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sisalplooking for an explaination how bug fixes work11:27
sisalplet's take this example :
sisalpthis patch seems mandatory to me since it affects database creation with account charts11:28
sisalpin fact I don't know exactly when it should be applied : 2.2, 2.0, 1.8 ... ?11:29
sisalpalways or when account_fr is present ? etc.11:29
sisalpNow I'm proposing it to my on-line customers.11:29
yangoonsisalp: generally patches go to trunk11:30
sisalpmy question is : when will this patch be integrated to 2.2 ?will it be retrofited for 2.0 and previous ?11:30
yangoonsisalp: if they are evaluated to be bugfixes they are backported to stable releases11:31
sisalpyangoon: but fixing trunk is useless. It is openerp's failure11:31
sisalpyangoon: good, but what is the process to spped up backport ?11:32
yangoonjftr: I am currently uploading the bugix releases for current releases11:32
yangoonsisalp: generally there is not much you can do11:33
yangoonsisalp: you can take load off from the maintainer(s), if you want to have transplants or bugfix releases more often11:35
sisalpyangoon: how is the best way ?11:36
sisalpI guess if this code is "code-review" it is to collect opinions from reviewers.11:37
yangoonsisalp: exactly11:37
sisalpI'm not skilled enough to comment on this code, I just trust it and can ask users to test it11:38
yangoonsisalp: to begin with contributing  it is very helpful to have testers11:38
yangoonsecond is reviewing, which is also learning11:38
sisalpbut will a comment on the code review page help ?11:38
yangoonsisalp: of course, feedback is always appreciated11:39
cedksisalp: stability is a matter of time11:40
cedksisalp: so the process about backport is when *I* find it should be backported11:41
cedksisalp: and most of the time I try to backport one week after the commit to trunk11:41
cedksisalp: also it is better to have a bug report to talk about it11:42
cedksisalp: and about your bug, a work arround is to have the user in the company for which the chart is created11:42
sisalpcedk: thank you, do you mean that the user faced the bug because the admin user was in a different company ?11:43
cedksisalp: yes11:44
sisalpso it is just an initial mistake he did somewhere if he doesn't intend to run multiple companies ?11:44
cedksisalp: perhaps or the user did not have a company11:46
sisalphe will be interested in learning this since he is trying to setup a simple case. Thank you for explaination11:46
sisalpand I understand I don't have to urge to reproduce this patch against all the instances of tryton I'm running if users are not affected.11:47
sisalpand I agree, stability is a matter of time first11:48
yangooncedk: maintenance release done, pypi updated, news prepared12:49
cedkyangoon: ok thanks12:52
cedkdo you think a uuid is large enough for the authentication of the shared webdav?18:17
udonocedk: good question. It seems to be unique enough .18:37

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