IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2012-02-12 #tryton log beginning Sun Feb 12 00:00:02 CET 2012
rhubnerHi cedk15:23
rhubnercedk, how should I send the files .patch created by "hg export"?15:25
rhubnerSomebody knows how should I send files .patch to server?15:35
cedkrhubner: send it to me16:17
rhubnercedk, I sent...16:25
cedkrhubner: you used issue instead of codereview16:27
cedkrhubner: please follow
rhubnercedk, I did import the files from code review to generate the patch16:34
rhubnercedk, "issue231001.patch" It's just the name that I put16:35
cedkrhubner: please follow
rhubnercedk, do I need to use hgreview to do commit and get id?16:41
cedkrhubner: no16:42
rhubnercedk, I've read this tutorial ... But I don't know what to do right16:46
cedkrhubner: it is not issue but review16:46
rhubnercedk, Haa .. ok I need to change it for review17:01

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