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armygudear sir, can we use webdav with neso /windows version ?11:41
armyguuse caldav with neso version tryton11:42
cedkarmygu: no11:46
cedkarmygu: neso doesn't provide server functionnalities11:47
armyguso if need webdav,need to use tryton server version?11:50
cedkarmygu: yes11:52
armygucan we import contacts from google ?12:14
cedkarmygu: what do you mean?12:17
armyguhave contacts in google gmail with google id. can we import them to tryton?12:18
cedkarmygu: you can try the CSV import12:19
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jcmhi, what is the preconfigured Stock journal for?17:32
cedkjcm: it is the journal for stock accounting17:35
jcmcedk: so it's used only with a module like account_continental, isn't it ?17:36
cedkjcm: no17:36
cedkjcm: you use it when you made stock accounting17:36
cedkjcm: you know you should ask all those question to accountant because most of the stuff in account module are pointless for me17:37
cedkjcm: but they are just generic requirements from accountant17:37
cedkjcm: because they don't understand what is a database17:37
jcmcedk: I asked, but my accountant answered me he didn't know what a stock journal was for...17:38
cedkjcm: so ask him on which journal does it make stock entries?17:40
jcmok, will do it... I remember him telling there's no need to have a dedicated journal...17:49
cedkjcm: don't know but I find it strange to want one for sale and purchase but not for this17:50

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