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hedayatI have problems with viewing image attachments in tryton17:31
hedayatI can add image attachments, but when I try to open them in tryton17:31
hedayatAll the windows become disabled but nothing is opened17:31
hedayatWhat is the problem? And which program tryton uses to open images?17:32
cedkhedayat: Under which OS?17:46
hedayatcedk: Linux17:46
cedkhedayat: opening file is managed in "Options>File Actions"17:47
hedayatcedk: hmmm so there is no problem with the command. It works when I run it manually17:49
cedkhedayat: did you run the client from a terminal?17:53
hedayatcedk: Yes, there are no error messages17:54
cedkhedayat: which kind of image are you opening?17:55
hedayatcedk: jpg image17:55
cedkhedayat: this is strange17:57
hedayatcedk: :(18:00
hedayatcedk: I've also another problem,18:00
hedayatcedk: in the attachment view window, there are 3 buttons: Select a file, Open, Save as...18:01
hedayatcedk: it looks like that the "Open" button does the same thing as "Save as..."!!18:01
cedkhedayat: it does if it doesn't know how to open it18:01
cedkhedayat: so if the extension is not in the list of "File Actions"18:02
hedayatcedk: Oops, let me check again...18:03
hedayatcedk: well, jpg is not in my "File Actions" list at all! How can I add it?!18:03
hedayatcedk: oh I think it should be in the administration menu... let me see18:04
cedkhedayat: no it is a missing functionnality of the dialog box18:04
cedkhedayat: you can edit the configuration file18:04
hedayatcedk: aha... only PNG is listed by default18:05
cedkhedayat: in the config file: ~/.config/x.y/tryton.conf18:10
cedkhedayat: under the section client18:11
cedkhedayat: you must set 'actions = {'txt': {0: '/usr/local/bin/libreoffice "%s"', 1: '/usr/local/bin/libreoffice -p "%s"'}, 'pdf': {0: '/usr/local/bin/epdfview "%s"', 1: ''}, 'csv': {0: '/usr/local/bin/libreoffice "%s"', 1: '/usr/local/bin/libreoffice -p "%s"'}, 'odt': {0: '/usr/local/bin/libreoffice "%s"', 1: '/usr/local/bin/libreoffice -p "%s"'}, 'png': {0: '/usr/local/bin/feh "%s"', 1: ''}}'18:11
cedkhedayat: this is my values18:11
hedayatcedk: :) Thanks!18:12
cedkhedayat: but I guess you can understand the syntax and append 'jpeg'18:12
hedayatcedk: Yes, sure.18:12
hedayatcedk: I think it'd be great if you can integrate more types by default. Is there any policy for example to prefer PNG for images?18:13
cedkhedayat: not really18:14
cedkhedayat: but I would like to remove this and use something more generic like xdg-open18:14
hedayatcedk: Yes, that would be better for linux18:17
cedkhedayat: I will submit an issue18:18
hedayatcedk: That'd be great. Is there anyway to tell it: open everything with xdg-open?18:20
cedkhedayat: not yet18:22
cedkhedayat: done
hedayatcedk: But personally I'd prefer if Open doesn't act as Save as for unknown files. It is not expected. I ruined two files this way and I can't understand the logic18:28
cedkhedayat: but we need to give a way to the user to get the file18:29
hedayatcedk: Hmm... actually initially I just confused 'Open' with 'Select a file' and since it opened a dialog I thought that I'm doing right!18:31
hedayatcedk: Maybe in this case it'd be better to show an error message since the user can get the file using Save as itself18:32
cedkhedayat: but it is not always the case18:33
cedkhedayat: with report by example18:33
cedkhedayat: and I don't want to force user to install xdg18:34
hedayatcedk: Sorry, I didn't get it. What is wrong with giving the user an error message when the file is not known in 'File Actions' list? And I didn't ask for forcing the user to install xdg18:36
hedayatcedk: Just this: since the Save as option is always there, there is no reason to do the same in 'Open'... at least I think so18:37
hedayatcedk: or maybe I'm missing a point18:37
cedkhedayat: the method to open a file is generic, it is not only used on binary field but also when a report is retreived18:38
cedkhedayat: so we always need a default method for the user to retreive the file18:38
hedayatcedk: Aha! I got it :)18:38
hedayatcedk: What is expected to happen if you double click on an attachment in the attachment list?!18:55
hedayatcedk: Now, Open works but if I double click on an attachment....18:56
hedayatcedk: the same problem happens as before18:56
cedkhedayat: what do you mean by double click on attachment?18:57
hedayatcedk: I select a Party, then I click "Add an attachment button" which lists current attachments and let you add new ones,18:59
hedayatcedk: I just double click on one of existing attachments in the list18:59
hedayatcedk: the attachment list window is disappeared and the main window is disabled (or only the Party window)19:00
cedkhedayat: normally teh popup should switch to form view19:03
hedayatcedk: On my system, it doesn't. I should click on the form view button myself.19:13
cedkhedayat: strange19:15
cedkhedayat: fill an issue19:15
hedayatcedk: OK, thanks19:16
hedayatcedk: done:
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