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sisalpenlightx : ping09:42
enlightxsisalp: pong09:47
sisalpenlightx: hi, just to check with you about openerp aeroo module. I didn't find a download/upload function on tryton09:48
sisalpenlightx: for reports and aeroo can add a new report too09:49
enlightxsisalp: actually i just started to look at tryton and i'm not so expert09:49
Timitossisalp: in tryton this is not in the base modules. but i think it should be doable with a custom module09:50
enlightxTimitos: yes09:50
sisalpTimitos : for existing reports, I was told it was possible to download/upload but I don't see how09:51
sisalpcedk: regarding my problem of yesterday when printing reports; I think it was a problem with locales09:53
grasbauersisalp: the report-templates? Administration > User Interface > Actions > Reports ?09:53
Timitossisalp: it is under 'Administration -> User Interface -> Actions -> Reports'09:54
Timitosgrasbauer: :-)09:54
sisalpcedk: my party did not have a language set, and the report defaults to en_US. when I set the language of the party it is ok09:54
grasbauerTimitos: dito09:54
cedksisalp: I guess you don't have the en_US locales on your system09:55
sisalpcedk: exactly. My question is : is en_US.UTF-8 a requirement ?09:56
cedksisalp: yes it is strongly recommended :-)09:56
sisalpcedk: are xx_XX required when xx_XX is used in Tryton ?09:56
cedksisalp: yes09:57
sisalpgrasbauer: excellent . Thank you. I thnk I succeeded in downloading, cancelling and upgrading the label report.10:02
bechamelsisalp: i think (but I'm not sure) you can define a webdav collection on reports, and then edits them trough it10:11
cedkbechamel: not yet10:12
sisalpbechamel: downloading/uploading is ok I think. The point with enlightX was about adding new reports like aeroo does10:12
sisalpbechamel: I think it is not possible10:13
bechamelwe should add this in the goals for 2.4 :)10:13
cedkbechamel: there is an issue but I can not find it10:14
enlightxactually, even with aeroo/openerp i prefer to register new reports via dedicated addon10:14
cedkbechamel: so perhaps it is fixed :-)10:14
sisalpit is unclear if I can create a new report and if the report will appear in the list10:14
cedkenlightx: the idea is to be able to customize it through webdav10:14
enlightxcedk: yes, i see10:15
cedksisalp: you can do it through the client but the options are limited10:15
cedkfind it very old issue:
bechamelcedk: the one that will fix this issue will get the record of the longest standing issue closed :)10:22
cedkbechamel: what are you waiting ? :-)10:23
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zxq9Is there any documentation on client-side plugin development? If no, where is a good place in the code to start trying to understand how to do this?10:59
cedkzxq9: by default, there is 2 plugins in the client, you can start from there11:15
cedkzxq9: but most of the time, you should not need of a plugin11:25
zxq9I was thinking of writing one to implement the search bloatbox thing we talked about yesterday. (^.^)11:29
zxq9I figure if it is just a plugin then we can play with the idea without messing with the core client code.11:30
cedkzxq9: if the goal is to be included, better work on a patch11:30
zxq9I can worry about inclusion later. Coding a patch is easy. Getting the interface right for humans is the hard part.11:31
zxq9So a plugin would be easy for everyone to play with, I think.11:31
zxq9Besides, everyone else might really hate the idea once they see it!11:32
cedkzxq9: plugin is the most difficult thing to do11:33
zxq9Really? That's unusual. Anyway, I'll look at both and see what is a better idea.11:34
zxq9I think this should be a fun feature, though.11:34
cedkto put on the website12:33
cedkthe idea is to it in place of the "Tryton Store"12:35
zxq9Hmmm... this is something nobody has ever done correctly yet: aggregating feature bounties in a sustainable but non-creepy way. Difficult.12:39
zxq9I've thought about this a lot, but haven't had any time to try to create a solution. (yet)12:39
cedkjust make a simple test to put elveos on www.tryton.org13:10
bechamelcedk: it takes too much place13:15
bechamelcedk: there are no smaller widgets ?13:15
cedkbechamel: no13:16
cedkbechamel: but it is just "temporary" as we must change the website13:17
bechamelcedk: maybe the best is to write a small javascript function that will query their api13:20
sisalpjust setting language for the party is not enough....13:27
bechamelsisalp: you talk about reports ?13:30
sisalpyes, still have to fix it13:30
sisalpwill have a look at it pm13:30
cedkbechamel: indeed I find difficult to make it smaller without loosing information13:34
cedkbechamel: progressbar should have a minimal size to be understable13:35
cedkbechamel: by the way, it is already a js13:36
cedkbechamel: but I guess you can help them to improve it13:36
bechamelcedk: yes13:40
cedkbechamel: I'm sending an email with some remarks13:57
cedkbechamel: will see if they will improve it13:57
cedksisalp, okko: as you were not present: here is a proposal to put elveos on tryton website
cedkbechamel: elveos answer me they will try to have a vertical layout for tomorrow14:20
bechamelcedk: cool14:21
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phellercedk: I will submit final patches for the tryton client fixes tonight, then I will integrate them to Neso and fix any problems there.16:17
phellercedk: question about proteus…. some time ago, I was trying to get the xml for a model's view…. I called party=Party(), then party.fields_view_get() -- this method seems to no longer work.  Has something changed?16:18
phellercedk: also, is there a plan to move proteus to json-rpc ?16:22
cedkpheller: fields_view_get must be called from the class16:25
phellercedk: so Party = model.get(""), then Party.fields_view_get() ?16:26
cedkpheller: yes16:26
jcmhi cedk16:28
jcmwhy is there in many places in the trytond code the plural "childs": I thought the right plural was "children" and that in good practice py code, good english names should be used?16:29
bechameljcm: yes some fields must be fixed16:32
phellercedk: do you enable xmlrpc on the demo databases, so that people can try out proteus too?16:37
cedkjcm: childs is also valid :-)16:37
cedkpheller: don't know but I could16:37
phellercedk: that would be cool (and it would save me from having to install tryton on my laptop)….16:37
jcmcedk: not in the New Owford American Dictionary...16:39
udonocedk: instanciate Pool() into a variable should be done for two _or_ for more than two uses per method?16:47
cedkudono: there is no rule16:48
udonocedk: so we use it like we want...16:50
cedkudono: as soon as it is logical and not anti-standard16:54
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udonocedk: ok, but hard do decide what is logical and standard without some general rules. But maybe we need some time/testing/experiences for this?17:50
cedkudono: this is really a insignificant thing17:51
udonocedk: ok.17:51
cedkudono: it is like if you wanted to standardise "if" test17:52
udonocedk: I just ask because of this: . But good to know there is no rule at all...17:58
cedkudono: of course the code will be faster if pool is stored in a local variable18:02
cedkudono: but this is somekind of over-optimisation18:03
phellercedk: when I try to call Party.fields_view_get from Proteus, the server throws an exception context = args_without_context.pop()\nIndexError: pop from empty list\n18:08
phellercedk: must I create a context and set it within Proteus18:09
cedkpheller: you direct call to method needs a context as last arguments18:12
phellerah ok18:12
phellerperfect, thanks18:13
cedkpheller: the demo server will have xml-rpc activated by default18:15
cedkpheller: for the next restart on sunday18:15
phellercedk: cool, will be nice for people who want to see the usefulness of proteus18:15
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