15:28
ndn_pityes i mean web client15:29
ndn_pitcedk: what state that process in at the moment? is it started?15:30
cedkndn_pit: we got a prototype of proteus.js15:31
cedkndn_pit: but I think finnaly the better way will be to migrate the gtk client to gtk+-3 and use broadway backend15:32
cedkACTION bbl15:33
ndn_pitcedk: ok thank you15:33
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hoRncedk: could be that it needs a little fix - not shure ....
hoRncedk: because is checking: "if cost"15:48
cedkhoRn: don't understand16:01
cedkhoRn: ha ok, better to have test like this: if line['shipment_cost'] != cost_line.get('shipment_cost', 0):16:03
hoRncedk: yes - that's better16:04
cedkhoRn: submit a patch16:06
hoRncedk: on my way ;)16:07
hoRncedk: need to checkout fresh copy16:07
hoRncedk: another posible issue could be: the shipment_costs are calculated on_change_lines - but very often it would be necessary to calculate shipment depending on shipment_address - will take a look at this as well16:28
cedkhoRn: could add the address in the on_change call17:06
barnseyyangoon: Thanks for the suggestion will take give it a go.  Sorry I missed your message last night.19:30

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