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sisalp1hello, created an odt document with an invoice template but the result is not as expected21:14
sisalp1headers and footers are deleted and document margins are changed21:14
sisalp1is it a known limitation ?21:15
cedksisalp1: this is because it uses the company style21:23
sisalp1cedk: I got margins ok, but when I add an image in the header, the generated odt is corrupted.23:03
cedksisalp1: strange, check if you have the last version of relatorio23:11
sisalp1ii  python-relatorio                 0.5.2-1                                         Python module to create reports from Python23:13
sisalp1looking for printing the company address on a single line23:22
cedksisalp1: lats version is 0.5.523:28
sisalp1pip me reinstalle toujours 5.123:34
cedksisalp1: do you use --upgrade?23:37
sisalp1I rm -r then pip all23:38
cedksisalp1: it is bad to use rm23:40
cedksisalp1: you should still probably use --upgrade23:40
sisalp1why ?23:40
sisalp1it recreates the environment, but I'm not sure I get it right23:41
sisalp1when requirements are missing in the OS, it doesn't find them23:41
sisalp1--upgrade gave a bunch of errors23:42
sisalp1I'll check this point tomorrow. Thank you23:45

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