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sisalphello, does someone use to tune portgresql ?11:28
cedksisalp: it is made by guys from 2ndQuadrant who are well know in pg world11:36
cedksisalp: I guess for Tryton you must use OLTP11:39
sisalp  Is there a magento connector for tryton13:10
cedksisalp: I think Openlabs worked on one13:12
sisalpthe wiki of is technical documentation.13:20
sisalpshall we open a user section for functional description ?13:20
cedksisalp: like?13:26
sisalpcedk: like how-to setup a fiscal year, how-to add entries, how to get tax report, how to reconcile, how to close a fiscal year ...14:10
jcmcedk, sisalp: hi! I started such a doc here on my intranet wiki, with screen copies14:10
jcmthe main limit is that some fields will be present or not depending on the modules14:12
Telesightsisalp: not only how to administrate but also how to set up things is the goal of this document:
cedksisalp: I think it is better to complete Telesight doc14:28
TelesightMy idea ;-)14:30
TelesightLet us concentrate the efforts  ...14:31
jcmTelesight: do you have to authorize a new writer?14:37
Telesightjcm: Yes to keep some controll over the document so it does not end up in chaos ;-)14:39
TelesightBut it is easy to get access .14:39
Telesightjcm: I need an emailadres to give access.14:42
jcmTelesight: sent you a mail14:51
jcmcedk: is it a known bug that the mac client doesn't allow dragging in lists or trees ?15:06
cedkjcm: yes, it is not a bug but a feature15:09
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