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smarrocedk: ping00:49
vimal00003333hi guys.. new tryton user here trying to install it on vm, centos 6.2.. installation completed (trytond and tryton rpms from EPEL), and i am able to start trytond successfully.. however tryton is unable to connect to port 8000, but i see that trytond is listening to that port on localhost and am out of ideas..07:55
vimal00003333when connecting, i am receiving "code 400, message Bad request syntax"09:04
vimal00003333  <----- someone plz check and assist me, i seem to be missing something really simple here09:05
smarroHi, in roundup (in a message), how can i put the review with link to codereview page?14:53
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cedksmarro: just: review 123415:31
smarrocedk: ok... thanks!!15:32
cedkalbertca: hi16:22
cedkalbertca: you talked about a patch for convert.py16:22
albertcacedk: hi. two consecutive days on IRC :)16:22
albertcacedk: yes, but I'm not sure I did the correct things16:22
cedkalbertca: I think I'm facing the same issue with the removal of workflow16:22
albertcacedk: simply tried to avoid the crashes...16:22
cedkalbertca: could you create a codereview16:23
albertcacedk: let me check16:23
albertcacedk: here it is:
cedkalbertca: looks like my issue16:29
albertcacedk: be sure to check it because I haven't got a clue with what those changes meant :)16:30
katrI have a question regarding inheritance with "_inherits".22:37
katrDo I have access to all the methods of the base class as well?22:37
cedkkatr: there is a getattr for that but it is not recommended for every methods22:39
cedkkatr: it is there for the default methods22:40
katrcedk: First off all, thanks for your help.22:40
katrI have to say, I'm migrating some of my modules from OpenERP to Tryton.22:42
katrThat kind of inheritance are one of the things that work in OE :).22:42
katrI have a base class where I have put all my common methods in order not to duplicate them in the derived classes.22:43
katrWhat options do I have in Tryton?22:44
bechamelkatr: what do you want to do exactly?22:44
cedkkatr: it sounds strange22:45
cedkfor me, it doesn't work anymore in OE:
katrI don't want to bother you with details, but I have to common class "VehicleBillingEntry" and derive to class "VehicleBillingEntryPump" and "VehicleBillingEntryTransport" from it.22:48
cedkthe main issue with such behavior is that most of the method take list of ids as parameter but there are different for the parent Model22:48
cedkkatr: why do you use _inherits and not a Python heritage?22:49
katrcedk: OE: I'm on 6.x trunk and I works for me.22:49
katrcedk: I must admit I did not expect that to work. :) Ok, I have to try that.22:50
cedkkatr: do you need to have a common table for the 2 objects?22:51
katrcedk: Yes they share a lot of columns.22:51
cedkkatr: that doesn't answer the question22:52
cedkkatr: why should they need to be stored in the same table?22:52
katrIn OE I have done some reporting on the common table, but I haven't thought I've the common table is really necessary.22:54
cedkkatr: and what are the shared methods?22:54
cedkkatr: because it will work if you don't use ids22:56
katrSome constrains and some methods which are called on button clicks. And there are some common columns as well.22:56
katrcedk: But all the RPC methods (i.e. the ones which get called on buttons clicks?) implicitly get the IDs passed?22:58
cedkkatr: yes22:58
katrThat's hard. The only possible solution that I can think off, is to just extend the base class with _name and add an column "type" that distinguishes between the two different types of entries.23:02
cedkkatr: it is difficult to answer without knowing the use cases23:05
katrOther topic: As already said I'm migrating from OE, I have to say, that I REALLY like Tryton because of it's superior code quality and modularity.23:06
katrI just can't ready one more line more than 300 characters long. :) The code base horrible.23:07
bechamelkatr: :)23:08
cedkkatr: about the getattr with inherits, the current behavior is done by choice because we think explicit definition is better than implicit23:09
cedkkatr: so you have to explicitly define with parent method must be called because inherits can work with many parents23:10
katrcedk: Ok.23:10
cedkkatr: but with the name of your classes, it really sounds like a type distinction than 2 different objects23:11
katrcedk: That's true. Haven't thought about that.23:11
cedkkatr: also you can keep your current design but you must just explicitly call the parent method in each children objects23:12
katrcedk: I think your right. I can't remember why I did it that way a long time ago.23:12
katrOther question: Why don't we have something cool like the Q-objects Django has?23:14
cedkkatr: what is Q-objects?23:15
cedkkatr: we are working on
cedkkatr: when it will be ready, we will use it for trytond23:17
katrOk, that look very similar. Can't wait to use that.23:18
cedkkatr: hope we will have a student to work on it
katrcedk: Ok, last question: Is there any work underway toward the active record pattern? I think I have once read something about it in the IRC logs or in Google groups.23:22
cedkkatr: it was put on hold for some time23:23
katrcedk: That's bad.23:25
cedkkatr: patch is welcome :-)23:25
katrcedk: I think that exceeds my skill level a little bit. :)23:26
katrcedk: One more thing: I have created an Austrian account chart. Any interest in getting that upstream?23:27
cedkkatr: yes of course23:28
katrOk fine. I will push it somewhere to github or somewhere more hg-ish.23:29
cedkkatr: we preceed by coderview see HowtoContribute on the wiki23:30
albertcacedk: is there an easy way of knowing which backend is being used for a given cursor?23:40
cedkalbertca: in CONFIG23:41
albertcacedk: Didn't think of that one! Thanks!23:42
katrcedk: OK, I'll go through the procedure described. Thanks for your help.23:45

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