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cfkaneIs this the correct place to ask a noob question?15:59
cfkaneSo, for kicks: I have installed tryton and can run the daemon but need docs to set up the Pg database and connection params but can't find any. Is tryton an online service only?16:30
pilouyou should use the tryton gui in order to create the database. Before that you must create a postgresql role for tryton (role must be able to create database).16:36
cfkaneDone. How do I call up the gui? Browser to a certain port on the localhost?16:52
cfkaneI just found some debian instructions. I'm running FreeBSD so I can probably figure this out from this point. thanks for the help.16:57
piloucfkane: the gui is tryton-client. there is no web interface.17:08
cfkaneI see there's apparently no tryton client for FreeBSD. I'll try and get a linux client and run it under the linux engine. thx!17:20
cjbarnes18cfkane: dont you have python on FreeBSD?17:41
cfkaneI have a linux client running and have pulled up the login/new DB dialog. Left connection at: localhost:8000. What is the tryton server password? The postgres superuser password? The password for the DB user 'tryton' (which has create db power) or who? The trytond config is in /usr/local/etc/ and I've set db_password and admin_password to the same thing, just to try and get a change in the login dialog's response. All postgres server a18:29
cfkaneuthentication is set to md5. What gives?18:29
piloucfkane: db_user & db_password are used by tryton daemon when connecting to the db. admin_password is used in the GUI when a new db is created (and only when a db is created/dropped. The third password (the one which must be confirmed in the GUI) is the password for the admin tryton account (ie once the db created, you could use login "admin" with this password in order to get connected to the trytond daemon18:44
pilouwith the gui).18:44
cfkaneThanks for the clarity. Taking a break for now, have other things to do. Thanks!18:45

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