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bechamelzodman: cedk has dark hair and a black openbsd hoodie on the video00:00
zodmanforget asking for bechanel :P00:03
zodmansharoom not missed :P from the video00:04
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marcosdmyrhas tryton a way to handle product variants ¿?06:35
grasbauerokko1: Hi15:18
okko1grasbauer: hi Jan15:20
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okko1grasbauer: what can I do for you?15:21
grasbauerokk1: just contributed on elveos - so you can anwer me a question ;)15:21
okko1grasbauer: good news!15:22
okko1grasbauer: for Kanban, you better use OpenERP ;-)15:24
cedkgrasbauer: what do you mean by kanban?15:24
grasbauerokko1: how you handle the subscriptions (user, password) of clients in your shop? Do you have them in party table of tryton? Or only after a order? have to decide this ....15:25
okko1grasbauer: we have a separate table for shop-users15:25
okko1grasbauer: we link this shop-user to a party15:25
grasbauerokko1: ok - sounds reasonable15:26
grasbauercedk: for this we have the realtime booking of material on the project15:27
okko1grasbauer: and a shop-user has a many2many relation to parties15:27
grasbauerokko1: why?15:28
grasbauerokko1: can i user be more than hust a single person - jekyll and hyde?15:28
okko1grasbauer: if a user can order for more then 1 parties. In most cases many2one will do the job.15:28
grasbauerokko1: ok15:29
cedkgrasbauer: could you point in what our design will not work as Kaban?15:29
grasbauercedk: don't know in deep - I was only thinking about my reasons to choose project as model 4 month ago.  I read a lot of stuff about production planning and finally I desided to do something. I was totally confused ....15:34
grasbauercedk: I was thinking about the posiibi15:39
grasbauerpossibilities to build the kanban cycles and so on - but I do not have a blueprint of what I have understood or not until now. It's a real complex topic ...15:42
cedkgrasbauer: I think it is possible to have a production module that could work as MRP or as Kanban15:43
cedkgrasbauer: the main difference is on the quantities and when the production orders are generated15:44
cedkgrasbauer: I think this kind of parameters/behavior could be overridable15:44
grasbauercedk: yes - for thsi I contributed to the production_module - its always more simple to work on a existing model and improve this15:45
cedkgrasbauer: yes especially when it is minimal and generic :-)15:59
grasbauercedk: of course16:02
grasbaueris it possible to check the len of One2Many in a pysonstatement?18:48
udonograsbauer: Do you need the len or just to know if the O2M has at least a containing line?18:50
grasbauerudono: I need the information, if len(O2M) > 118:51
cedkgrasbauer: there is no len operator18:52
cedkgrasbauer: but I think it could be great to add it18:52
grasbauerudono,cedk: its not than important - but I'm still playing with my little product variant shown in liege - if only one product is related to the template, the fields inherited from template in the product form should be editable. if more than one product related to the template, the fields should not be editable ....18:55
cedkgrasbauer: yep, that's really fine tuning :-)18:56
cedkgrasbauer: why not createing a function field that define if fields are editable or not?18:56
udonograsbauer: did you try with bool eval? I don't know if o2m evaluates to true when it has lines and otherwise false.18:57
grasbauercedk: thats cool! I'll  go for typing18:57
grasbauerudono: its true - because there is one line18:58
cedkudono: it is but here we want len() > 1 not len() >= 118:58
cedkgrasbauer: when things are complicated to write in PYSON, there is always the function field solution :-)18:59
grasbauercedk: yes - fighting with my code I have overlooked that simple solution19:01
cedkgrasbauer: but anyway, a PYSON Len will be great19:06
grasbauercedk: to advanced for me - but i will remind myself if my skills are higher ;)19:08
grasbauercedk: need to take a look to pyson in the deep19:09
cedkgrasbauer: that's not so complicated19:11
grasbauercedk: it works - done :P19:20
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yangooncedk: ping20:27
yangooncedk: isn't the sequence of argumnets wrong in ?20:27
cedkyangoon: yes it seems20:45
yangooncedk: ok, will provide patches20:45

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