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jcmhi cedk, trying to migrate the import script to 2.2 too. I added the config in the params of set_config, but get a IOError: Syntax error in po file (line 1) in tryton2.2/trytond/trytond/ir/", line 436, in translation_import00:01
cedkjcm: strange00:04
cedkjcm: could you give the full traceback?00:04
jcmby mail ?00:05
cedkjcm: could you try to find on which file it fails00:14
jcmsure, how ? running in verbose mode ?00:15
jcmmaybe i'll try tomorrow with my linux client to check 2.2. is correctly installed00:16
cedkjcm: problem is polib that catches all exception and raise its onw generic00:34
jcmseems the error comes in module activation. Trying to tweak the list of modules installed and try. It's a bit long...00:36
cedkjcm: ok it is perhaps your module which is still using csv file00:39
cedkjcm: it is that00:39
cedkjcm: need to convert fr_FR.csv into po file00:39
jcmis there a migration guide in 2.2 doc for such things?00:51
cedkjcm: no we just migrate a pre-2.2 database and extract with 2.200:55
cedkjcm: anyway, I think you can almost drop all terms as they are in product_measurements00:56
jcmso translations cannot be made anymore from a text file, but have to be done through the client, isn't it?00:58
cedkjcm: you can try to write it but it is easier using the client00:58
jcmok thks for your help00:59
zodman_cedk: when you submit a codereview when will added  to tip ? when is closed '01:18
cedkzodman_: when it is ready01:19
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ciupicriVAT question: with a few exceptions, all products and services have a VAT of 24%. How do I add this tax? I'm using tryton 2.0.07:34
udonociupicri: Hi, use a product category for VAT and account preferences.07:52
ciupicriudono, so I add my VAT to the customer taxes of a category, right?07:53
ciupicriand also to the supplier taxes07:55
udonociupicri: yes, it's like shortcut for tax and account settings for products. To make it a real good shortcut, we need some more default settings in product configuration.07:59
ciupicriyou kind of lost me because I have no idea about accounting, but I'll take your word for it. I have another question: my company's customers are other companies. Where should I add them to the companies table?08:01
ciupicrior the parties table should be enough enough?08:01
udonociupicri: "company" is only your enterprise(es). Customers/Suppliers are Parties in Tryton.08:02
ciupicriudono, so it's parties. Thank you!08:03
udonociupicri: yes08:03
udonociupicri: welcome08:03
ciupicriif I want the customer to pay everything upfront, I create a payment type that has a Remainder of 0 net days, right?08:17
udonociupicri: upfront means cash/creditcard payment?08:44
ciupicriyes, he gives me cash for all the products08:45
ciupicri"The debit account on journal is missing!". Gotta love accounting...08:46
udonociupicri: Yes, you can do it the way you wrote. And make sure _not_ to have the account_statement module installed.08:47
udonociupicri: for the user error: afaik just set accounts for expense and revenue journals.08:48
ciupicriwhy is it that after choosing an account in a form, I can not change it to something else? The lookup/search button is transformed into a modify button.08:49
ciupicriudono, account_statement is not installed08:50
udonociupicri: you need to set the default accounts for the journal. Maybe you need to set accounts for cash journal, too.08:51
ciupicriyeah, I've chosen some defaults at random :-)08:51
udonociupicri: if you use Tryton mostly for cash payments, do better not install account_statement, because the pay button on invoice will be disabled.08:52
ciupicriudono, I see. Thanks for the tip.08:53
grasbaueralbertca: Good morning. Can you give me the link to product_:measurement. I already deleted the message - but I have a comment ...09:02
grasbauerit is not in - anybody has the link to product_:measurement?09:05
grasbauergot it09:09
udonograsbauer: Hi, do you have a link?09:12
grasbauerudono: yes - some days ago I was starting to code the same. In our case the packaging should be a many2many: the boxes are already defined from carrier - so we need to assign a box to a product ...09:16
udonograsbauer: I see, thanks for info.09:19
ciupicricedk, is supposed not to be public?09:28
cedkciupicri: no09:28
ciupicriI'm getting "403 - Forbidden"09:28
cedkciupicri: should be fixed09:29
ciupicriI've also wanted to put on someone's Facebook wall, the link to the GNUMed presentation and FB couldn't retrieve a title or an image09:30
cedkciupicri: I don't know what it means09:31
ciupicricedk, I wonder if you blocked Facebook like Paul Graham from Hacker News did with the Google spiders a couple of days ago09:31
cedkciupicri: no09:32
ciupicriI've managed to download mercurial.pdf in the mean time09:33
OmkHi all10:40
OmkAnyone has encountered a problem installing Tryton-client-2.2.0.exe installation?10:41
OmkI installed  succesfully the Win client on 6 XP & Win7 desktops,10:41
Omkbut starting the client fails to start on two10:42
Omkwith no obvious reason.10:42
OmkEvent viewer displays: Generate Activation Context failed for C:\Program10:43
cedkOmk: no idea, never seen that10:48
ciupicriis there any documentation about (pre)loading some data from XMLs like the company, customers, suppliers, tax(es)?10:50
cedkciupicri: not possible from XML because XML records are readonly by default10:51
ciupicriis there any other way to load this data? I'm still experimenting with tryton and when I mess things up, I have to start over.10:52
ciupicrialso on an unrelated note, the subdivisions for Romania use the wrong characters. ş should be replaced with ș and ţ with ț. They're from an old deprecated standard.10:56
cedkciupicri: best is to use proteus10:56
cedkciupicri: for countries, we know we must update it but we got some difficulties with pycountry and the ISO standard that doesn't respect the standard10:57
ciupicriso pycountry should take the blame :-)10:59
cedkciupicri: no the ISO10:59
ciupicriI meant that not tryton needs to be updated, but that Python library (after the ISO standard gets corrected or something).11:01
cedkciupicri: I means that the ISO doesn't respect its own format so the script to generate the XML doesn't work anymore11:05
ciupicrisome standard...11:07
cedkciupicri: yes it is about duplicate code that should be uniq11:08
Omkcedk: thanks - just trying to figure out what to do with those two clients..11:19
Omkchecked service pack, it is 2 on all clients11:19
Omknext option perhaps reinstall windows on those two...11:20
Omkor manually install the client11:20
cedkOmk: reinstalling the client doesn't fix?11:26
cedkOmk: antivirus?11:26
Omkit is fresh install. I have uninstalled both with the uninstaller, reinstalled, and same problem11:26
Omkthen unistalled manually w/ regedit + deleting the files, and same result11:27
Omkantivirus didn't try yet. Hmm what's in your mind in this regard?11:27
cedkOmk: so installing: VC++ redistributable package seems to fix it11:28
ciupicricedk, is it ok if I report a bug for that character issue?11:39
ciupicriso that it won't be forgotten11:40
cedkciupicri: indeed
ciupicriI'll add a comment11:42
Omkthanks cedk, will check that out later today11:43
corrocedk: Do you remember what the reason for this change was? It has an big performance impact and I don't understand what it is for.12:01
cedkcorro: it is bad to store BrowseRecord instance in the cache12:04
corrocedk: ok, is this to prevent the cache from exploding?12:06
cedkcorro: it generate loop referencing12:08
cedkcorro: and it can give you wrong values as it will reuse old BrowseRecord instance12:08
corrocedk: so it is pretty important. Unfortunately it has a large impact on the performance12:10
cedkcorro: it should not12:11
corrocedk: I am able to decrease the response time of the invoice list from ~15s to ~8s if I disable this check12:12
cedkcorro: this is due to the usage of fields function and wrong caches12:14
corrocedk: I don't fully understand. You mean we should remove as many function fields as possible?12:17
sisalphello windows fans ! can someone help me12:19
sisalpThe job would be to make a screen video while setting up the tryton client on windows in "no installation mode"12:21
sisalplem0na: are you a windows fan ?12:25
lem0nasisalp: not realy12:25
sisalptoo bad, cannot find one here for making a windows screen video of tryton client install12:26
lem0nasisalp: i have a few windows machines so I can do it12:26
sisalpyou would ? thank you. I explain the job: tryton on windows has a "no_install" feature12:27
sisalpdownload, set up and play, but I'm not able to explain to prospects what it looks like12:28
lem0nasisalp: any requirements for specific windows version ? desktop or server?12:29
sisalpI'm just considering the client, no need to complete a connection to the server12:30
sisalpservers are on line across internet12:30
lem0nasisalp: ok - will search some software for desktop recording12:31
sisalpcedk indicated CamStudio, neither he or me know it12:31
lem0nasisalp: will test it12:32
sisalpyou'd save my day !12:32
Omkcedk: I tried installing V C++ redistributable package, but no difference.  But the link you gave was for 2005 release.. will see now12:36
lem0nasisalp: i do not find the link to the windows client12:37
lem0nasisalp: found it12:38
lem0nasisalp: have to scroll12:38
sampacHi Tryton. I am trying to have a one2many of an object on itself. So I put parent = fields.many2one  and childs = fields.one2many  which updates nicely. But when I call <field name="childs" /> in my view I guet recursion error. Does it sound familiar to someone and what am I forgetting ?12:44
udonosampac: hi, you need to add a recursion check, which avoids to build recursive parent/child relationships.12:55
Omkcedk: Wow!!! It solved my problem! Had to install 2008 version of the redistributable pckg13:13
sampacI have added: self._constraints += [ ('check_recursion', 'recursive_parties'), ]  in __init__   but still13:28
udonosampac: maybe you already have a recursion in the database table?13:30
sisalpcedk : lem0na made the video but it looks like a full installation of the software13:48
sisalphere it is
cedksisalp, lem0na: you did not take the right exe14:02
sisalpcedk: this feature would deserve an explicit link on the download page, wouldn't it ?14:13
udonosisalp: lem0na: Cool idea!14:25
ndn_pitI want to update my modules to tryton 2.2 ver. waht kind of modifications i should do... when I just trying install old module it says some errors that does not point to file. how can i debug it?14:28
sampacudono: but I start from empty base :-(14:40
sisalpLook and believe it if you can ! :
sisalpso simple : I'm planning to move to windows now ;-) Thank you  lem0na !14:44
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cedksisalp: it is in
yangoonsisalp: lem0na nice video, but I don't now if it is good example to run the Tryton client as administrator...15:09
sisalpyangoon: how do you see yje user has admin rights ?15:11
cedklem0na: it will be great to remove the antivirus scanning15:14
lem0nayangoon: it is one of my developement machines where i MUST log as Administrator15:15
lem0nacedk: if there is no problem later I will make another video on some other machine15:15
lem0nacedk: without virus scaner and loged as normal user15:16
cedklem0na: ok otherwise it is good15:16
cedklem0na: we could upload it on vimeo15:16
lem0nacedk: if the is no problem can you wait some hours to make another video?15:17
cedklem0na: yes of course15:18
lem0nacedk: 10x15:19
sisalpyangoon: found. Admin is in the path to the directory. Ok15:19
yangoonsisalp: sorry, on the phone, yes15:31
cedkyangoon, sisalp, lem0na: of course it is better to show that you don't need admin rights :-)15:33
lem0nathe lastest:
cedkcoderview has reach the email limit for today16:15
cedkwill be reset in 17h16:18
lem0nacedk: i almost finished the bulgarian translation for 2.2.0; do i have to open a bug or still have commit rights?16:23
cedklem0na: you get access before but I don't find any footprint of commits16:29
lem0nacedk: i think i have some commits but I am not shure when and on what16:30
cedklem0na: let's go for some patches and after that we will give you back access16:31
lem0nacedk: no problem - if I am not able to push will create a patch16:31
lem0nacedk: tnaks16:31
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sampacudono: I see that the check_recursion assumes the many2one field is named "parent". Is there a way to declare otherwise in the model definition ?17:32
sampacin fact it works if I just display <field name="name"> in view but the recursion happen when I try to embed the view like for addresses within parties using: <field name="addresses" mode="form,tree"><tree string="Contacts"><field name="name"/></tree></field>... anyone ?18:07
udonosampac: sorry, no idea.18:12
sampacnevermind :) thanks for your help18:13
udonosampac: maybe a small code example on the dev mailing list is a way to get better answers...18:24
oxcarHi, I have a problem with the migration 2.0 to 2.2 in stock.shipment module20:51
oxcarLog info say me, Warning: it can not set NOT NULL column company in table stock_shipment_in20:53
oxcarand Don't restore it.20:53
oxcarthis is the message: WARNING:init:Unable to set column company of table stock_shipment_in not null ! Try to re-run: --update=module If it doesn't work, update records and execute manually:21:03
oxcarALTER TABLE "stock_shipment_in" ALTER COLUMN "company" SET NOT NULL21:03
cedkoxcar: normally the system should fill it and add constraint automaticaly21:05
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oxcarcedk: but this is not happen.21:10
oxcarSo, I reviewing code from in 2.0 do not include field company, but 2.2 yes and that is required.21:12
cedkoxcar: yes and there is code to migrate that fill it21:13

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