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zxq9Anyone familiar with Many2Many junctions? I am having a 'Wrong field name (blah) for in order!' problem.07:36
zxq9I'm sure I just don't understand the way Tryton expects to see junction table references.07:37
zxq9If I add "from trytond.pool import Pool" to the module I'm trying to create a many2many relationship from, the error changes to 'Wrong field name (blah) for in order!08:21
zxq9Jut like all the other issues I've had, I'm sure I'm just missing some very simple element that isn't explicit in the docs.08:22
zxq9Haha. If I just close all the error screens (the same one pops many times), the actual Many2Many function within the program is correct. O.o08:25
zxq9I feel like this should tell me something about my mistake, but I'm confused! This shouldn't work if the field reference is actually wrong...?08:25
zxq9Hi cedk. I have a question for you about many2many fields.09:57
sisalpHi, I need a piece of advice about protocols : is xml-rpc protocol still useful since version 2.209:59
cedkzodman: don't ask to ask09:59
cedksisalp: useful for external application/language that doesn't talk json10:00
sisalpwill it be maintained over time ?10:00
cedkzxq9: don't ask to ask10:01
cedksisalp: I don't see any reason to drop it10:02
sisalpversion 2.0 configuration already mentionned json-rpc, was it implemented for true ?10:02
sisalpnet-rpc is dropped, correct ?10:03
cedksisalp: don't understand 1th question10:03
cedksisalp: and yes net-rpc is dropped10:03
sisalpI read configuration file for 2.0 and json-rpc is configured, while I never cared. So json-rpc already existed in 2. ?10:05
zxq9cedk: Just making sure you were here. (^.^)10:05
cedkzxq9: I'm not the only one to answer10:06
zxq9So far today you are.10:06
cedksisalp: yes10:06
sisalpversion 2.0 asked for 4 ports net-rpc, xml-rpc, json-rpc and webdav ; version 2.2 asks for 3 ports xml-rpc, json-rpc and webdav ; correct ?10:07
zxq9With fields.Many2Many I am getting the error ('Error', 'Wrong field name (blah) for in order!'), but the actual function of the junction table is working correctly in the client (after closing the error messages).10:08
zxq9I think I'm missing something.10:08
cedksisalp: yes10:09
cedkzxq9: you try to order on something wrong10:10
sisalpthank you, I can finalize my script now.10:10
zxq9What does "order" mean here? Call, reference, sort?10:11
zxq9Do I have to import Pool in both source files? or does that matter?10:12
cedkzxq9: order means sort10:15
cedkzxq9: depends if you need it10:16
zxq9What part of the Many2Many definition is causing an order operation?10:19
zxq9Let me paste some code... I've obviously got something silly happening.10:19
cedkzxq9: use a pastebin10:26
zxq9Here is an example of my first problem "KeyError: vehicle.vehicle"
zxq9I reduced the example to be extremely simple.10:53
cedkzxq9: which error?10:56
zxq9KeyError: 'vehicle.vehicle'10:56
cedkzxq9: ok it is because the put a plurial for the _name of the class Vehicules10:57
cedkzxq9: it is strange to put plurial for such name10:58
zxq9OK, that was a silly mistake.10:59
zxq9Now fixed.11:00
zxq9Now this error: Exception: ('Error', 'Wrong field name (vehicle) for drivers.vehicle in order!')11:00
zxq9And this order error happens, but the function of the module works fine. Do you need the XML?11:00
cedkzxq9: it is because Tryton tries to order drivers.vehicle on vehicle field which is a many2one so it joins with the vehicle.vehicle and use the _rec_name11:06
cedkzxq9: _rec_name has the value 'name' by default which is not defined11:06
zxq9Should a field "name" be defined in the Vehicles() class in
cedkzxq9: yes or change _rec_name11:09
zxq9Where does _rec_name occur?11:11
cedkzxq9: record name11:11
zxq9Where can I define that? Is it an argument to Many2Many?11:12
cedkzxq9: it is an attribute of the Model class11:12
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zxq9cedk, you're awesome.11:16
zxq9I was looking in the Many2Many definition (>.<)11:17
oscar__What do you think about sale list_price have a field additional with result to apply formula?13:56
oscar__Hi, all  ┬┐What do you think about sale list_price have a field additional with result to apply formula?14:00
cedkoscar__: don't understand14:01
grasbaueroscar__: don't understand14:01
grasbaueropps ;)14:01
oscar__in view fom for list price appear "Product - Quantity  - Formula"14:02
oscar__But in that view fom I can not see result, I can not know if formula is Ok14:04
oscar__But in that view form I can not see result, I can not know if formula is Ok14:05
oscar__I think we could add other Field named "Result"14:05
oscar__it will be something this "Product - Quantity  - Formula - Result"14:06
grasbaueroscar__: check_formula is a constraint14:06
cedkoscar__: how do you want to compute the result without any information on Quantity nor Product14:09
oscar__Ok, but Result will be a function field read-only with attribute on_change with product and formula.14:11
cedkoscar__: but there is not necessary a product and more over no quantities14:13
cedkoscar__: what could be done is a wizard that ask for input and compute the price14:13
oscar__I think that "Result" is only compute formula and view real value in $14:21
oscar__in Tree view, because is very important for a quick/fast evaluation the price list14:23
cedkoscar__: but a formula has many parameters14:32
cedkoscar__: indeed I don't really see what you try to test, the formula will always be valid14:34
oscar__cedk: Maybe I confused you, sorry, the important for me is can view the value computed of formula in view tree.14:43
cedkoscar__: but this computation depends on many parameters14:44
oscar__cedk: Ahh ok thanks, however I will try add this feature and later say you how I was going...14:49
cedkoscar__: price list must be seen as a generator, so it sounds strange to try to consume it14:51
oscar__Ok,  I understand14:57
cedkoscar__: but perhaps you will find an elegant solution14:59
sisalphi,  what is #jsondata_path = /var/www/localhost/tryton for ?15:47
cedksisalp: provide static data throught the json webserver15:48
sisalpin case of several trytonds, shall I declare separate directories ?15:48
cedksisalp: it depends of your usage15:51
sisalpI have several copies of the trytond source and run them independently on different ports15:52
sisalpother question : in #privatekey = server.pem, in which directory should the life be ? and which permissions should be set  on it ?15:59
cedksisalp: in the directory you prefer :-)16:00
cedksisalp: an just read access to the user of trytond is enough16:00
sisalpand a last one (I hope)  # Enable psyco module : should I ?16:01
sisalpdirectory I guess I can give a path like ../certs but where is the root of the path (or tryton looks everywhere under its own root ?)16:02
cedksisalp: no it could generate crashes16:02
cedksisalp: the root is is the CWD of the process16:03
sisalpyou mean the one I'm in when I start it ?16:04
sisalpI think I'll put an absolute path for key and cert. Will be ok ?16:05
sisalpyour answer on crash was related to psyco I guess16:06
sisalpso last point I did not concluse is json data path. If I provide different directories for each independent process I guess I 'll get it right16:09
sisalpby the way is tryton populating json data or should I populate it myself at installation time ?16:10
cedksisalp: yes better absolute path16:12
cedksisalp: trytond doesn't populate json_data16:12
cedksisalp: indeed the idea is to put a webclient using json-rpc16:13
sisalpyou mean that as long as just use gtk client, I don't have to care about json_data ?16:14
cedksisalp: no16:14
sisalpno = you don't mean, or I don't have to care16:15
cedksisalp: you don't have to care16:16
sisalpcedk :  I think I 'm all set, excellent merci16:16
durkhamyay , before i could ask my stupid question in here i solved it myself XD, tx for being here anyway20:58
plantianha np20:59
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trayHi, when installing Neso is there way of specifying the location of the sqlite file?  I'm using win7.22:20
trayThe installation I completed had the database file created in my documents and settings folder.  I was trying to use the Neso as portable application in that all the files were in one folder.22:24
trayversion=Neso 2.222:36
cedktray: yes there is a tip22:38
cedktray: you can create a directory .neso in the same folder as neso22:39
cedktray: then neso will use it instead of $HOME/.neso22:39
trayThanks cedk, I created the folder and then created a new database, and it works.22:46

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