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cedksampac: what do you mean? Preparing bank orders or encoding bank statements?00:40
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sampac@cedk: I meant something like vouchers in the module account_payment that simplify encoding entries10:28
cedksampac: look at account_statement11:51
sampac@cedk: j'ai mis le module. quand j'ouvre les factures il me fait toujours : UndefinedError: {} has no member named "full_name"  une idée ?12:01
cedksampac: on #tryton-fr12:02
reichlichHas anyone tested reporting localised invoices with 2.2.0? I get this error:
cedkreichlich: linked to issue223315:33
cedkreichlich: it will be backported soon15:34
reichlichcedk, ok thanks15:34
sisalp cedk:  reichlich: are you sure about the issue number ? This problem looks like the one I had when printing documents  and appears/diseppaers depending on party language16:36
cedksisalp: yes I'm pretty sure16:38
reichlichsisalp, applying the changeset solved the problem in my case16:38

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