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sisalphello, can I save a db from a V2.2 server, update from v2.2 repository, and restore the db ?11:16
sisalpor should I stop and restart with --update ?11:16
yangoonsisalp: the latter, after making a backup11:48
sisalpyangoon: Thank you, a backup is useless in this case ;-)11:50
sisalpyangoon: so I will freeze tryton versions for all on-going works11:52
sisalpyangoon: may be an update done automagically on restore would save a lot of swet to many.11:54
yangoonsisalp: I think the client has this option, if you are using the client for restoring11:55
yangoonsisalp: usually as admin you want to be in control anyway, and you don't want in each case of a restore a databse update11:56
sisalpyangoon: that would be great. I use the client in this case indeed11:56
sisalpcan someone confirm ?11:57
yangoonsisalp: I remember this option for sqlite, isn't it available for postgres?11:57
yangoonsisalp: a checkbox 'Perform upgrade on restore?'11:58
sisalpyangoon: no reason it would be different11:58
yangoonsisalp: I just checked, the option is there on the restore dialog12:00
sisalpyangoon: I confirm : tryton is magic :-)12:05

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